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– [River] So, you wanna find gemstones? You’ll need to come with
us to a remote location. We’ll get an expert guide,
from Great Earth Expeditions. – Whoa, look at that guys. – [River] We’ll explore caves, waterfalls, take risks, (screaming) turn over thousands of rocks. – Whoa! – [River] And maybe, just maybe… Holy! We’ll get lucky. Whoa, amethyst! So stay tuned, (together) It’s the River and Wilder Show! (upbeat music) With me, River and my
brothers, Wilder and Archer. – Yeah! – [River] In this
episode, we’re in Canada, in the province of Nova Scotia
at a secret local beach. Uh, wake up guys, we’ve got a show to do! – Okay, where are we gonna cross, Archer? (kids distant talking) – Hey bud, buddy, bam! – [River] That’s Ryan from
Great Earth Expeditions. He knows all the best
spots in Nova Scotia. – We’re now in the Bay of
Fundy and it’s low tide so we don’t have a whole
lot of time because the water’s gonna come
in with all those fish. – [River] Right now it’s low tide so the water is way out here. The Bay of Fundy has the
highest tides in the world and in the next six hours,
the water’s going to raise over 50 feet and when it’s high tide all of this beach will be underwater. – What we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna check out this coastline and we’re gonna look for some treasures and some gemstones. Are you guys okay with that? – [Kids] Yeah! – All right, let’s go then. – Let’s go, Archer. – [River] This place is amazing. Check out this natural land bridge. We walked right underneath
it to the other side. Looks like Archer found
the first treasure. – It’s a snails. – [River] I found a crab. Whoa, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. – So in order to find
these gemstones, guys a lot of the times you
have to lift up bigger rocks or even in the
seaweed, search through and see, oh, look at that guys. Wow! (whimsical music) – [River] What a find, that’s an amethyst. Amethyst is a gemstone
that can form when water is trapped inside rock
for a really long time. We were ready to turn over
every rock on this beach to find our own pieces of amethyst. – It’s the tiniest crab ever. – [River] We’re getting
close, I can feel it. – Those are calcium crystals. That’s a vein, it’s a
different rock than this one. – [River] Jackpot! – Oh, I think you found amethyst. – [Mom] You found a big chunk of it? – Wow! – [River] It was beautiful. – Wow, oh. – Found a cool one. – Whoa, amethyst! – Ah nice, bud! – [River] Oh, yeah, we did it! – [Wilder] Hey everyone, it’s me, Wilder. – Oh, that’s the one, yeah. – [Wilder] With our pockets
full, it was time to look at all of our treasure. – This is a great find, buddy. You can see this is actually
three different rocks. Amethyst and quartz
side crystals, combined with the magna or the bay
salt from the lava flow. – Come look at all of
the gems that I found. Gemstones and beach glass and lots. – So Wilder if you, this
is a very brittle stone right, ’cause it’s crystals, see? – [Wilder] Ryan told us
he found pirate’s treasure on this beach so we
wanted to look for some. – So yeah these pirates
would bury treasures in these crevices or even
caves so I think we need to find ourselves a sea cave. – I already feel lucky ’cause
I have all of these gemstones. – Well I mean yeah, you
guys have been lucky so far. – [Wilder] The hunt for treasure was on. – Daddy, look! – [Dad] Looks like a giant piece of gold. Let’s retire. – Whoa! I found a gem rock! Wow, a giant, cool gem rock. – Oh my goodness. – [Wilder] Okay, it
wasn’t pirate’s treasure but it was a neat ball of quartz. Oh I see the secret cave. – [Archer] Hi everyone, it’s me, Archer. I found treasure. Can I go in the cave? Back there? I finded some beach glass. Mommy, look what I found. I found some rocks. – [Wilder] And we’re back. Let’s see what this cave’s all about. Oh wow, that sure is a big cave. – We’re looking for pirate treasure, I don’t think we’re gonna
get lucky today but… – But this will go around the other one. – You guys wanna see what they look like? These are coins that I
found before in the past. Look at these. Aren’t those neat? – Those are metal. – Yeah. – [Wilder] Where did you find them? – [Ryan] I found them
here on the Bay of Fundy. – [Wilder] That was a
neat pirate’s treasure. Let’s go check out that waterfall. (upbeat music) We’re not that close. – There are snails all over the rocks. (water rushing) – [Wilder] And finally, there’s always time for catching crabs. It’s a crab, I caught it for him! – Yeah, a live crab. (screaming) – Yeah! A big one. He picked me first but I got him! – [Wilder] Well the tide was coming in so it was time to get going. What am amazing day. I can hardly wait to… (snoring) – [River] Wait, don’t go. There’s a whole lot more
River and Wilder Show. Join us for some larger
than life adventures. – Wow! – [River] So hit that subscribe button. Check out some of our previous episodes and ring the bell so you get notified when we launch a new episode. (laughing) – Run! Run, momma! – Ouch! (laughing) (upbeat music) (water rushing) – Whoa! – You have a father of the dark side. – [Mom] What are you, Archer? – A duck. – [Mom] Don’t touch the
chair, don’t touch the chair! It’s a video. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Whee! (upbeat music) – Hey ya! (upbeat music) – Ah! – [River] Thanks for
watching everybody, bye-bye!

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