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Previously … We had a pact that Lesslie violated. Lesslie, come closer. No We did it! We just found a very strange place. We have a good time driving. it’s time for lunch, I already heard that Karen and Lesslie started cooking there behind. We’re going to get to the park and it’s going to be super super night. It’s 8:30 AM, the original plan was that we were going to arrive around 10 AM, but we’re already in the town of the place, we also have to find a place where we can park with this type of cars to sleep. Okay. Let’s see how it is. No, well, they closed here. That this is closed for long vehicles. There said that we can not enter with this vehicle. And you have already entered And we entered. But there is no one to stop us. I can not believe it, I’m going to die. RV parking lot, stop here. OMG. Where is? There is a car! Oh our friends! -RV … over size vehicles. We did it! Not! They scared me horrible. -We’re finally here, I’m super happy, now we have to go to the visitor center to inform that we are here. Seriously? Are we going to sleep here? Yes, already, we are already in the park. -Seriously? -Yes. We have arrived at the visitor center, and what do you think? Is closed. It’s closed. Things are not as we are originally planned. Something always happens in our travels, that somehow… Yes, but we never miss the experience. -But no… we’re missing it. What are we going to do now? Where are we going to buy firewood? Where are we going to buy to make fire? Come on, there must be something, here I don’t think they sell, it’s not here. So, what are we going to do? I don’t know, we want to hire the ultra deluxe package! For your firewood, for your fire, we also have scarves so that you join a song and in the end a bear was going to attack you. -Yes…, they release a bear so you can feel the experience. The bear is very trained, it doesn’t hurt you, it just surrounds you and that is the full experience. We found this store open and and the best thing is that they sell firewood. To make our fire and have all the experience. Ok, what we are going to do is this, so we need chocolate, bonbon and… cookies. Here are the cookies. Marshmallows and sticks. Perfect. Ok, we’re already in the hall of fire and we have many options, we have this that is literally gas. It’s wands that have honey that makes them light much faster and stay lit, and… matches. I say that if the wands they carry fail, we will carry this fire because we can not trust ourselves, Lesslie we don’t have another chance. I disagree. If it does not come out, there is no way, there is no other day, this is over. Look, here are other things. Oh! They are like those powders… Better this. Leave this. No! Really, this will help us, you’ll see. Let’s roast sausages at the campfire. Would not it be better to make bacon? What bacon? This is heated in the fire. That’s why, and you put the bacon on the wands, like you bend it on a skewer and… You’ll see that you’re going to want to eat this. You can not… Not this, Rafa. If everything fails, this is the only option. It will not fail. I am the queen of fire. When it fails, this will come to our rescue. Our experience would not be complete without firewood. The wood with cuts is more tasty. Inside has cuts. We buy another, miss, please, give us our order well. There it is. Come back soon. I do not know what’s happening. Lesslie and Karen shouted at me that they’re out here. What happened? I found the fault. What is wrong? -Who kept this? -Me. What happened? -Rafael The key was open, this is coming through here. The water that we had filled, got out. It’s not true, did all the water get out? Let’s see, no, wait, I mean… Fresh water 15%, it can not be true. Only 15% of fresh water remains, I mean, it is not enough to wash our hands. It’s your fault, I told you “something is dripping, we are peeing”. The truck, I mean, not me. This park does not have the facilities. Just when we had achieved it. Oh no! Something happens and, what do you think? They did not arrive at the park, because they have to look for another one. Hey, the cop came. Polynesians, the police arrived and Rafa got off to talk to a cop. Hey, I mean, I really do not know what’s going on with this trip. We were going to the bonfire, with our timbers, that we can not make a campfire right now, just like that. If we want to use that space we have to reserve it and right now there is no one to reserve it as we already know about this park because we got into it in this way. It’s not true, is it serious? Well it’s too late, it’s too late we can not. Oh, it’s not true! So what are we going to do with our things? There’s no campfire, we bought them for nothing. We have two problems, we also have to buy water. Do you know how many days we have not bathed, Polinesios? I think we’re going to have to find a place for this type of bus to load the water. And we can not stay here? You can not stay here because you need to carry all your services, Lesslie. Let’s hope that now we find a place where we can park… Girls. What do you think? We have reached a campground and RV park. And does it have place? I do not know, well let’s see if it has place. Cross your fingers. Put the emoji of the fingers in the comments. I mean, it has an OPEN sign but the person says “I had to leave the office”. There is not. It is closed. It says OPEN and it’s closed. These towns… It angers me that… Knock, where do I knock? It says frontdesk… Until 11, we’re still on time, right? I do not know what time it is? We are 15 minutes late for this. Wait, I’m waiting for you here. Like what… Come here. What is this? What happened? What did he do? What did he do? This is what happens. I had to leave the office, I’ll be back in 5. Oh! So many signs confuses me. It is done. The person arrived. It has arrived, it has arrived, it has arrived… -Run. -We’ll do the registration. Let’s see … The thing is like this. -Oh no! Again problems? -Well, it’s not a problem. We have reservations for tomorrow, but not today. Today we can not. -I’m not interested. Tomorrow you will also stay here. But if there is a fifth, we can go to the fifth. But this is not the fifth one? -This is quality. -Oh! It is with “Q”, the same thing. Yes, I know, I do not know, I mean… And why not? Not a little place? -No, there are places. -But But it says that we can not check in today. Beg him and say “tomorrow I’ll pay you”. What’s wrong with you? That’s a lie. Have you already seen that we can make our fire? -Is seriously? -Yes We have a table. Here! Before continuing with our beautiful fire, do you remember that we told you that we were going to teach you how it become a bed? And that’s it. A beautiful and wonderful little bed. This is where I sleep. I’m going to bring you something that you’re going to like a lot, I’m going to teach you, I’m going there. Let’s see. I bring a series! – Is all this ready? -It is done. One, two and… How nice! Polinesios, we are already making the campfire, but wait. I saw a man go by and I do not know if he goes to Rafa because it’s already super late, so I do not know… There he is. The thing is like this. That the hours to do like activities outside your camper or your cottage, are finished, right now we can not do anything, it’s time to sleep. I mean, I told him that even if we do not make noise and he says no, that it’s like the time that people sleep, so we can not do that and when better than tomorrow. Oh, it’s not true! Oh no! Why? Someday we’re going to get to that park. Well we had already arrived, but we are not there anymore… And someday we are going to light that fire. And we’re going to do it and we’re not going to go without that happening. Polinesios, give this video a thumbs up if you liked it… Your face of total depression… the idea of ​​traveling in a camper across the United States. Rafa’s depressed face of “I can not more with this day”. Next vlog, really, you can not stop seeing it, surely we will manage to light the fire. Like it because we are dying. Like it for these hairs that can no longer with this day. Remember to leave your comments, Polinesios. Down here. See you in the next video, Polinesios. Goodbye, Polinesios! I love you!


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