Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila)  A good place to visit (English Subtitles)
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Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila) A good place to visit (English Subtitles)

Viewers if talk about historical heritage of Pakistan We find countless historical places & buildings which were built by Kings & famous personalities. Among all those precious places Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila) has its own worth. This is the reason why we are about talk about Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila) in this video Sub-continent (Indo-Pak) has been ruled by many Royal families & Kings but the place which Mughal Family has achieved in history, no one else has honored to achieve that position. The reason behind this achievement is that they not only maintained best ruling skills but it also includes those castles and buildings which they built during their reign. In sub-continent, roots of Mughal government was kept by King Babur. In 1526, he defeated Ibrahim Lodhi, last King of Lodhi Family in battle of Panipat. Moreover, Mughal Family started gaining fame from 1556 when King Akbar, who is also known as Mughal-e-Azam was crowned as King. After witnessing centuries of ups and downs finally it ended in 1857, when Bahadur Shah Zafar was arrested. Our topic is only Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila) so, we will limited our talk to this topic only. This Fort and Mughal family has close relationship so, that’s why we discussed a little about beginning and reign of this family’s era. Let’s shift our discussion towards this Fort. Present Day’s Lahore Fort was initially constructed by jalal Uddin Akbar in 1526 but history is witness that roots of this Fort began during in era of Sultan Menmood Ghazwani in 12th century A.D. during that era, this Fort was built by man-made bricks. In 1241, Lahore was attacked by Mangols and this Fort was completed destroyed. But in 1267, during reign of Sultan Bulban this Fort was rebuilt. In 1398, Ameer Taimur attacked Lahore, destruction once again came as fate of this Fort. Now, this Fort was rebuilt by Mubarak Shah Syed in 1461 Later on, Sheikh Ali Afzal invaded it. Therefore, this Fort passed through the hands of different kings and ruler and finally came in the hands of Mughal Family in 1526. In 1556, when King Akbar was crowned, he took great interest in rebuilding the Fort again. There were two reasons behind this rebuilding. 1. Military necessity. 2. To solve the residential issue of Royal Family and nobles. Therefore, the king decided to rebuild the Fort again. During reign of Akbar, there were many threats from other Kings and geographical ethnic groups. In order to safeguard the city and his own people, the king built that Fort. In order to safeguard the city and his own people, the king built that Fort. When this fort was constructed, River Ravi used to flow too close to this Fort. During era of Akbar, building which were made includes 1.Dolat Khana-e-Khaas o Aam 2.Jiroka-e-Darshan
3. Akbari Gate, After Akbar, King Jhangir also continued renovation of this Fort. In short words, as new Kings were coming, they were doing renovation and constructions according to their requirements. During era of Jhangir, Kaala Burj & pictured wall are two highlighting constructions. Apart from that towards eastern wall of this Fort, Masjid Marium Zamani Began has also been constructed. In this masjid, Royal members used to offer Friday Prayer regularly. Although, Jhangir did not give any financial support for construction of this Masjid but he gave official permission to construct it. Shah Jahan, constructed this Fort from 1628-1645 in which 1.dewaan-e-aam 2.Shahab Burj 3.Shesh Mehel are more highlighted. Apart from that white precious (Marble) stones were used to build Morthi Masjid. After Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb was the last Mughal King who continued some renovation in this Fort. Royal Castle’s half rounded pillared gates are now Fort’s main entrance along with recognizing factor for Lahore city and Lahore Fort both. These all were constructed during era of Auranzeb Alamgir. Remind you that once these Royal Castle’s half rounded pillared gates were also part of currency note of Pakistan ( 50 rupees note) During 18th century, this Fort was taken away from Mughal Family and went in hands of Sikh Kings. Sikh Kings have almost ruled some parts of Sub-continent over a century or more. When they invaded this Fort, they also continued renovation according to their requirements. For instance, Sikhs constructed Seher Dari & Mai JIndaa Haveli. In 1841, due to internal wars among Sikh community Dewan e aam was destroyed. After 1857 war, British Emperors invaded this Fort completely. Bahadur Shah Zafar who was last crowned King of Mughal Family. His government was limited till Lal Haveli. Now they were removed from these both places. British used this Fort for both military and residential purpose. This fort remained under British Empire till 1947. When independent India and Pakistan came into being, this Fort came in part of Pakistan. This Fort is situated in capital of Punjab, Lahore. Lahore Fort’s two gates are highlighted.
1. Akbari Gate which was built by Jalal Uddin Akbar which is situated in Eastern side of the fort. 2.Alamgiri Gate. This gate was constructed by Jhangir Alamgir in 1673 which is situated towards western side of Fort and is considered as one of the important entrance of Fort. Keeping in mind, history and importance of this Fort, in 1981, United Nation’s department of UNESCO has counted this Fort in their list which means that this Fort is International asset. At the moment, Department of Archaeology and Punjab tourism department are looking after its care and maintenance. In 2005-2006, Punjab government spent a lot of money to increase its beauty.


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