Keto Camping (Keto s’mores and other keto camping food)
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Keto Camping (Keto s’mores and other keto camping food)

today you’re going to learn a keto
friendly breakfast lunch dinner and dessert for your next camping trip Elisa here head chef at where our cyclical Keto style diet and at home workouts have helped
thousands of our tribe members meet their health goals
you see following a keto lifestyle and camping are two of my favorite things so
I’m excited to share some of the ways I stay low-carb in the wild I’ve got some
great tips and recipe ideas for you so let’s fire up our camping stoves okay as
you probably already know there are a lot of different types of camping but
today I found a sweet little spot to pitch my tent and we’ll show you how to
do a few nights of car camping keto style now since we’re car camping the
four recipes I’ll share with you can be made on a simple camping stove except
for our s’mores which we’ll be making over the fire with these meals you’ll
also benefit from a cooler and a little prep ahead of time oh and I almost
forgot be sure to stick around until the end of this video because I’ll show you
how to get eleven more keto friendly dessert recipes in case you want some
variety beyond the keto s’mores we’re going to make today but for now let’s
just start with breakfast shall we now I love a big hearty breakfast when I’m
camping it sets you up to win the day and since I like to go on morning hikes
I usually try to get most of my carbs in for breakfast this helps me sustain
myself during those bigger physical pushes if you think you’ll be exerting
more energy at different times of the day plan your carb intake accordingly so
since I’m taking a morning trek for me it’s steak and eggs alongside keto
pancakes oh and of course a cup of keto butter coffee now the steak and eggs are
as simple as they sound they pack an incredible protein punch and I like to
add ghee or butter to the mix for my fat if you make steak the night before and
save a little in your cooler for the next day it makes things even easier and
as for the keto pancakes I have all the ingredients ready to go whether you make
your own or buy a mix just make sure it’s low-carb and made with coconut or
almond flour as well as a keto friendly sweetener like monk through or
erythritol and of course no added sugars or other
funky preservatives now all I have to do is heat my cast-iron with my butter and start making them Ah those keto pancakes totally
helped me get through my morning hike and now I’m ready for lunch since I ate
a bigger carb load for breakfast I’ll focus on getting some healthy fats and
more protein in one of my go-to’s is sandwich roll-ups this is how I make
them we’ll start with some sugar-free nitrate-free deli meat then just add some of your favorite
cheese and we’ll slice up a cucumber too well this has been a relaxing and
beautiful day and it’s time for dinner which I’m excited about because you get
to learn about my thirty minute party low-carb chili now you can make this
delicious chili ahead of time and keep it cool to eat anytime on your trip it
even tastes great cold or you can easily bring the ingredients and prepare it on
your camping stove since it only requires one pot to make here’s how I do
it first in a large stockpot heat avocado oil over medium heat next add an
onion and bell pepper and saute for 1 to 2 minutes after that I stir in garlic
salt pepper and spices and then add ground beef and cook until slightly
Brown stir in tomato paste tomatoes and broth then bring to a boil and reduce
heat to low cook for 20 to 25 minutes stirring
occasionally top with cheese sour cream and avocado if desired and there you
have it your hearty and delicious low carb camping dinner don’t worry I wasn’t gonna leave you
hanging on the keto s’mores I told you about these are a bit of a splurge as
they do have extra carbs so plan your carb count accordingly you’ll need to
make the keto friendly graham crackers and marshmallows ahead of time before
you go camping that way it’s easier to get right to the s’mores during the
evening campfire for these I fill the homemade graham crackers with roasted
marshmallows and stevia-sweetened chocolate and if you’re wondering how
the heck I made keto graham crackers and marshmallows
I’ll add a link to my recipe below along with a link to eleven other keto
friendly and low-carb desserts that you can easily prepare ahead of time and
take on your next camping trip okay I think you’re officially set up for keto
car camping success let me know in the comments about your own keto camping
stories and recipes and if you’ve enjoyed this video the best thing to do
is to hit the subscribe button and click the little bell when you do you’ll be
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member who is looking to make their low carb lifestyle a little more wild share
this video with them thanks again for watching and I’ll see you in our next


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