Kamuchege Sea Scouts Camping Equipment Rental  – d’équipement de camping
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Kamuchege Sea Scouts Camping Equipment Rental – d’équipement de camping

Kamuchege Sea Scouts has been in existence
since the year 2010. Among our projects that we have – we have the tree project, and right
now we also have the Giving Means project. It is a camping rental initiative that addresses
specifically the concerns that our campers in the region, basically the scouts and girl
guides, face during camping, in that the scouts don’t get camping equipment.
They improvise using sacks to make the walls. They cut down trees.
This has been a very major concern because some of the scouts get sick because of spending
the nights in the cold environment. But now with this project we have been addressing
both the environmental concerns and the health concerns.
So currently we have been able to make a pack of three fully packed tents with mattresses
and sleeping bags and also two other tents that actually right now do not have the bedding.
By the end of the project’s full implementation we’ll have achieved a full pack of ten tents.
We have bought these tents through the Giving Means project, as our other projects are not
income generating, Scouting is a non-profit organization.
So basically the Giving Means project is the backbone of the Kamuchege Sea Scouts and our
operations. From the profit that we make we shall buy
a tank, whereby we will be putting the water in the tank, so that we will be able to clean
the tents from there. Also the tank will ensure that the children
coming for the camp will be drinking clean water, because when the river is dirty there
is a lack of water. We are so happy for the community and we appreciate
that this project will continue to help us and help other youth and the community as
a whole. Giving Means is giving environmentally and
socio-economically conscious entrepreneurs the chance to make a difference in communities around the world. Donations from Canadian’s like you are making
it happen. Make a difference. Donate to Giving Means today.

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