Lanshan Flame’s Creed 1 Vs Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo Tent Review
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Lanshan Flame’s Creed 1 Vs Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo Tent Review

hi folks in today’s video I’m going to
be testing the Lanshan Flames Creed 1 tent against this which is the Six Moons
designs Lunar Solo tent. so as you can see here they are both
very similar content I don’t know if the the flames kid is intended to be a copy
of the sex moves designs 10 but they are very similar the way both under one
kilogram and for this video I’m gonna try and bomb out and see if it’s
worthwhile buying more expensive six minutes design ten or I should go for
the flames created will go solo has a twenty Daniel silicone fly sheet whereas
the flames kid has fifteen Daniel so nylon slight difference here if
you’re going to go for the women so this will set you back two hundred and thirty
dollars this is roughly about 180 pounds depending on exchange rate you know the
flames kid would cost you $100 it depends because the Aliexpress say the
places do tend to gotten don’t depend on what sort of a promotions of godly of
solo as a singles content with a boat ingrained sheet and mesh bug knee so
this means there’s no need to pay another they were fastest all patched as
one because this is unbolt sewn and with the material she is a bathtub in his mid
of forty Daniel silicone as well so it’s a tougher growing sheet and the one
thing about the moon or so is its extremely spacious for a one-man ten
there’s lots of them so one thing I really do like about this team
they’re really spacious for a one-man ten I’ve got plenty room here to have
all my gear room below my feet for gear as well and this is always up top and
enclosed there’s plenty space for storage as well so no but in the land
champagne as you can see this is just slightly different to lunasol with
lunasol had the boat and glowing sheet of a sauna and this has a removable one
so you can patch the outer worth their inner or you can patch that or fast
Kevin who’s waiting with this tent he waits to take this out because he thinks
it stores better as two separate parts and the bag rather than one big part no it’s not quite as spacious as the the
lunisolar there’s some room for gear here it’s got a decent sized porch but
my head is touching the sheet here so yeah it’s okay actually it’s not too bad
it’s not as spacious but I don’t feel like it’d be a coffin if you’re
wondering how waterproof these tents are I can certainly tell you that the loom
of so low as 3,000 milliliters hydrostatic head this grain she is also
the same weight as the line Chan is apparently five thousand milliliters
hydrostatic head and the ground she’s even better
eight thousand so I tell you what if you camp in a lot of wet weather you may
just want to go for this if not if the claims are nests of correct however
buffer paint enough I think for UK conditions I’ve Sarah no hidden issues
with the lunar soul and cave hasn’t actually sealed this tent yet so he’s
not done these or this but yeah but that was Standish our perfect for more
prolonged use you will want a seal that at some point the wound of soul has been
sealed by six men designs when the original or not actually bought that so
that tent has been done anything like most about my window soul is the fact
that the doors can pin back so it means that if it’s a really nice night you can
sleep these doors open a nice gentle breeze for the tent if you want whenever
you’re looking at a sunset or a sunrise Billy you’ve got that option with the
wing of saw of course no lion Chan is equal to the task and does exactly the
same no you can see here on the line Chan it’s got a one extra solid stitch
here just to make that a bit more secure because that’s obviously where you’re
going to get the pressure when it’s windy and it’s got a double stitch here
and here so it’s feeling good Corey what I saw you can see here it’s got to
strengthen stitches to join the gay Lane and it’s only got a single stitch along
here whereas the line Chan’s got the two but as long as don’t get abrasion on
rocks that shouldn’t be an issue to be honest but I think in pulling way that
feels secure as does the lion Chan I must say the one thing that I like a
bit on a saw is when it’s time to reattach the doors to the gay Lane just
saw straight forward simply you grab this loop here this just connects onto
this these are sitting dominoes using one
hand and one shook with a little whip point just pull that tape this is like
the location and system you just pull that and there you go one thing I don’t
wait for it’s this may just be the poster blisters a little bit saggy and
the wind was catch and that the last time I was out in July it’s not a huge
source showstopper but may just be the bear got this pitched weirdoes on the
launch and this system here it’s just a little bit more fiddly because it’s just
attached to the gala and this old comes loose so there may be a better way to
set up unlike the wing of saw the flames kid
runs right up to the top so it doesn’t have that issue of however that
obviously does give you good ventilation because you put that gap underneath the
hood this one doesn’t have any gap so this one won’t be quite as good for
Sharon condensation however as you can see here just plain a dream under here
to get a breeze through as has the window saw so you the wall software
condensation as you can see for the faces in ten they’ll be enough please
get in there just to keep the moisture it be so as you can see the wholeness
all has sex pegging out points as does the flames Creed the slight difference
says as the luma of solo has one of these so you can add a guyline each side
this is handy if you just want to give yourself a little bit more Headroom or
just to give a bit more wind resistance the flames keyed which is quite useful
does come with these already so you don’t have to
go and buy these separate they come with ten before making this video halftime at I
was Keita biased towards the window so Iona it’s Mike ten
I’ve used it five or six times now how do you like this but Julia making this
video I really have one to the iron shine I wanted to find fault with that
before making this video because the chip and ports for China and that hasn’t
happened this has been a totally different outcome from I expected
before making this video I mean it’s the first time I’ve patched this yeah this
looks more talk than the Linux all and the book got that benefits are late the
space of this one gates that’s one it’s not a spacious copy a lot of fiddly bits
I don’t like a small waterproof I don’t know it’s just this so difficult to a
pen mono but if you look at the place once you convert any pounds this one is
going to be over a hundred pounds dealer and weird as that it’s going to be under
100 pound I don’t know I’m beginning this way towards the line shine if I’m
careful honest whichever one you go photos up to
yourself the book budget backpacking tents that’s the thing to be remained as
well and I don’t think there’s anything else of value I can add but if you do
have any questions please do drop them in the comments box below if you found
this video useful and please give it the thumbs up hit the subscribe button if
you haven’t already and I’ll see you in the next one you


  • TheKevcarp

    I’ve had both tents, both are good but the SMD has lasted longer. My son uses the Lanshan and it’s showing signs of wear after two or three outings.

  • snowymatrix thru-walker

    I've always gone by the tried and tested method of never buying the most expensive or cheapest item but look for the value in-between and that usually works for most things…

  • Border Rambler

    I have seen the lanshan in lot of videos and its held out in all conditions and I was thinking would it be better than SMD ? you might have me swayed now Robin … What I dont like about the SMD if pitched in a location with no breeze you get dripped from condensation that wont happen with the lanshan as it has an inner .. Good comparison mate . atb Dave..

  • 3 Walking Poles - Sebastian

    Hi Robin. The missing bit of information is how tall you are. Me being 185 cm wouldn't go for anything shorter than Lunar Solo. I do not care for the price in this case. I spent about 40 nights under SMD tent and there is no sign of wearing out. I tested it in Scottish and Welsh rain and wind and had no issues with leaks so as much as I like numbers I'm not crazy about them. Cheers, Seb

  • David Paterson

    Hi Robin. I've had the SMD Lunar Solo for a couple of years now. After using on the Rob Roy Way this year I decided I wanted more space so bought the Lanshan Flames Creed 2. About 5 or 600g heavier. Have both seam sealed but yet to use them in wet conditions.

  • Anthony Payne

    Really fair, balanced review Robin. The Lanshan seems to hold its own against the competition, I’m not sure which one I’d choose.👍👍👍

  • Kevin Russell

    Great balanced, comparison video Rob. 👌 Suprised you went for the Lanshan 😉 You certainly got it looking taught. Was the front still abit fiddly aye? Looked guid in the video. Am sure mine will last longer than 3 outings. Maybe it's the luck with them sometimes.

  • Gerard Taylor

    Thanks for doing this Robin been looking at these, would you say one is 100 pound better than the other? That's the way I would look, thanks for sharing atvb Ged and Shan 😄👍

  • Funsized Earthling

    Well, i got the Lanshan now so I obviously have to like it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m yet to pitch it in the garden. Hope it’s not difficult to pitch.. Anyways, great comparison video! Clear and concise. 👌🏼 Mari

  • Wye Explorer

    Now then a fresh comment Robin. Simplicity. At the end of a good days hike I just want to throw it up without even thinking. It appears good the Lanshan but still I like the sown in bug net. It has to be the Lunar Solo for me. Good video. Have a great week. P.S you can get it from ultralight Outdoor Gear. I won't put the link as I think it might be that making this comment go all funny!

  • Bluesky

    Great resource for anyone looking for such a tent. Must be difficult having to commit to a product when buying online. Films like these make things a lot easier for folks. Well done Robin.

  • Walk With Wallace 👣

    This review takes a closer look at the Lanshan Flame's Creed 1 against the SMD Lunar Solo. If you enjoyed this video then please consider subscribing. 👍🏼

  • Freecamp Caywood Bushcraft Alaska

    Great review my friend. This was some good information , I haven’t had a tent for a while so this was nice to watch. All the best. Rod

  • Alan METALMAN – Outdoors

    I prefer that color Lanshan , than the while color on the Lanshan 2. I notice the mic on your jacket, is that the way your are doing your audio now? I like the all in one pitch on the Lunar Solo, especially if you are trying to pitch in the rain. No matter what the claims, I always spray my whole tent, not just the seams, just to be on the safe side. You did a great job with this comparison video Robin, it's a 10 from me! Cheers Alan

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