Kemono Friends 3 – Kikuchi Milo Celebration Video [English Subs]
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Kemono Friends 3 – Kikuchi Milo Celebration Video [English Subs]

Hey, are we doing this right, Australian Devil? Umm… I’m not sure. I’ve never done this before. Heheh, worry not, my companions. All you have to do is give it all you’ve got! All right, here I go! Woo! W-woo! Oh? What are you all doing? We’re having a picnic! What a coincidence. That’s what we’re here for too. But… didn’t you bring anything? Do we need things for a picnic? Is that how it goes? In that case, let’s have one together. That’s fine with you, right, Huacaya? Absolutely! Here you go! Some Japari Bread, Japari Chips, Japari Cornets, and this! What is this? Well… What is it? It’s so black! Can you even drink this? T-This is…holy water of the blackest kind?!That I should lay my eyes on this here…I’ll try it!It’s…bitter! So this is the taste of darkness! It’s very good! Really? I’m glad to hear that! What a fun picnic!


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