Hey guys what’s up and welcome to my channel! Today’s video I’m gonna be reviewing… okay wait! First let me… First of all let me say, I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed a Kylie Jenner Collection, maybe I have? Maybe I reviewed her first collection? I don’t know! I’m reviewing the Kylid, Kylie,… *blows* “Kylie Jenner Vacation Collection” on my channel and I haven’t reviewed one of these collections. I know I’m a little bit late on it, it did recently sell out, obviously it will be back in stock very soon as most her products sell out then their right back in stock, sell out then right back in stock… You guys know the drill. So I figured I would review for you guys anyways. I asked you guys on Twitter if you wanted me to and so many of you were like, girl *claps* what do you think? So I am here to review it for you guys, Kylie did send this to me and I’m so excited. I’m actually going to Kim Kardashian’s event tonight and I get to meet Kim Kardashian, hopefully I’ll be able to take a selfie with her and post it! Uhm, for her contour sticks that she’s launching, so if you guys want to see what the tea is on that be sure and leave a comment down below and I can review those as well for you. Uhm, but for as of right now we will be reviewing the newest collection from Kylie Jenner and I’m really excited to be reviewing it….something…it looks really cool! It’s different new products so that’s why I’m excited about it. If you haven’t already well be sure and *whispers “sing it together”* ♪ Subscribe to my channel ♪ ♪ Before you leave, subscribe ♪ And we’ll go ahead and jump right into the video. Woo, where do I begin? Ok, first let me just show you the collection. She has “The Wet Set”, which most people are excited about. I believe this product sold out first according to Manny and this is the pressed powder palette. So it’s technically a powder palette, but this one was like 62, so the price definitely went up on this palette! There’s a nice mirror in it, cardboard packaging… And then these are like, you see? They’re wet. And, uh, I’ve already played with them. Girl! Gir-, Yoshi! Yoshi! And the, uh, pigmentation… …is something from another world. Like I’ve barely touched these… And I’m just gonna do a little, ah, ah. And look at that. Barely touching, quick little swatch… By the way Jeffree Star let me borrow his palette, because I did get it all sent to me, but this palette wasn’t in it and I was like…I can’t do the review without the main piece. Thank you Jeffree for let me borrow the palette to review, but I am excited about this. Um, the quality’s difference stepped it’s game up, so… And so has the price. Look at this big baby. Mhm. We don’t eat things, it’s not food. Okay? Okay, so next let’s talk about “The Skinny Dip Palette”. This a face duo and it has, uh, cat hair is everywhere, now it has a pretty highlighter which you can tell I’ve dipped my finger in. And I haven’t tried the bronzer. It seems to be very light, but we’ll see how it performs. Hmm. Then we have “Take me on Vacation” packaging and than it has…This is an eyeshadow palette. And it has the colors and the brush looks, obviously I haven’t tried it, but it looks bomb. I did swatch one of the shimmery eyeshadows right down there in the bottom. And it was beautiful! But I can’t wait to see how these blend out. This is definitely different setup from her other palette. Oh, Yoshi hair. She is a new brand and she’s already switched it up a little bit. And then we have the matte lipstick and lip liner in “June Bug”. I think this is such a cute name for this. It’s a very poppin’ purple color. Very bright. And then we have these two Kylie Jenner glosses. One is very golden, it’s called “Glamour” and then “Glitz” is more champagne-y. These looks super cool. And then she came out with three loose pigment highlights. I love loose pigment highlights. We have “Tahiti”, “Santorini” and “Fiji”. And I love the nude color on the packaging and then in gold it says “Kylie Jenner” on it. Then she sent me the new lippies. I thought she sent me two the same ones by accident. And then Jeffree’s like, “Girl no, one is the velvet, uh-ah, liquid lipstick and then one is the matte liquid lipstick.” I don’t really know the difference, but, uhm, he was explaining to me they’re different. The colors are so similar I probably wouldn’t purchase both of these if I were a purchaser. I would probably pick one that I liked better, which I’ll show you the swatches and then I would go from there. So first I think we should definitely start off with “The Wet Set” palette. And I, well, actually first I’m gonna start off with this one. I’m gonna bronze up my skin and see how this guy perform. I’m gonna take a “Morphe M570” brush and get some of this bronzer. It has a little bit of a gold flicker to it. And I have my foundation and concealer on, and I am just gonna… …bronze up. It’s very suddle, the bronzer. Uhm… *noise in the background* It’s not really showin’ up on my skin tone I think you would have to build it up a little bit. Maybe add a little extra. There we go. I don’t know, it’s kinda tope-y. Hmmm…This bronzer’s too light for me., I think. No shade, just keepin’ it real. I think this bronzer would be pretty on a… …lighter skin tone, but like… Like, it’s kinda gray. It looks like “Hoola Lite”, which doesn’t work for me on my cheekies. So the bronzer’s too light and that’s okay. Uhm, but if you have a darker skin tone, or any medium skin tone I would pass on this, which is because *sniffs* I think it would be a bit of a waste of money. So now what I am excited about is “The Wet Set”. Because these feel so much like the “Stila” putty highlights. I’m gonna go in with a little kabuki brush like I did on nose. This is the “Morphe M335” brush. I’m excited! I’m gonna take “Privacy Please”: Swirl it around and we’re about to get the highlight glowin’. You could even go like, eh, with your finger too. Yeah, the finger worked just as well and it’s so blinding. And I definitely don’t think you have to have a fancy-smancy brush. Woah! Good Lord, this palette is so pretty and blinding. Blinding honey! Where is your sunglasses? See that? It’s just pretty. I could just bathe in this, like, I feel like if you let me stay here all day I’ll just keep putting it all over my face, and I look like a mess, so let me just… Take it down a notch. Oh my god! I feel like I have so much highlighter on I think I went in too heavy, but… It’s really pretty. Don’t go crazy like me, or you’ll just be covered in it. It’s beautiful, so, *makes funny sound*! I like it! We’re gonna start with the vacation palette. Now I’m gonna use this peachy color to put all over my lid. I’m gonna use the brush that came in the palette. Um, I like the roughy feeling bristles. I find that it more so aggressively blends out the product and that’s what these bristles are, so I’m kind of excited for ’em. I’m gonna take my “M503” brush and this color. They seem to be very pigmented. My brushes are picking up a lot of color which is a good sign. And I’m gonna use this kinda as our transition shade. The reason I’m using my own brush because that bristles on that first in is a little long and then the other end they’re little short, so I just need this medium-sized brush to get in this crease really well. Come on warm tones. Come on warm tones! I feel like you guys will low-key smack me if I don’t use this blue cover, color, and do another neutral look! So that’s why we’re gonna do blue today. My brush picked up a lot of shadow, but because I don’t want fallout, do you see that fallout? I don’t want that on my face. I normally spritz the colors with “Mac Fix Plus”. Woah! That’s some pigmentation. I’m not gonna lie, like these are, her eyeshadows are good. I’ve never had a issue with their eyeshadows. *sniffs* The only one I didn’t play around with is that one that I think had a little bit of a bad review which was like a holiday palette. I didn’t get to touch that one. So I don’t know, but… I mean I haven’t been disappointed. Have any of you guys, like, bought this collection? Woah! That’s not vivid at all, is it? *talks in strange voice* Oh my lord, Jesus! I’m gonna take the other end of her brush and go in with this chocolate-y brown color. This is where I use these like stabbier short brushes for. And I’m just gonna lightly… *something drops in the background* Woah! And then I’ll take the other end… …and just soften up that corner right there. So honestly if you’re using a lot of colors and you want tips on getting it, like, softly blended out. I recommend having a somewhat clean blending brush and just think of it as art, like your masterpiece. You apply down the color, you press it down and then you wanna blend it out. But how you’re gonna blend it out with a brush that’s caked in the color. You’re just gonna*breathes* pull more color out. So you can flip it, or you know get a clean brush and just soften up those edges to make sure your look is seamless. So you just have, you know that fresh brush on hand. With a bold look like this I’m just dying to get some wing liner on, so I’m gonna take this old, crusty “NYC Liquid Liner” and I’m gonna apply this and wang it out. ♪ ‘Cuz girlfriend when in doubt ♪ ♪ Wang it out ♪ ♪ Wait I know ♪ ♪ Wang it out ♪ My winged liner kinda went from 0 to 100, but I’m still diggin’ it, so uhm.. That’s an intense wing. It’s been a minute since I put on blue, bright blue eyeshadow and a big wing on my channel, so I hope you guys are excited about that. I’m gonna try on thee “Lilly Lashes” in “Miami”, but these are the “So Extra” ones, so they’re extra big. While these lashes are drying I- *scoffs* Yeah, that’s right. I’d say, “Wait, that sounds weird.” While these lashes are drying I’m gonna go ahead and test out the loose powder highlight. First, uuh, this looks kinda blushy, it’s very pink. Uuuh, this is “Tahiti”. Kinda looks like blush. Here it is from far back. It kinda reminds me of “Orgasm” by “Nars”, but with like way more shimmer in it. Next we have a lighter one which is called “Santorini”, again just very, very blinding. I heard…I didn’t really get to play with her first set of highlights, but I heard they were just very natural, so if you’re… *sniffs* …you’re more of a natural highlight these definitely aren’t for you, but girl, if you- Girl! If you like to make it blinding these are where it’s at. And then we have more of a pinkish undertone, champagne, little bit deeper than that last one. This one is “Fiji” and I think this one is probably the winner. This is probably my favorite one out of all of the loose highlights. I’m gonna go ahead and try on “Glitz”. Uh, this is the gloss. Oh-oh, okay. “Glitz” is very pretty. Uhm, it kinda comes off and reminds me of the “Skinny Dip Lip Topper” by “Jouer”. I mean just like the looks and feels of it, it looks like “Skinny Dip” by “Jouer”. Uhm, it’s beautiful and can, I would wear this alone. Definitely I would wear this with this look right here like this. Or I would wear it, uhm, you know on top of a liquid lipstick. So it’s versatile on how you can wear it. I’m gonna go ahead and try on “Glamour”. “Glamour” is literally, I mean she’s like “Glitz”, it just has more of a golden look to it than champagne-y, but I think it’s very pretty. What do you guys think? Back to the eyes I’m gonna take the warmer brown color. And I’m just gonna go ahead and run it… …from inner to outer corner. And then we take that dark chocolate-y brown color and just smudge it a lot closer to the lower lashes. I’m gonna take one of my dirty, but current favorite mascara’s the “Dior”. This is like their pump one. This is the brand new one. I’m gonna go ahead and apply this to connect my real lashes to my false ones and then apply to the lower lashes. I don’t really think that this lip would match my eyes. I think it’s a lot and a lot together, but for the sakes of the video. Girl, Imma try it out for ya. And show you “June Bug”. “June Bug” actually applied pretty evenly. Um, I normally have kind of a hard time, it’s a little spars to there, but I normally have really hard time getting these colors to apply evenly. It wasn’t bad. I can already feel like getting slightly drying. Purple-y colors like that are really hard to make honestly. And they are honestly pretty drying normally. So I’m gonna go ahead and swatch the matte liquid lipsticks in the nude colors which are everything. Well, I don’t know about the formula, but the colors are everything. I just give you the swatches so you can see. So from left to right we have “Naked”, “Birthday Suit”, “Bare” and “Commando”. Commando? These are the regular liquid lipsticks like the one I have on right now like “June Bug”. “June Bug” it’s just a dry down matte liquid lipstick and this is the nude set. Here are the velvet liquid lipsticks. And honestly these feel more thick, more pigmented and more creamy, so I’m more opted to use something like this on my lips. And I’m actually gonna go ahead and apply one of these on my lips and go ahead and take off “June Bug”, because “June Bug” is getting a little bit drying. Okay, but these velvet ones. This is the first time I’ve ever applied this to my lips and these are everything! This is one pump, one swipe and look how much pigmentation and how even it is! Girl! Well, there you have it, that is the Kylie Jenner new Collection. I think it is really, really cool collection and I’m pretty excited about it. The only thing I don’t really recommend…. That is my review! I love the palette. I, the purple liquid lipstick is a little eh. Uhm, the velvet lips are everything, “The Wet Set”‘s everything, the eyeshadow palette’ everything. Uhm, I liked the matte liquid lipsticks. The purple-y one is a little drying and the “Skinny Dip” set was a little crazy and I adored the glosses/lip topper situation I thought they were genius. Uhm, so yeah. I pretty much approve some of the things, most of the things in the set! Hope you enjoyed it and I hope it was informational… Informational. *makes sound* I hope it was informative and, you know, give you some inside on these products and let you decide what you would wanna purcahse. Oh, and-and the little loose pigments. Here all day for it. I hope I helped you decide what you would purchase from the set when it comes back in stock and everybody’s fighting for it online. Aaaa! But I love you guys, thanks for being here and watching and I hope to ♪ see you all in my next video ♪ *dances* ♪ cricket sound ♪ Okay I need to stop. Girl I’m done. Girl I’m done!

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