KOVEA Booster+1 expedition stove – cleaning tip
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KOVEA Booster+1 expedition stove – cleaning tip

After running on paraffin, kerosene or petrol you can remove any residue from inside the generator tube Use maintenance tool to unscrew fuel pipe Use hole in the tool to pull out
cable from inside the generator tube If cable is dirty, clean it with a cloth. Reinsert cable You can re-insert, remove and clean the cable several times until it’s completely clean Re-attach fuel pipe by hand Tighten with the KOVEA tool JOB DONE: One clean Booster+1, ready for the next expedition


  • Veen .G

    ΰΉ‡Hi I have some question. Could you please give me more information ?

    1. Kovea Booster +1 Can run on Diesel or Paraffin? and how about unleaded petrol ?

    2. Kovea Booster +1 Can maintenance or change spare parts ? Such as the generator.

  • MercatorGear

    We just posted a video about how to clean the fuel valve on the Booster+1: You can try this if the stove isn't lighting properly due to a blockage in the fuel valve. Hope this is helpful πŸ˜‰ https://youtu.be/xb_5SwZwjyM

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