Keji Backwoods Camping | Cabin W2 | Day 1 | Nova Scotia | Canada
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Keji Backwoods Camping | Cabin W2 | Day 1 | Nova Scotia | Canada

Good day friends! So today, we’re going to be doing something actually quite unique for us – we are going to be doing – it’s
almost like a back…I guess it is a backwoods camping. We have rented a backwood cabin and we are going to be doing a seven kilometer
hike in, and then spending in a couple nights there. There’s going to be no
electricity, there’s going to be no other people, and it is going to be absolutely
fantastic! So right now it is the Labor Day weekend here the very end of August,
and so we wanted to take the opportunity to get out, get away from everything, and
just enjoy some peace and quiet! Because we’ve never done this, we are
having a little bit of a challenge of packing our backpacks. So we’ve all backpacked in different places across the world where we just basically live out
of that backpack, but camping you got to take a whole host of other things. You
got to take your little pots and pans, you go take your food, we’re taking chairs to sit on, so we’re finding a little bit of a challenge to try and fit
everything in, but hopefully we’ll be able to figure out – without too much more
problems. Is it all going to fit? Catherine, you packed way too much stuff . Is it a blank check? Credit card? It’s an annual pass. Oh nice. For Parks Canada. It’s only good until today! Thank you guys very much. Enjoy. You guys know where you’re going and everything? Thanks! Take care! Enjoy! We are here: Visitor Center and we’re parking at Eel Weir, So we have to drive to there. And then hike into there. Which she said is 8.5 kms, which I thought was 7kms. So Akane, we’ve got some bad news. Oh what! The hike is actually over eight kilometers long. WHAT? Not that bad. Max’s legs probably going to fall right off! Poor little buddy. Fishing without a fishing license. Fishing license? Yeah, you need a fishing license to fish here. What? Oh look, it says right here on this paper – I thought maybe it would. Use a filter. Bleh! Boil the water for a minimum of three minuyes. Adam is testing the limitations of this
vehicle to the max. Yes, so far I realized that you can scrape the bottom on huge rocks and it doesn’t really matter. Next we should see how it does as a boat! Yeah! I’ve never cleaned these shoes. That was nine months ago? (referencing our Mexico trip) Almost! And I’ve got Adam strapping my sleeping bag to my back, since I
can’t do it on my own. So we’re all in very poor shape. We’re good? Oh, no. What? Don’t worry about the eggs. They’re in a hard container, impossible to break. Don’t try and break it just because I said that. That pretty handy having that right there in front of you. Yes! Okay Akane, we’ve been hiking for five or
six kilometers so far, how do you feel? Not too bad. Really? I’m dying. Ok, you stay there. My shoulders are dead! Stop! Oh! What do our eyes behold?! But a cabin! Yay! W – 2 That’s what we’re looking for. So some people go farther? Oh yeah, this is our home… for the next few days right here. Wil-Bo-Wil cabin. Unlimited free wood! That’s what we like. I have a bit of burst blood vessels. Oh man. Oops. You don’t have to turn it? You try. Oh wait, does that push in? I don’t know. Well, looks like we’re sleeping outside tonight! Oh! That’s nice! Even chairs! Oh games! Cards! Oh nice. Oh that’s nice. Oh, what’s that? Oh nice! That game is fun. Oh, they’re actually big! We can sleep by each other. Amazing! This is bigger than I was thinking. It’s definitely bigger than I was thinking! What do you think? That’s a good one huh? Now that’s cool. That’s a nice little unit. And the pot is fairly big, bigger than I thought. Oh that’s cool. It’s a handle. It just attaches on. did you get that from MEC? Um Chris gave it to us, but it’s I think from one of those places. Nice. That’s handy. That’s how we are going to make our fire. And if that fails, lighter fluid and a torch! Ok, so we’re all set up camp, and made our beds, put food away, put stuff in the
coolers like they’re supposed to be, and now we’re going keep following this path
that is right along the cabin route and it should take this right down to the lake,
so we’re going go grab some water, because we bought ten bottles of water
to bring and so that will only last us so long before we’re probably going to need to boil some lake water and use that for cooking (for sure) and potentially
drinking down the road depending on how hot it is, and how much water we’re drinking. If you decide to stay in cabin W2, please be aware that small nice like this fellow are all over the place. Come on friend! Bye! See ya. After a fun-filled day of hiking we were ready for bed. Be sure to check out part 2 (day 2) of this trip in the next video. It was simply too long to add to this one. A special thank you to the following sponsors. Filmed August 2018


  • Bill and Mintje

    I ( Mintje ) would love to do camping , every time we found a nice place for camping…..then end up with lots of things that I need to bring…so never do it yet until now…..enjoy watching this video, hopefully someday we able to make it. Will let you know LOL…..Enjoy your weekend guys.

  • Gracie BeachBum13

    Hi guys🤚🏻🖐🏻I’m not much of a camper but you always seem to make it look so fun, relaxing. TFS💕😊🐚gracie

  • Kati and Jordan

    This is how you spend a long weekend. We've never actually done backwoods camping like the before but I really want to one day soon. Crazy that mouse just stayed on the plate and didn't run away.

  • Unofficial Bucket List Family

    That a really nice cabin!!! You can’t beat free wood that’s great!! The location looked awesome…so green

  • DnSAdventures

    Another epic adventure with the crew! Love this videos! That is one thing I miss about being stationary…having some more friends to go camp/explore with. Maybe eventually we will make it over that a way! 🙂 Have a good one – Shane

  • Hélène et Serge

    Hello !
    Didn’t see the shower room…Lol! No wi-fi either ! 😂😂😂
    Must be fun and quiet …bring part 2 😉
    Should be going next year up to the Cabot Trail whit our camping trailer.
    You can see our rig in my videos on my channel . We love it so much .
    Hélène et Serge 💑

  • Adventuring Outdoors With Eric

    Well as like fun renting out a cabin with some friends like that. The mouse was a cool little visitor that you had lol.

  • It Starts With A Step...

    Looks like you guys had fun together that's a serious hike with all those bags. Looks beautiful. Must be so amazing when you saw the cabin! Be great to explore and be in nature without electricity omg. Ouch her arms. Omg imagine you couldn't get in lol looks beautiful in there Josh x

  • Jamesyboy Experiment

    Beautiful spot way back there in the woods. You guys did good hiking all that way with all that stuff. Cool cabin. How CUTE was that mouse 😍

  • TheOldrecordclub

    Hello Josh, i thought i would stop by from one of my other channels while i am signed in here.. This looked like a great adventure my friend, and i certainly liked that cabin.. Excellent share mate, stay safe on your travels… Carl

  • A View From The Middle

    Ah, so that's what Max was doing in the other video. He wasn't simulating swimming, he was working those legs to get ready for this. lol. That is a neat little set up with the pot and the utensils and all. Pretty nice cabin too, aside from the mice.

  • Nicole and Paul

    That cabin looks awesome!! Always rewarding after a big hike. That looks like it would be such a fun time, we love camping 😊

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