Kais får hjelp av Per til å lage en hjemmelagd tapp | Norske Rednecks Camping | TVNorge
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Kais får hjelp av Per til å lage en hjemmelagd tapp | Norske Rednecks Camping | TVNorge

Hi boy! What in the world did you bring? – Nice to see you again.
– You too. – Did you bring liquor for us?
– Yeah, we have to enjoy ourselves. – This is the new tap system.
– At least you’re not holding back on the tape. – It didn’t exactly go as planned, so I need some help. – We’ll fix it. Let’s weld it, I just have to do some digging. – I should’ve just come here from the beginning. I am so happy that I get help from Per, so I can see an end to this project. It’s been almost like a nightmare. He will probably not notice. – Let’s grind it so it fits. – It is very noisy. I’m going deaf. Just as I put this on, you’re finished? – There, cool isn’t it?
– Yes it is. – Is this good enough?
– Yes, I think so… – You got a nice pair of pliers, thank you. – I’ve burnt my sausages so many times, it’s enough.
– His sausages. The mask obviously works. – What are you laughing about now?
– You have burnt your sausages you say? – Yeah? I am thinking about the kind of sausages
you use for grabbing these. – Oh yeah, those sausages? You’re thinking about naughty boy sausages? You are sharing those sausages, you shouldn’t burn those. – “Share”? You got more?
– Yeah, want to borrow? – No. – I’m not sure if you are allowed to borrow mine though. – If you ask nicely and are curious, you
might get lucky one day. – “Lucky” – Let’s see. Is it somewhat straight? – Yeah. Is it cool? I think it is.
– Yes.


  • TaiChiKnees

    I’m baffled by this… they want to mimic (tribute? cosplay? lifestyle?) working class America but call themselves “rednecks"? Maybe in Norway the word "Redneck" doesn't have the often insulting connotation that it does as here in the States? Or is this meant to mock Americans? Maybe the latter? Then why post it with English subtitles in the US market?

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