Kosta Boda, Getnö Gård och Lysingsbadet – Gone Camping i sommarfagra Småland
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Kosta Boda, Getnö Gård och Lysingsbadet – Gone Camping i sommarfagra Småland

When driving,
an elk is the last thing you want to see. Not even when they’re this cute. But there’s a place where visitors,
cars and elk can meet, in a close-up, interesting way. Welcome to Småland
and Gone Camping! Elk safari park Smålandet
is just outside Markaryd. The beautifully situated farm from the
1700s has a cafe and a souvenir shop, but the reason we came here
is for the chance to see elk up close. Elk are very popular tourist attractions. Many people drive on forest roads
to see elk in their natural habitat. But it’s quite difficult.
So we built a safari park. Every year, it increases by about 10%. The first year we had 7,000 visitors,
now we have 38,000. There’s a desire to see elk
in their natural habitat. After disconnecting the caravan
and picking some tasty twigs, we roll onto the winding forest road. It’s not long before we glimpse
the world’s largest deer among the trees. A full-grown male elk
can weigh up to 700 kg, so you’re surrounded
by some real heavyweights. -Look! Scary!
-Here it comes. There he is, Tindra… Here you go… He’s going to reach in and eat my arm! Nice elk. Good elk.
Do you want some more? If you don’t want to take the car,
you can take the safari train. Elk are Europe’s largest land animal, and we thought, “American bison are
North America’s largest land animal.” “We’ll get some, then Swedes
will have something to look at.” He’s too big! No, no, no! Stop! Look! Hello! Hello! Come have a sniff. The trip around the 3 km safari trail
takes an hour. It’s with newfound love and respect that we leave the enclosure
and the majestic elk. Elk Safari Full and satisfied, we continue west through the picturesque
Småland landscape. To maintain that wilderness feeling,
we check into Getnö Gård, a nature reserve offering
150 generously-sized campsites, all nestled in lovely locations
in the forest. Getnö Gård is a great alternative
for those seeking calm settings, but who still want an outdoor lifestyle
in beautiful natural surroundings. Its proximity to Lake Åsnen means
you can go canoeing, bird watching and fishing. Every campsite has its own grill,
which is often the gathering place when it’s time to make dinner. In keeping with the wilderness theme,
I thought I’d try a version of Per Morberg’s wild game patties
with black currant, and a Getnö pastry for dessert. First, we make a breadcrumb mixture
that rises for 10 minutes. Take 3-4 tablespoons of breadcrumbs,
soy sauce, cream, veal stock and two eggs. To give it that something extra,
add a dash of brandy. It rises for about ten minutes.
In the meantime, I’ll cook the potatoes. We add the mince
and two tablespoons of grated onion. Now get your hands in there
and go for it! Now that’s done. I wet my hands
to keep the mince from sticking while I make 6 or 7 patties. After 3 or 4 minutes,
it’s time to turn them. Add some game stock. Enjoy. -I think it’s really good.
-I love this dish! Delicious! Gothenburg! Find the recipe at Camping.se Småland’s “Kingdom of Crystal” is where
glass has been made since the 1700s. Today, you can visit 14 glassworks
to see how old manufacturing traditions meet new, modern design. One is Kosta Glass Center, where we booked
a two-hour glassblowing lesson. The great thing about glass
is that it’s a living substance. You have to try to get a feel
for the material. There’s something I always say
when I give classes: Spin. Spin, spin, spin! Spin! Spin! You have to be quick. The lesson begins by playing
and experimenting with color and shape. Despite me and Tindra being beginners,
we get to take part in the entire process, which is both nerve-wracking
and exciting. Then it’s time for the real test
– making glasses to take home. Follow it gently, relaxed. Hold the news-
paper in the middle of your hand. If you pull it gently to the side,
it’ll stretch a bit. Now we’re going to blow-mold it. Blow in there, keep the air going, spin.
Stop right there. I’ll show you the result.
Now we’ll make the indentation. Hold it still a few seconds,
then start spinning it again. Once people have blown glass
and made their own pieces, they always ask, “How do you make
regular glasses? Like a wine glass?” It’s done the same way. Maybe not the same technique,
but you blow, use a mold, a blowpipe… It’s about personal skill and collaboration
when we make something. That’s crucial to the entire process. Tap on the spout. Just like that.
Now I’ll heat it. Close the scissors
and stick them in the hole. That’s it. Good. It’s getting there. Let’s have a look. Here it is. You tap around it like this,
and then hit it carefully. This thing on the bottom is the stamp.
It proves that the glass is handmade. No machine-manufactured glass has it. You should show it to everyone. This is an old craft. It’s been done
the same way for 2,000 years. It’s one of the most
“conservative” crafts around. That’s what you get to try. Then people
who don’t know much about glass gain an understanding
about how it works, and they understand why the glasses
are as expensive as they are. With our glasses in our bags,
we drive carefully into the five-star campground
Västervik Resort – Lysingsbadet. There’s a never-ending supply
of activities, sports and play facilities. The choice of accommodations
is equally diverse. There are 900 campsites
and 142 cabins, in addition to mobile homes
and hostel rooms. A major attraction during the summer
is when Sweden Dance comes to visit. For three days, you can attend jive
and salsa workshops at different levels. You can take a beginners’ class,
or hone your skills at a continuation class with the country’s, and some
of the world’s, best instructors. You look nice. We got changed.
It’s Saturday night, after all. Before we go out, we’re going to have
the summer’s tastiest drink, and we’re going to have it in our own
handmade glasses from Kosta Boda. The drink is made
with fresh strawberries. Drop them in the blender
and add one deciliter lime mix. When it’s nice and smooth,
pour it into glasses with ice, top it off with cider
and garnish with a bit of lemon balm. We’re going dancing. But first, thanks
for coming on our trip through Småland. Hope to see you soon,
on this channel or on the road! -Cheers.
-Cheers. Yummy. We saw the cuddly elk
at Smålandet Elk Safari in Markaryd. We blew glass at Kosta Glass Center. During our stay,
we stayed at Getnö Gård campground and Västervik Resort – Lysingsbadet. Subtitles: Sofia Anulf


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