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Kids Try Backpacking Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Oh, oh, oh! – [Celine] Take it off, I can’t, augh! (laughs nervously) (playful music) – Hi, my name is Austin. – I’m Talia.
– I’m Ta’zianna. – No. – If it has eyeballs, I’m screwed. – Marshmallows! I see a graham cracker. – Nuh-uh. – [Austin] This stuff smells like grass. – And plastic. – What?! Energy gel? Do you eat it? (giggles) – Look, it’s hair gel. – Stop it! – Okay, okay, okay. Okay! (laughs nervously) It isn’t good. – Mhm! (Interviewer gasps) – What is this for? – To get energy? – That’s why I don’t go camping. – What?! I’m suspecting there’s a stove. – Okay, those are giant eggs. It smells… okay. – Scrambled eggs with bacon?! No way! Totally! – Stir it! – I’m scared. – Augh!
– Whoa! – And it’s bubbling up. I can see little bubbles right there. – Hm, I don’t get it. – Girl! Stop pokin’ it! Just go on mixin’ it, not pokin’ it! – I can’t! – For how many minutes? – Okay, I’m going to count to 300. – I’m not ready to try this. – I am, let’s dig in!
– I’m not ready to try this. Spread it again. Is it good? – Oh. Ohm. Mmmm? (Ta’zianna giggles) – Ooh, that tastes so good! (Interviewer laughs) – Common, I took that whole spoonful! Forksful? Whatever this is called. – [Celine] No, 49. Two million. – No, four thousand million hours. – [Celine] Does this have gluten in it? – Buffalo meat with cranberries. – I try other meats,
but never buffalo meat. – How do you try buffalo-
– Ugh! I didn’t know there was juice in here. – Okay, here goes nothing. – You like it? – It’s pretty good. – So you do like it! – No, I don’t. – No. (recording plays of buffalo growling) Sounds like it’s farting. (Interviewer laughs) – Yes!
– Yes. – So you do like it! She is such a liar! (Interview laughs) Oh my god! – I know what it is! S’mores! (Talia gasps) I thought it in my head! – Don’t you even dare- (excited squeals) (laughing) (screaming) – Thank you.
– Hey, Flame! (gasps) – S’mores?! – What’s this? – Move, Titi! – Girl, I’m older than you. – I like this one. – Oh, oh, oh! – [Celine] Take it off, I can’t, augh! (laughs nervously) – Please, augh! – I am so sorry! I am so, so sorry! – Yeah. Once upon a time, it
was me and my brother, and Jayzo and my mom. We heard a door cracked. (Interviewer gasps) And then my mom watched the door on video, and we just saw little
circles floating around. We all ran. – It’s true, it’s true. – You were like two, so I don’t
know how you remember this. – Okay. – Yeah!
– Yeah. – Thank you for watching! – See you, campers. – Bye! (Celine wolf howls)


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