a little bit worried about Gators …Music playing… Hi is it filming so we’re in the downtown area
of key west near the mallory square area and we are just having a lot of fun
being tourists today so today is the day to be a tourist …Music playing… all right so we made it to mile marker
zero Key West Florida mile marker zero it’s just as a thing if you’re in Key
West you’ll see is the thing it’s just like all the shops have it but you know
zero you’re at the end let’s go get key lime pie
key lime pie good afternoon this is Kermit Key West Key Lime shop home of
key lime pie this is amazing highly recommend it let’s go this is Key Lime
Pie covered in chocolate on a stick everything’s better on a stick this key lime candy sugar-free is so good …Music playing… so I got us tickets for the aquarium but
also I got us tickets for the Hemingway house here because there was a discount
if you purchased tickets for the aquarium in the Hemingway house together
in the tickets for the Hemingway house we can use any time there’s not a like
time limit or anything like that on it so it’s not like that we have to do both
in one day we can do at any time why we’re here so good savings by purchasing
them both here versus separately Okay guys so we can actually play and this is a horseshoe crab right here …Music playing… so today we are going to check out the
Hemingway house and personally looking forward to this one
and they’ve cats I just want to see the cats I just wanna see the cats too they have… what do you call them polydactyl polydactyl no no not the cat that’s what they call the cats polydactyls but what do they call the… it’s like an extra thumb that’s why it’s called a polydactyl so mom our cat now our dog has that
he is six big pad oh yeah yes he does we have a polydactyl dog no …Music playing… now we’re gonna go to the upstairs of
the care test this is where he did all of his writing this let’s check it out should be pretty cool …Music playing… this was this creative space his actual
toilet is right in front of one of the windows here so I’ll show you that
pretty unique right here and look in there he raises literally walk his
buddies as as they walk back …Music playing… okay this is kind of a cool little fact
so this is Key West’s only house with a full basement and the interesting thing
about that is that the guy that built it didn’t realize that really probably
shouldn’t put basements in houses in Florida because he was from Connecticut
so he started excavating all of this limestone out of the lower level to
create a basement in so realizing just how strong and how durable but that
limestone was he then actually repurposed that limestone but to build
the structure of the house itself so it is one of the strongest houses and
strongest structures here in Key West so it was a really interesting just
guided tour and also we walked through ourselves after the guided tour to just
be able to get more of the history of Hemingway in the history of this
particular property but probably one of the things that stuck out the most was
just obviously the circumstances surrounding Hemingway’s death were he
did take his own life in that there’s so many things in his life that were
obviously untreated he had shrapnel in his leg he had gone through two wars as
a correspondent there was obviously a lot of PTSD things associated with that
that were just not really known or diagnosed very easily back in the 50s
and 60s and also the fact that he was an alcoholic and then was depressed and so
those things that feed to each other in just kind of really sad that it’s 61
years old that his life ended where he probably could have gone on to write
more in to be able to contribute more to society had he gotten the help he really
truly needed for those particular ailments so just really interesting
looking at all of that and then you know again wondering how many other people
have maybe even had their lives ended early due to things that are totally
treatable and that they can get help for to go on and lead productive lives so
today we are going to go including kayaking and paddleboarding …Music playing… oh I just saw that
They’re over there, they’re straight in front of us well not like near us but they’re jelly fish down there yeah I know Oh oh my
gosh you can see the bottom here just look down which is all so grass now you can’t see
it but it’s all grass I saw it
come on dolphins where are you now …Music playing… This is beautiful look Wow Trinity look at that water I know that’s amazing so we are going to go first kayaking and then we’re gonna jump on the paddle
boards kids are having a good time nice …Music playing… so we’re waiting for a Trinity and Mama
and they’re back there they got beached so we’re just gonna
hang out here enjoy the view I’ve got I’m gonna rescue them I got you guys I’ll rescue you our hero I could sit out here on a chair all day long look at this …Music playing… Trinity what did you find a glass bottle is there a message in it no there’s a piece of grass …Music playing… so we’ve just got off of our trip with
fury and that was super fun we went out to a couple of different locations and
did some snorkeling some kayaking paddle boarding it was the kids first time
doing kayaking in paddle boarding both and they fell in love with both in fact
they want to get kayaks and paddleboards so that we could do that more often
because it was just a lot of fun so this was definitely a great company we really
enjoyed our time the crew was over and above hospitable towards us making sure
that all of our needs were taken care of that we always had something to drink or
eat if we needed it there was a fresh water rinse bathroom on board just
everything to make you super comfortable and just to enhance that wonderful time
that we had out there on the water beautiful beautiful day and just
enjoying this whole area so during our time here in a Key West Florida we have
stayed at the el Mar RV Resort and we’ll put a link in the description for this
resort for you so that you can have that information if
you ever want to stay here we really really enjoyed our time here this is a
very very small RV park there’s only 11 sites they do have some regulations you
do have to be a certain length to be able to stay here so there’s no year
regulations like with some RV parks where you have to have a RV less than
ten years old there’s not that just a length requirement to be able to stay
here it was an absolute beautiful place there are five spots that are on the
water and then there are some spots that are not on the water but either way it’s
just gorgeous if you do own a paddleboard a canoe a jetski those types
of things you can launch them right here at the RV park out into the Bay Area
which is really really cool if you own those types of watercraft equipment so I
would highly recommend this RV park a couple of things to be aware of this RV
park does not have the typical amenities so there is not a bathroom
shower house and there’s not a laundry room but that didn’t really affect us
because we use our own bathroom and we can use our own shower and we happen to
have a washer and dryer so that didn’t bother us so much but just something to
be aware of if you do choose to stay here the rates are very very reasonable
for the Keywest area however so compared to a lot of the other resort type of RV
parks very very reasonable rates to be able to stay here at the el mar RV
resort it is located on Stone Island which from where we are staying here at
el Mar into like the downtown Key West area is about a 15 minute drive so very
easy to get there we brought our bikes you can bike down into Old Town Key West
very easily from here also so just a great location to be beautiful area we
have palm trees that are right by our site wake up every single morning and
look out at the water just absolutely gorgeous so we can’t say enough also the
campground host manager Fiona just really made our stay extra welcoming and
extra special she gave us a lot of tips and things
like that that we would want to do here in the area
she just went even above and beyond gave us her personal cell phone number if we
needed anything told us to call any time of the day or night just above and
beyond hospitality during our stay here which of course just made us feel so
welcome and enjoyed our time I’m little bit worried about Gators we are at the
National Wildlife Refuge no no no it’s not national anything does it say national yep let me see national wildlife refuge oh oh I just got bit by a mosquito I’m good going back to the jeep supposedly there’s gators here it’s a gator …Music playing… okay so that was really cool
guys I don’t think that was cool at all I was getting bit up by mosquitos we
didn’t have much of bug spray left suza I got two mosquito bite there is your
window you got it your was I got it nice I swear like Florida has been great and
it’s beautiful and most of the beaches have been really nice
Mellissa bugs I got my body has never been soaked a bit up in my life now this
is jeeping it’s looking for little tears …Music playing… deer where oh dear
hi there ..Music playing..

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