Kathryn Hahn Lied About Renting an Adult Video
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Kathryn Hahn Lied About Renting an Adult Video

-This is a show about —
Well, you play a woman whose son is going off
to college. You’re an empty nester.
-Yes. -In the show. But your kids
at home are 10 and 12 still. -Yes.
-So you still have them at home. How are they?
-They’re great. We just went on a school
camping trip last weekend. -And how was that? -Well, you know,
I’ll tell you, Seth. I mean, my husband is
the real hero of this story. I’m not going to lie to you. I had to go up, you know —
Every year, our school has this —
Our elementary school has this little all-school camping trip. My son is out of
this school now, so it’s now just my daughter. But the whole school brings — I mean, it’s like, hardcore.
Like, tents. It’s like one of those things
where, like, you show up. You can’t leave. You have to bring everything
and take everything with you. Like, it’s — You know,
it’s hardcore and cold. And because —
You know, it’s no joke. So, my husband went,
set everything all up. I had to roll in a day later.
Three and a half hours. Got up right in time
for the potluck. Which was, like, oh, like,
that’s weird timing! That’s weird. Showed up.
Had a little glass of wine. I — We went and heard
some beautiful music. Heard all the stories.
Was there for the singalong. And then I was like,
“Wait. Feel my forehead.” I started feeling
a little feverish. My daughter was like, “I don’t
feel good, either, Daddy.” And then we left my husband
at the school camp-out. -With no family?
-With no family, in a tent. He spent the night
surrounded by other people, by all these families, in a tent that he set up
by himself. And then the next morning had
to, like, pack it all up again, bring our contribution
to the morning potluck, and then pack it up
and drive it home. -It’s weird you say
he’s the hero of the story and left out
that you’re the villain. -Right.
-Yeah. -Anyhoo. -You’ve described
“Mrs. Fletcher” as an inverse
coming-of-age story. -Is that accurate?
-Yeah, I would say so. I think, like, you know, you meet the two of them
on the beginning. Like, she’s — It’s on the eve
of him going off to college. I think that she had been living
her life for other — you know, for everybody else. I think that, you know,
you see her — It’s kind of through
the Pandora’s Box, I would say, of Internet porn. -Yeah, you watch a lot of porn
on the show. -I do.
-Yeah. -I do. I do. -There’s even an emoji for the
show that is you watching porn. -Ohh! Mommy’s first emoji! My children are so excited. And they don’t know what I’m
looking at, though, you guys. -Do you — Did you in the show, because your character
watches a lot of porn — How does it work?
I mean, do they add it in post? -Yeah. No. They’ll show,
like, a little — They would show a little clip, and I’d be, like “I got it,
I got it, I got it, I got it.” You don’t need
to show me the whole thing. Oh, my God.
-So you didn’t — This was not a role you felt
you needed to do research on. You got it pretty quickly.
-I mean… No, I didn’t — [ Laughter ] Oh, my God!
[ Cheers and applause ] “Porn!” I do remember — I do remember
back in the day, I — Back in the day when I was —
I took my — When I was here traveling
for work, I was at a hotel. Again, Ethan —
Hero of the story? I don’t know. Back in — Back in Los Angeles,
I’m in a hotel room with my daughter
who’s in a Pack ‘N Play. She must have been like
about 1 years old. Asleep, asleep, asleep. I’m bored. I’m scrolling
through the adult movies. Why not?
-Why not? -This is back in the day.
This is back in the day. There was a funny pun title. -Oh, gotcha.
-Right? You know, one of those like “Saving Ryan’s Privates”
or whatever. -Gotcha.
-It wasn’t that. -And you love to laugh. -I love laughing,
and I love people having fun. So I rented it. -Okay.
-Right? So sue me. I was bored immediately. Not immediately,
but let’s say 12 minutes in. [ Cheers and applause ] -They say there’s a huge — a huge drop-off
like 12 minutes in. -So, anyway, next day —
Next day, I’m getting ready to go out. Like, a babysitter’s there.
I’m in the bathroom. I was like, “Oh, if you want to, I think I had already rented
‘Finding Nemo’ if you want to put that on
for her.” I was like, “Just put on
‘Finding Nemo.’ She loves it.” And just as I can hear,
“Oh, um…” I come out of the bathroom, and I see it’s on the
your “purchases” things. “Saving Ryan’s Privates.”
Whatever it was. I was like —
I immediately went, “Oh! What?!” How did that —
That is horrible! How did that get on there?! This is —
I’m calling down right now!” I called down to the, like,
operator, and I was like, “Excuse me. There’s an adult
film on my purchases. And could you please
have it removed immediately? I have no idea how it got…” And the thing is, this
babysitter and I both knew… that clearly I had
rented it for myself, but, like, neither of us
were saying it. And so I was — Oh, God.
you guys. That was amazing. -I mean, I’m assuming
the operator also knew. -Oh, everybody knew it!
Everybody knew it! But we just had to all
go through the steps. So, anyway, that was
a really fun night. Anyway, she was tipped.
-She was tipped. -Yeah, a big tip.


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