Lance Camper Divulges New Trends for 2018
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Lance Camper Divulges New Trends for 2018

Good afternoon everybody my name is Bob
Rogers I’m the director marketing at Lance see some familiar faces. We’re excited this week to introduce some new products as well I’m going to
show you start out with some some facts. These are the good old days you heard
Frank talking about a little earlier you know we tend to forget I’m a fisherman so I just tend to show up to the fishing hole about a week too late said I should
have been here last week. But guys we’re jamming right now and we gotta make hay and we love it because everyone’s doing so good so I just want to
recognize that back and we’re gonna try to keep it going our trailer sales up industry-wide is up 14% Lance is up 17% over last year’s record year So we’re cranking along with it with a result of that we are adding a 70,000 square foot
building mainly to new CNC manufacturing out in Lancaster we’re one of a handful of manufactures on the west coast so we’re really proud to get that
facility up and running and hopefully they get caught up with our backlog of
product. I’m going to show you a video, we did a lifestyle video that really kind of explains what it’s like to live the Lance life and it’ll be playing in our
display so let me just run that for you Exploration it affirms that we are alive demands that we are present because life is now when we ramble out into the world limits and worries vanish in our rearview mirrors showing themselves as the illusions that they are So let’s put our work lives on pause rise up on fresh legs exercise our right to pursue all points of the compass and share the journey with the ones we love Thanks I got to tell you that the
inspiration for that video came from a BMW motorcycle video I saw online after watching it I thought man I gotta go buy a motorcycle I got to do it today so I was inspired because our industry you know, over the years has done some cool
stuff but I don’t think we get the credit for how cool the lifestyle can be. So that was the inspiration of it and the idea and hopefully we got people wanting to buy more Lances and getting them into the RV lifestyle so hope you
liked it we’re gonna do another one this year with some different lifestyle
hobbies and that kind of thing. Okay product wise a couple quick things all
new trailer for us is a 2465 it’s our longest Lance trailer we’re basically in
the ultralight composite section. In segment this is a double slide for us it’s a much bigger trailer than what we’re used to building We’re excited about it, it’s got a king sized bed in it you don’t find many king sized beds in
ultralight trailers. 40 inch LCD TV on electric lift and those kind of things optional disc brakes first of its kind in this product segment. So we’re really
stoked about that and I think this trailer is gonna do really well for us
so please come by and check that out and we’ll show you all about that in our
display. Other key features overall on the trailer line overall we went with a 100% standard Goodyear tires which we’re excited about again
industry-wide on the trailer side we’ve taken a hit for tires in the past and we’re excited to offer Goodyears that have a really good quality reputation I think our consumers are really gonna respond to that. Roof rack systems on trailers traditionally we’ve done it on our truck campers for 53 years but now we’re putting them on our trailers and I think again, you looked at some of the other competitors in the marketplace people understand we need a place to put our kayaks, our canoes and that kind of thing. So we’re excited about that. Another simple thing that was pretty cool I thought was ingenious is everybody goes camping always brings a table with them
of some kind you need a table whether you bring it with you or someone carries a fold-out. Well we found a place to put a four-foot lifetime table it’s a Lance life table, I should say, not lifetime and its own storage area up front so we’re excited about that just a little touch that our consumers gave us a lot of input on. The other thing which was alluded to earlier with some of the competition is taking units off-road down through two tracks and things like that and ground clearance is an issue. So we’ve offered ground clearance
chassis kits for both of all of our trailers now that’ll raise them up about 2.5 inches which is a great thing for people wanting to go off-road. We also have a new graphic look on our two smallest units the 1475 and 1575 we
call it Euro-inspired Hope you like it come take a look at those right now the
customers have really received it well and it’s doing great it’s only available
on those two models the other models continue with the traditional style but
it’s been very well received. Another new graphic option is on our truck campers
we call it the Mountain Scene it was basically inspired we did a SEMA build
truck camper rig for SEMA show two years ago and the graphics was received so
well that we put it into production on our truck campers and it’s going well so we got one unit on display with that, come on over and take a look at that. Also on truck campers with Ford redesign of their pickup trucks and their bed configurations we redesigned all of our truck campers to fit their
trucks perfectly which took a lot of time and effort but results in a great
fit and finish. Thanks a lot


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