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Landscape Photography Gear | Lets Talk Tripods

right so let’s talk tripods , this channel
never set out to be a channel that reviews things I never dreamed it would
be happening and you all know that I’ve done a few reviews on a couple of KNF
concept products and I’ve been very impressed , so I thought we talked about
tripods now . This was my first serious tripod it’s a giotto’s oh god MT
35 TL or something like that & it was an absolutely cracking piece of kit ,it was
about a hundred and fifty quid and it came with a monopod as well .And I bought
a head a Sun way photo DB 44 head which was fabulous and I loved using it .The
original one broke while I was in Iceland of all places ,
it has the clip legs and in here is a little plastic sheath and the sheath
gave way . I’m confess I am NOT the best at looking
after my gear so I managed to get hold of another one because I don’t believe
they have to make this anymore & the second one , this particular one costing
the whole 50 pounds off of ebay . I’ve currently got it down or the other one
is down with my dad trying to make some plastic sheaths up for it cos you can’t get spares .
Without it’s head on it’s very lightweight it’s aluminium, it’s got
lovely grip handles , the legs are a little bit loose they need tightening
tup ,but I absolutely loved this tripod it was brilliant ,
but with the head on it weighs about two and a half kilos and going abroad with
it was getting a bit of a joke . It folds down small enough to fit in my travel
bag but it adds so much weight so I moved ,I think it was earlier this year .
on to this which is the vanguard veo264 AB and I believe it’s classed as a
travel tripod . Again it’s aluminium and it has the
screw feet or the screw legs which I wanted , I didn’t want clip ones again .
it came with a built-in head it’s got a arca-swiss compatible plate on plate , it
tilts left and right and this button here adjusts how tensioned the head is
and it swivels around so doing Panos is not a problem
and I absolutely fell in love with this, it’s about I think it’s 1.6 kilos which
is great it’s even smaller in my bag than the Giottos and it has a rather
nifty trick up its sleeve ,if I can get it to work and it’s that long
since I’ve used it it possibly doesn’t want to play ball . You undo the bolt
there slide that up there’s a little button there you push that in and hey
presto it folds down and fold in on itself ,which is for travel in a suitcase
fabulous idea . I really did love this tripod but we hit a few problems . As i say I am NOT the best for looking after my gear , & I in Wales & this
bottom leg decided it didn’t want to untwist so I couldn’t open it at all for
love nor money . I’m stood at the side of a lake desperately trying to get my
tripod to stand up and it’s doing it again now it won’t close that’s better .
so I ended up bashing it on rock which did the trick the leg came unstuck it &
worked perfectly, unfortunately the foot the rubber foot on the bottom went for
Burton and is currently at the bottom of a lake in Wales .I didn’t think it would be a
problem , I got in touch with the company I bought it from and said I’ve lost a
foot any chance I can buy some, I don’t want to send them for free it was my
fault I was abusing it could I buy some ? certainly no problem they said . Three
weeks later I still hadn’t received it and they were having trouble getting it off
a vanguard so I contacted Vanguard oh they said that’s unusual ,yeah I thought it was rather unusual but
hey ho, my fault ,can you send me some ? certainly they said .So they sent me one
lot out completely the wrong size I sent them photos so they could see what it was
I was on about and they weren’t really sure without photos . I’m never quite sure
what they didn’t understand about tripod foot but that’s another story .
the ones they sent me were the wrong size ,so I phoned them up fabulous thank you
ever so much it’s the wrong size, can I have a small one ? the model of the tripod
is 264 AB Vanguard aluminium , yes they said, sorry about that we’ll send you another
one . So then they sent me ones that were too small .They
sent me ones that were for a five leg extension leg tripod , this is one two
three I would class this as four , one two three and four
so I phoned them again ,thank you so much but could you send me the right ones ?
Oh terribly sorry they said and the next one they sent me still wasn’t right but
with a bit of superglue it stayed on I can’t even see which one it is now it’s
that one it’s too big and it’s slightly the wrong shape .Let me come over there
see if I can show you a little bit better , that foot it’s quite a
distinctive shape that’s the one they sent me that’s how I gave up I thought
it’ll do . I rinse it every time I’m at the coast ,if I’m away from work for a
week it’s a bit difficult but certainly when I get home I rinse it off with
cold water to get rid of all the sand and I leave it to dry and I’m finding
that it’s it’s just not up to the abuse I give it there are supposed to be , you may just be able to see there, there is a rubber seal that
runs around the whole of the the twist grip it’s come off of this one it’s just
gone walkabouts , these rubber covers move for a pastime so I’m rapidly falling out
of love with it , I still love the fact it’s lightweight ,the head
is brilliant it will take the weight of my 70-200 ,that does everything I want it to do but I am rapidly falling out of love
with it . now K&f have contacted me about a
couple of items but they said we’d like you to review and I’ve said no, because
they weren’t items I would use ,one they asked me to do was their shoulder bag ,so I don’t use shoulder bags I’m not about to review a product if I’m
never going to use it I can’t test it properly .
another item was an aluminium tripod I said no thanks I’ve got an Aluminium
tripod , if I change it then I will be going to carbon fiber and then k&f
contacted me & said that’s fine ,we’ll send you a carbon fiber tripod . I haven’t
even opened the package it came as yet . Excuse the getup, it’s a murky mucky afternoon & I’m not i the mood for going out taking photos . So we’ve got
tripod tripod yeah it doesn’t actually tell you anything of any interest on the
Box, I’m excited. so it comes with the usual carry case
I don’t use a carry case it gets strapped onto my bag and if I pack it
in my suitcase then I can stuff socks n things in betwwen it . It is a nice enough carry bag, a strap which were
actually coming useful for something completely different , can find a home for that . of
that that is a center column I’m having explore on that later .
talk about packaged to the hilt , well, there’s an instruction manual in there I’ll never
get read then . oh that’s now that’s a nice touch, it folds the same as the Vanguard
in the the head comes down in the middle, weight wise I would say marginally
lighter marginally lighter ,I haven’t looked into how much it actually does
weigh so but I do like that ,that’s a nice touch to completely protect the
head whilst you’re traveling . let’s get that off of that when it comes with
a quick release plate as well, I don’t tend to use that because my l-bracket which is a cheap
one almost 20 quid i think and works a treat . So now this is where I’m going to
embarrass myself because as I say I’ve never taken it of the box I’ve not read the
instructions really don’t do things like that round here . I’m guessing oh that’s a nice action be nicer if it
clicked in properly ,so what I’ve got to do is figure out how to , ahh… right , so that
comes extended yes , slightly different from that ,the legs fold around this whereas
that flips over, then that tightens like that would help if I did the leg up properly. nice padded grip and this
apparently becomes a detachable monpod I rarely rarely use a tripod ,I might if
I’m doing motocross or some form of motorsport yeah
not entierly sure why we’d have that ? it’s not something I think I would ever use , I’m
fairly comfortable I can grip that and not lose it .So let’s see how tall it
is the action of the twist grip legs is impressively smooth, I have to turn them
slightly more than you turn those, there’s no rubber seals I can ,see scuse
me bashing the place, unlike the Vanguard . Now the Vanguard
was a budget one , it was a £160 I think . Christ almighty that’s tall , now, lets have a look at this stood up , it’s
a better height for me than the Vanguard lets have a look , yeah in comparison thats is the legs will
untwist on this ,and I’m conscious you might not be able to see me right at this
moment, yeah these feet are, all these twist
scripts are already feeling sticky and they shouldn’t be that had a really good
wash, I was contemplating squirting them with WD . If you can’t see me now
I’m really sorry ,yeah that is six inches taller than on the vanguard which is
nice as I did feel I was having to crouch down a bit all right let’s just
get that one other way yeah first impressions are favourable . so sit down again ,yeah 1st impressions are definitely favourable . it
feels not warm but not cold which the aluminium ones obviously do feel cold .
I’ve never had a carbon fiber tripod but I promised myself that I would get
one at some point so yes I’m quite impressed with it . how does that work then ?
it’s always useful to have that I’ve only actually got one quick release
plate that could be quite handy . yeah everything feels sturdy let’s
loosen the tension off ,mmm put the tension back up slightly yeah got a spirit level on the top here
that’s that’s solid as a rock and that’s not all the way tightened in , so what do
we do with these legs, ah I see, so you pull that out and it
clips in and it clips in so presumably this little attachment which I need to
figure out how you work and I probably never have any useful you can take very
possibly that out , yep you can take the head off let’s do that , interesting it’s
exciting looking at new things , but yeah that’s also useful, the vanguard ,the
tripod head doesn’t come off so when I’m bugger it up, because I dare say I
probably will , as I say I’m not the best at looking after my kit at least I
can take that off and put a different head on . Ahhh, I see that’s not the tension
that is for doing Panos ,mm I don’t tend to do Panos very often . yeah okay we’ll
have a play with this that , seems sturdy enough anyway.
so yes initial thoughts on it , are it looks like a nice piece of kit . Lets come over there , see if we can show you these ,the clips on the legs ,
your legs will extend to there as standard , you push it back in you have
this little gold clip and push it up and it locks there ,you can’t go any further
than that you can go down & it locks there or you can go level I’ll be interested to see
how to get this level how , but that’ll mean me reading the instruction book which I’m not very
good at . And we have a much better hanging hook than the
Vanguard has as well, if memory serves let me just grab the Vanguard , yes the Vanguard didn’t
have a hanging hook at all ,what it had was a hook at the side of the top of the tripod which I
never used cos I don’t tend to use tripods when it’s windy but had I
wanted to that to me would have been a nightmare I’d have needed a huge strap to hang
something off of that so that’s another plus ,so as I initial thoughts on this
are nice piece of kit Gary Gough’s got one of
these and he’s given quite good reviews on it and Jason Jones possibly I
might be wrong on that one but yes I’ll endeavor to look after this one so I don’t
wreck it . I’m gonna be using this one from now on I am gonna carry the
Vanguard with me just in case the last thing I want to do is to be away for
five or six days & my tripod to let me down so having a backup is a good idea


  • Jim Cooke

    blimey it's not sunday, but interesting vlog lynn, great review of the tripods, but I must admit after spending just under a grand the gitzo does it for me, but thanks for sharing that with us and hope you get on with your recent prezzie

  • JustDuff

    I use a k&f concept tripod Lynne and I love it. It's never let me down in the 14mths I've had it. That center bit will give you extra height too but you probably know that.

  • Steve Smith

    Good review Lynne, I'm with You on instruction manuals..if You can't work it out.You shouldn't be using it. This looks very similar to one of my tripods so it should be possible to reverse the center column for those low angled shots. Nice wellies 🙂

  • Dennis C

    i have the same one Lynne and very happy with it. i messaged Jason Jones because he uses it and he recommended it. been using it for over a year with all the abuse and it still works as it should. great budget tripod.

  • scotty4418

    A very pleasant surprise getting this notification pop up Lynne. Whilst not specifically tripod related, I've been having an ongoing issue with my Manfrotto ballhead and poor performance with the top plate. Your vlog just jogged my memory to drop them an email to see what the latest is. Might end up changing brands so will be interested to hear your thoughts of your new tripod in the longer term

  • Old Grumpy Jim

    Nice vlog Lynne. K&F concepts seem to make good stuff. I bought second hand and set of Gitzo legs for about £300 and also was able to get replacement shims and twist grips and other spare parts. that was four years ago and have replaced some bits and pieces as like you I'm quite hard on it. I bought a Benro ballhead and leveller which has lasted well. I spend a lot of time at the beach so it gets pretty messed up with sand and seawater but always wash it down after use. grudged the money at theme but it has paid off and will last for years.

  • lord strong

    Hi Lynne I have K&F KF-TM2534T its been in the sea and rivers and covered in mud its had hard life and still going strong Yours should last a few years

  • Brian R

    Great idea to go through your gear, always good to have real world reviews. Tripods are a very personal choice, I like the lever leg type as they're very easy to level off in the field. The weight/carrying distance is also individual – will always choose my [email protected]@dy heavy aluminium Manfrotto up to a mile from the car (also means I don't have to go to the gym that day!) and the little befree for full on hillwalking, though may have to splash out on a decent carbon fibre one day as it's a bit lightweight for some of the lenses. Doubles up as a walking stick on rough ground, and wading stick in slippery rivers (with just one leg extended)!

  • neil reekie

    Lynne you will find out your better off with the new carbon tripod with you doing a lot sea cost photos. The sea water makes the aluminium tripod legs rust in side and stick but with the carbon tripod you will not get the sticking of the legs from the sea water.

  • Libor K

    Hello Lynne, good and informational. There is always need for a good tripod and solid head.
    The short column is to replace the long center piece when you need to go close to the ground. Otherwise the long column will prevent you from setting up the camera down at the ground level .

  • Adam Smallman

    Been using my K&F tripod for a few months (the ali version of the one you have there) and to be fair its been fantastic for the money. Not had any issues with it at all. I'm sure you will love it.

  • They Caged Non

    I’ve recycled the Girlfriends Slik Pro 724CF and fitted a 3 legged thing airhed 360 to it, it’s like having a brand new tripod.. couldn’t get away with the Slik trigger head she likes using.

  • Jamie Overland

    I've had the K&F tripod for a couple of years now (Aluminum version of this one) and generally been very happy with it. I have found however the twist locks are becoming worn and not tightening as well as they were, and do stick a lot. Having said that I don't look after it either and have never really serviced it. Be interesting to see how you get on with it

  • Mali Davies Photography

    I’ve had a K&F tripod, aluminium one for 2 years and never let me down. This one looks great and could be my replacement. 😊👍 enjoy using it and will look out for updates, 135.99 not to shabby.

  • Tim Blake

    Nice review Lynne. The short column can replace the standard longer one so you can go really low to the ground, it will also screw on top of the standard one to give you extra height as well

  • Tony Blackwell

    I actually have that same K&F tripod and a smaller aluminum tripod from K&F and both are just fine with no issues ever but I do mainly use my Manfrotto carbon fiber, it's just sturdier and also taller. Thanks for sharing and looking so fantastic. Wow!

  • Dave Marshall

    Lynne, think you need to check your editing, you appear to have chromatic aberration on your hair, or maybe you were using an ND filter which gives a slight purple cast!! but a good woffleography.

  • Ian Hayward

    I have a K&F travel tripod which I bought at the same time as one of their backpacks. Both have been great so far except for one minor problem. When carrying the tripod on the backpack one of the tripod legs sits in a little mesh pocket on the side and this has given way. It doesn't prevent me carrying it in the intended fashion though, it just sits a little lower with the tripod foot poking out of the bottom of the pocket, but the securing strap prevents it from going too low. Both were budget items but I'm more than happy with them and they're great value for money.

  • OneEyedPhotographer

    Kim Grant has one.

    I'd like you comments after you've been out with it, again in August and February 2020.

    Good or bad, K & F will get the publicity it deserves.

  • Bridget Salter

    As this surprise alert popped up excitement took over ,YES Lynne appearing in her first back yard porn film!!😲
    With classic induendoes off……the sheath gave way 😨
    Then on the unboxing of the new tripod excitement over spilled to OH,that's a nice action ,as you caress the leg on a very sexy twist action 🙈
    Your just too good !!oh and the review wasn't bad either 😂
    All the best matey 💟👋
    All the best

  • Mike Hutchinson

    Hi Lynne Mike H here the variable nd filter winner I also have the tc2543 and I love it along with Gary Gough, Jason Jones, and Kim grant.
    I don't know if anyone else has pointed this little gem out but if you unscrew the bag hanger off and take the head off then undo the lock where you can lift the centre column up n down the centre column comes right out.
    Then you can put the shorter column in and do it back up in reverse as to what I've just explained.
    The reason for all this bumff is with a tripod where the legs spread almost to the floor I can't see the point to leaving the tall centre column in as the camera is still a foot or so off the floor
    so the whole idea is to get the camera on the tripod as low to the ground as possible this is great for close detail and possibly macro work phew there we go.
    Secondly thanks ever so much for introducing me to five finger death punch wow what a stunning band and you can actually understand what the singer is on about cheers for now Mike.

  • Alan METALMAN – Outdoors

    Very comprehensive review of the carbon fibre tripod Lynne and looked a very nice bit of kit to be honest. Cheers Alan

  • Mark 2064

    Great review Lynne I recently acquired a Manfrotto beefree advance with twist lock and happy with it and my Pentax k3ii with my 75-300 lens sits sturdy on the top. Best wishes Lynne x

  • Phil Marsh

    Well…I've been looking for a "proper" (but light) tripod for my landscape photography for a while and saw 1 of your other vids this morning and the link under to Vanguard…so had just had a good look at reviews and been just about to hit the "buy" button on one….and saw this! So I guess I'll wait a bit longer now and see how you get on! 🙂

  • Andy Jenkins

    Great vlog Lynne I didn’t even know k&f made tripods so shows how very little I know about gear 😂. Looking forward to your vlogs to test it out 👍

  • Kevin Ridley

    hi Lynne, when you're back up this way , they have taken the scaffolding down at Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island if you need or want it in a photo 🙂 x

  • Mike Hutchinson

    Hiya Lynne just another little gem about the tc2534 having watched the vlog again and seeing the tripod with the wrong sized foot i remembered *** kerrching *** the feet on the tc2534 un-screw the thread size is 1/4" I have replaced mine with tripod spikes available from a certain rain forrest shopping site ??? so now Mr wind blow my tripod over if you can HA HA !!! cheers for now Mike.

  • James Brew

    Nice video Lynne! I find tripods very overwhelming in terms of the options available. For me it was by far the most difficult item to chose and I'm still not convinced I got it right. Very useful insights here 🙏

  • Andy Beattie Photography

    I have a Neewer carbon fiber tripod, and it's exactly the same as this. Almost 2 years in the field and it's had a lot of abuse, stood in the sea, rivers and lakes. Stuck in snow, sand and mud… and I've not washed it once, but have sprayed with WD40 once in almost 2 years… as I said, I abuse it 😀
    I switched to the short centre column so I can use my camera a few inches from the ground. Unscrew the hanging hook, slacken the main collar and the centre column just lifts out to change it. The drawback with the short centre column is… the legs don't close up close enough because the head is between the thicker leg sections instead of near the feet, but I don't close it up anyway 😀 It's not let me down once and was a well spent £80 👍

  • Brent Tomlinson

    nice review, but do not use wd40 it will attract the dirt and keep it there if you need to use anything get a can of gt85 silicon spray it does not attract the dirt the same it;s what we use on locks

  • Quaker521

    Came back expecting to watch one video of yours that I missed whilst away and found that there was a bonus extra video. Huzzah! You certainly have your own unique way of doing review videos which is like a breath of fresh air and not being sponsored by them you can give your honest opinion which is sadly lacking in a lot of review videos. To be honest I was not really aware of K&F but next time that I need some gear they will be on the list of possibles. Looking forward to more of the same in the future.

  • tonybassplayer

    Great timing as I am just contemplating a tripod upgrade. First one was an eBay purchase. Sturdy but heavy Manfrotto of a few years vintage. Second one is a nice lightweight Benro but if I’m honest it’s just too small for me and a little flimsy but it’s very light and not expensive it’s just my needs have changed so will keep watching the reviews and updates.

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