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On today’s episode of the Angle of Attack Show — the Trusty Spam can, a Cessna 170B Mountains… …meeting friends of the knik picnic strip… Glaciers, glaciers and more glaciers… and dogs. My home, Alaska, is also home to some of the last true aviators. My mission? Grow as an aviator through flying with my neighbors and friends in the backcountry and Beyond. At times I’ll strike out on my own, even outside the 49th state Seeking new experiences, growing skills staying sharp, and practicing safety Jump aboard and ride along in this another chapter of my aviation story Nothing gets me out of bed at the buttcrack of dawn quite like the promise of an aviation adventure ahead So I would take off out of Homer, alaska my home and head northbound along the way and join the beautiful God light over Kachemak Bay as I climb northbound over the mountains Of course the colors of this time of year are absolutely beautiful in fall With of course the changing leaves and also the beautiful glacier water that graces this area Now our mission for the day would be Meeting up with a bunch of other bush pilots at the knik picnic strip right in front of the Knik Glacier Just outside of Palmer, Alaska where a bunch of bush pilots from the area both near and far would get together, meetings friends Enjoy all the flying things, and overall just commit some aviation My first stop along the way would be in Soldotna where I ride with my friend Terry in his 170B “Oh, yeah, that frost is going bye-bye” “Alright, let’s do it” I always enjoy flying with Terry because he’s always a couple steps ahead in this game already having the airplane warmed up For our cold morning flight up to the Knik Glacier “Soldotna Airport automated weather observation one eight three three zulu weather wind zero six zero at four Oil pressures coming up, temps coming up, voltage is good, tachometer is good, we’ve got 36 gallons of fuel onboard. As you can tell they’re a well-trained pilot is always checking that their aircraft is in good working condition Before heading out on a trip and we got a good reminder that just a couple minutes later Push-to-talk, not working? yeah, I Don’t hear it on that side either Well, that’s a drag That is a drag. We found out that the push-to-talk, the way the pilots key the mic and talk on the radio, wasn’t working correctly in the airplane which was a problem. Okay, there’s got to be a loose end right back here We’re gonna take care of that before we leave. I’ve always known Terry to be a safe pilot so he elected to go back and troubleshoot this issue before heading out on our trip. “Don’t show this on camera…” “It’s part of the Story” By trade Terry is a technician on the oil slope. So he definitely had this handled With the audio issue finally fixed check out this roar of the engine coming out of Soldotna This area of Alaska is famous for its world-class fishing in the beautiful blue Kenai River That we followed as we were headed out of town and then Terry and I got talking about the previous year where he competed in His first Valdez STOL competition where he did a great job. “…blip the throttle and carry it across the line. You did good for your first year. Ohh I had a blast! That’s awesome. It was so stinkin’ fun. It was actually earlier on in the year that Terry and I flew together for the first time he allowed me to come along for the Poker Run for the Valdez STOL Competition where we landed on the beautiful Hitchenbrook island and then later on in the day He again would compete in his first-ever Valdez STOL Competition where I thought he did a fantastic job You know people always talk about flight hours Terry has fewer flight hours than me But he’s definitely a better pilot than I am a great stick and rudder guy And I just really admire his skills and his attention to not only details, but safety as well Continuing on this trip terry and I would be headed northbound now for the rest of the Kenai Peninsula Then over the tide waters of the Turnagain Arm and into the chugach mountains Like me Terry is the type of guy that really appreciates all the different geographic Features around the he and I were talking about the different mountains and glaciers and even how that applies to flying And it’s just to have someone that not only likes the flying but also appreciate the scenery. That Glacier is so cool. The way. It’s got that ridge of Earth that comes down You just start thinking about how many cubic yards of earth is in that little ridge that that thing has moved over the years? It’s just mind-boggling of power that’s in those glaciers So now we’re coming down into inner Lake George with the beautiful colony glacier here which would get a really close view of later and Now we’re moving down into the knik glacier area The Knik glacier in and of itself is a very popular glacier because it’s so close to Anchorage and Palmer a lot of people come up here to play in their airplane And that’s why this Knik picnic strip is so nearby so with these towering Walls and the vast glacier it’s the perfect spot for this Knik picnic strip which we were now coming up on and Terry would start to make his radio calls Get across here early with stuff enough, but he’s on the field like h e’s left downwind for Webbing Now at first glance. It looks like we’re some of the first people that are going to be here so from here on out I’m going to let you guys just listen to the different traffic coming in and Enjoy the scenery as Kari takes us into the kinect technics trip and finnick area traffic around life saver craft, we’re about a half mile to the Southwest the Picnic strip will be crossing Midfield to join the left downwind Planning to the east six extragenic now. I’ve got the other aircraft to start invading As you leave a 30 base or iSla heading to connect Connect I travel from Italy Medulla directly overhead the thickness of these outfeed authentic Got those aircrafts I contacted Like to a traffic alert up green outlet here orthogonal a ship remember ahead of rome. I’m ready I am Iii got a half mile down the second trip here it found us I got you Rod to a over quite a strip and all come in behind you guys and Democrats left down with pearl and kitty my sister Frank naps, maybe over the river right here I’m not here. I got you yeah Ron Cozinha the organizer of the event in one six bravo would do a flyby just as we got man. What a party They’re draw That’s rock right there rodney with a flyby Having finally arrived and what terry calls his trusty spam can we were a bit surprised by just how chilly the wind so it was But we were standing next to crackling choirs meeting new friends and just enjoying all the arrivals as they came in odd One thing I quickly learned when I go to gatherings like this because I learned that I had friends I never thought. I had one of those friends was Levi Alton to confront his son who she thought gyro And Levi decided he was a big fan of our podcast process pretty small world He and Carrie hit it off pretty quickly as they’re both obviously cessna 172. They are admiring each other stuff The aviation Community really is quite small at one point. I didn’t believe that, but it’s proved to be true time and time again In Alaska is even smaller and it’s more important that there be a specific community surrounding what we all love to do up here Up here we have to watch each other’s back be on the lookout for anyone in peril or trouble and quite often lend a helping hand to a pilot in need I Found that’s just the way things are up here. We take care of each other it’s a tight community as inspired as as ever as We all have this unique desire to explore the Alaskan outdoors Have some fun while doing it share with others of course and return home safely to our families There really isn’t a bad time of year to be flying in Alaska and this chilly october after hanging out with friends Old and new Will forever be etched in my memory as one of my favorite things I’ve ever done flying here in Alaska But all good things do come to an end of course in preparation for the next great adventure So it did come time for everyone to head out from the connect picnic strip and that also included Eventually Kerry and I but not after everyone So over the next few moments here while the event wraps up why don’t we just let the airplane speak for themselves? And that’s a wrap here at the connect picnic strip It’s good to wave to everyone say goodbye and taxi our way down to the end of the runway I have to admit that is quite exhilarating Lining up with this runway on this gravel strip just about the take-off definitely different departure than out of Soldotna. I Can accept it so to me was taken at different ways to market to the VISa Center comes up? Like this right here, and just pick in the site and place your head growl strip nice bush plane and here we go Hi, everyone oh The Philosophic Hypertufa mailbox Constant Valcourt reviews will be playin Fiercely Krp publicly As we ran it out on our turn to the south somehow. It was my memory that students are going to make this turn There’s going to be all this ice just rather be the bright blue chunk of ice in the water And this wasn’t the end of it this isn’t the end of the story remember I promised you We’d be colony glacier again. So terry worked his way to interlake gorge. Which is right on Colony glacier where we do this amazing flyby? It goes without saying that this was the climax of the day a visually stunning and almost surreal experience I Wish you the viewer could have been there with me in the cockpit to be in her life The parents of me was the fact that tyrion and experienced and capable pilot here in Alaska And this type of flying isn’t met with everyone not even myself without further training It’s further proof Why I soak up as much as I can on these great trips that are going to take trying to learn as much as possible Along the way one day and one flight at a time Now moving through the Kenai peninsula. We were soon coming up again on Soldotna The home base of the Trustee spent a lot of traffic lazier drew utley was four miles to leave its outraged by traffic 407 Gravel pulled up It’s about a traffic field really with 30 vinyl 4:07 travels hold on I considered shortening this landing clip but I wanted to keep it a little longer to show you Terry’s techniques as it comes in here and Does a high angle of attack? short landing Listen to that saw warning point go off and just how slow he really did This trip reminds me of the saying a bumper sticker that I’ve seen and that is not all who wander are lost It’s through this wandering adventuring and flying that I feel I’m surely found out from behind my computer or Smartphone and away from the cares of the world for a few fleeting moments I do still found the connect picnic was a day to remember shared with friends and steered into my memory Homer Soldotna over the mountains and through the woods and glaciers to picnic strip then all the way back, and it’s all thanks to aviation The big things goes to Terry and his trusty spam kin for the wonderful trip up north Also, my good friend, Mike rush for it for the sensational music Join us on the next adventure sign up for email updates at Angle-of-attack co for exclusive sneak peeks and other extras you Dream of being an aviator start your journey today at aviator training Com Check us out on social media through Instagram Facebook and Twitter Got an aviation video project in mind to collaborate with or hire, England attack reach out and let’s talk Thanks for coming along on this adventure, and I hope you’ll join us for the next Journey until next time Throttle long

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