Karma Collectors Leave your Burning Man Gear Here
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Karma Collectors Leave your Burning Man Gear Here

and pay empire product line our goal is to collect sleeping bag rulers after you’re done with them on
the fire and dummy bands homeless shelters people fly in from all over the world to
attend the wonderful thing and each year the purchasers of playgirl
cally at the end it’s too expensive to shift
that is confident of abandoned for someone else to clean up and in the
trash it should be going to keep in mind we’re trying to raise money to bring in
antitrust identified central bank some of your help we can make a donation
process simple by not only providing essential vanishing point but also how
to mobile donation part second drop by anybody she touches tents who isn’t
sleeping bags would be bearish eight thousand purchase since this year will be fine baselines amount of people will lead to
a lot of the little item that could change a lot of other accurate ease the burden on the queen but helping collected i might have i want more to come join us fix this recurring problem engaged margaret the way kick-start your works the other
hit the minimum undergo a red-hot and no one gets to
that so how about this earth join our family and help us get
the ability to tell me created some unique donation et cetera
only available you helping out so here’s the deal in order to get the message equipment we
need to raise we need our burner to come together all at once i haven’t noticed can find the truck rental and the gap
will take to deliver these items in the shelters that need them out if we exceeded what we can bring in
second track on the quiet and have the ability to collect even more of these
items we want you to be a part of our effort
to leave no trace so whether or not you’re attending this
year’s we still need to get done right now and help us dci hardball even orders tell your friends n family
about at that point when everyone’s doing it
and you and i hand without that comes across our pics there is going to mail
that you were one of the ones that helped me get off might see nothing on the fire i’m going
to jump on you can give you a big hug and think thank you so much for helping me missiles


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