KUMRAT VALLEY | JAHAZ BANDA | Travel Guide|  Pakistan
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KUMRAT VALLEY | JAHAZ BANDA | Travel Guide| Pakistan

You can visit Kumrat by choosing any of the three options So lets see the Map This is the famous map of northern areas of Pakistan hmmm …. It is little complex Lets me tell you in a simple way And from Dir, you have to go to THALL, which is a small Bazar Then there are 3 paths from THALL Towards Kumrat 2. To Jahaz Banda and 3. Kalam Valley So if you are starting your journey from Lahore Then Go to Larri Adda (City Bus Terminal near Minar-e-Pakistan) And buy a 1400Rs ticket of LAHORE to DIR Bus (Sadaat) and leave at 6:00 PM Time right now is around 5:45 PM and according to them They will drop us around 05:30 AM, so its almost 11 hrs journey We will know exact time of arrival in the morning Its around 04:30 AM and we have reached DIR and it is cold here in the morning Now we have to see how we have to go to THALL Lets ask some local guy We have to wait 2.5 hrs to get the public transport which takes people from DIR to THALL and KUMRAT Because its early morning here and all cars and vans are parked here After having tea, we have left for THALL at around 05:30 AM We will roam around THALL BAZAR after reaching there Let me show you some scenes of this road from DIR to THALL After 3 hrs drive, finally you reach at THALL BAZAR So viewers, finally we have reached THALL BAZAR And here views are beautiful, as you can see I really liked Thall bazar and its hospitable people I will share a separate episode of Thall in my upcoming VLOGS So we did the breakfast, booked the jeep and left for Kumrat Jeep takes around 2500 ~ 3000 Rs from THALL to KUMRAT So THALL is the point which can take you either KUMRAT, JAHAZ BANDA or KALAM Road to Kumrat is quiet bumpy and unpaved if you want to destroy your SEDAN cars, you can take it 🙂 otherwise 4×4 jeeps are the best vehicle for this road And if you want to enjoy, you should travel by standing at the back of jeep You can travel further upto 3hrs beyond Kumrat on motor bike I traveled from Thal to Kumrat on both Jeep and Bike The jeep takes around 2 ~ 2.5 hrs while bike takes only 1.5hrs River Panjkora flows in the valley Kumrat This river is the actual beauty of KUMRAT There are no proper hotels in Kumrat Valley Even KUMRAT itself is not a specific point Local people has installed camping facilities after every 5 to 10min Where there is a small canteen, simple restaurant and wash room You can either stay local own built camps Or you can install your own camps by paying them few bucks So what should you do after you reach Kumrat Let me tell you 🙂 1st day you should only relax and enjoy the beauty of this place You can also walk into the forest by crossing the bridge I am saying, plan and visit this place (as raw) right now Before people destroy this beauty by building infrastructure At one side this is jungle and on the other side a fast flowing river And we are going to search some woods like this (for Bonfire) 2. You can visit the famous WATER FALL point of Kumrat 3. You can visit KALA CHASHMA (Black Water) point by 1 hour trekking So viewers this is called BLACK WATER point Please tell us why this place is called BLACK WATER POINT ? “There is no BLACK water as such” “Actually the water is coming from a BLACK color mountain” “Thats why it has been named as BLACK WATER” Ok, So the water is not BLACK 😉 So you should not search the BLACK COLOURED water there But enjoy the beauty of this place…. Have some delicious pakoras and food and come back to Kumrat 3hrs From BLACK WATER point there is point called DOJANGA (DO-JAGGA) Means there are two paths starting from there One path leads to SHAHZOR LAKE (9 hrs one way Up hill) And 2nd path takes you to KUNDAL LAKE (12 hrs one way Up hill) We did trekking of Shahzor Lake whom details i will share in my next VLOGS It takes only 6 hours coming back from Shahzor Lake to Black Water point Lets go to JAHAZ BANDA now Why this place is named as JAHAZ BANDA? I will share in next episodes BANDA is a Kohistani (local) language word which means “a jungle like place” In order to visit JAHAZ BANDA, you need to come back to THALL again And book a jeep in 3000 ~ 4000 Rs (one way) Which drops you at TAKKI TOP in 2 ~ 2.5 hrs The road is plane as compared to Kumrat Road So people with personal (sedan) cars should not think of self-drive Yes, bikers can go upto TAKKI TOP but with a power engine only We have taken rest almost 30min at Takki Top And have normalized our sugar level and energy by taking drinks and food Trekking onward from Takki Top to Jahaz Banda is almost 3.0 hrs As per our porter, the up-hill trekking is around 15 ~ 20 min And then straight path will start Remember ! whenever a local guy tells you a trekking time, multiply it by 2 Because they are used-to to walk on this terrain But we people walk with heavy breaths and have to do photography breaks aswel You finally reach at Jahaz Banda You can do 3 activities after reaching here 1. Camping under the stars 2. Visiting Jahaz banda waterfall (15 min down-hill trekking) 3. Visiting Katora lake (3 hrs up-hill trekking) And if you still have time, then you can play cricket with local kids So this was a small video guide about visiting Kumrat and Jahaz Banda In upcoming episode …… How are the local people here How is the food here Hows is the hospitality Eating fresh and organic butter, cheese and yogurt at local peoples’ home Trekking in the dark jungle with torch lights Beauty of Katora Lake The hailstorm And many many more But for this, you have to wait for my next episodes Till then, stay tuned and keep watching “BEING A TRAVELER” ….. Your own travel channel How was this video guide? Or what should i do to improve/add further Please share the ideas in the comment section Are you looking at the beautiful scenery? And these wrappers are found here And people are littering here without any care Please keep this place clean and keep the wrappers in you bags Who will do the duty of removing of this trash here? Please keep these places as beautiful as they are And the wrappers you bring here from your cities, take them back


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