Kochgeschirr: Stanley + Crux Lite + Olicamp Cup – Testbericht Gear Review

Hey guys, today I present you my small cook set which I use for my tours. It is relatively small, fits well in small daypacks and the weight is ok. More in the video now, so have fun. The cooker set has a height 14.5cm with a diameter of 10.5cm when packed. So it fits perfectly into the side pockets of the backpack or into a smock. To the total weight we come at the end of the video. First of all, we come to the cup, which can be placed on the pot or on a Nalgene bottle. It is made by Olicamp, is made of high-gloss polished stainless steel and has a usable volume of 500ml. Fold-out handles can not be missing with a camping cup. There is a marked scale in liquidunice unfortunately not in Milliliter which is also not so tragic. The cup weighs 140g, has a diameter of 10.5cm and a height of 9.2cm. Since the mug is slightly wider than the cooking pot I always take an old Bundeswehr hanky around to denoise it. In addition you have so directly also always something to wipe. The cooking pot is from Stanley also made of stainless steel and it comes with a volume of usable 700ml at a weight of 224g. The scale of measures does indeed stop at 20 oz. but this time also with ml indication. With the fold-out handle, the pot is held in use or fixed during transport. The whole is fixed or released over this small slide here. The lid has a total of 7 holes, six on one side and one on the other. Here, the steam can escape and water can be dosed. Well, I find here that you can lay the handle of the lid so that you do not burn your thumbs. The lid also fits perfectly on the cup. Inside are in the delivery, the two supplied plastic stacking cups on these you can pack a Trangia too. I do not use these cups but instead i put my small 100g gas cartridge a aloksak with spices, the gas cooker and a lighter. If it is cold I take the larger Winter cartridge extra because I unfortunately did not found wintergas in the small 100g size. The gas cooker is the Optimus Crux Lite which Jaromir from Sicherstadt sent me half a year ago. Thanks again! With a weight of 70g, the Crux Lite is very light and the pack size is as you see very little. It is screwed onto the screw cartridge after the control valve has been extended and the three feet have been screwed on. After the ignition you can regulate the cooker over the extended control valve more to that later. In which direction you have to turn, you can see on the lasered symbols. The cooking pot is very stable on the stove but over 1.5 liters volume I personally would not go . At maximum power, the cooker brings 591ml of water here at 9 degrees outside temperature and at normal altitude in about 10 minutes to boil. At 20 degrees outside temperature it is only about 3-4min because of the warmer water. Back to regulate the performance. In the lower area it comes with me often before the flame dies and the stove goes out. You should always wait a few seconds until the flame constantly maintains its power and it does not flicker or go out. If you have the turn out the flame can be adjusted relatively well. Here at dusk, the flame is divided into 5 sizes or strengths so you get an impression. Here is the smallest possible almost noiseless flame No.1. Then a bit louder and larger No. 2. The middle but already quite loud but strong flame nr. 3 Then the louder number 4 and, last but not least the largest and loudest flame No. 5 with the maximum power. So overall the flame can be relatively well regulated. For larger cooking activities, this setup is less suitable rather for the preparation of coffee, tea soup and trekking food as I do this very often. With all the items shown, the set weighs a total of 690g with a full cartridge not lightweight but very robust and durable. Links to the equipment can be found in the description. But now to the conclusion. I hope you liked the video. I am very satisfied with the set it is with about 80€ altogether quite expensive but I believe that also holds forever. Optimus also offers a similar setup with the Elektra FE or the Terra Solo. Equipment Links I’ll pack you into the description. Take also a look to Jaromirs Shop, top service and also no 0815 shop. Yes, positively clearly the processing quality of all the products shown. There is nothing to complain about, the pack size I find perfect and everything fits together well. Not quite perfect I find the regulation of the flame at the stove, which could be even more precise but otherwise I have really nothing to complain about. In the winter do not forget to grease the O-ring to avoid bad surprises and write in the comments what you used outside post it at facebook under my post or link me at instagram when you are on tour. So until next time. Take are!

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