LAST FORT STANDING – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay
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LAST FORT STANDING – Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

Here we are back in the pub gee we’re given pub g a second chance guys yeah player unknowns fertile ground they added a new patch where they made it more cartoon car cartoon Ly friendly where i hit every turn my character does a little dance move oh there oh yeah he shuffles his feet he’s lit up oh yeah dupa dupa dupa dupa a bit faster you know i will say though Next to pug g it has been faster yeah in terms of death alright fortnight now is when you get in everyone’s head this is the this is mine game part of it i’m an ethnic one man hey elise is here – hey Here we go okay where are we going yeah we got a spare room where we try and go to be alone we die immediately So where’s the place that we don’t worry mire where bottom right moy, steam iron that could work right here what that mean ex to the moisty wire okay and see what it’s like and if it looks too crowded we’ll just skim right into That bottom let’s yeah let’s eat up everything we can find here and then make our way to the moisty mine alright are you guys out already i’m at what why Are from it we put all the icons wait your voice to me i guess your is it would have cut all right let’s at least get it oh boy alright well okay already but in our plan Sorry no I i mean once one person leaves you have to stick together thanks jill it’s just moisty meyer no We’re not going down moisty martha what’s wrong i was excited, to see moyes go To the flush factory alright well drop it on this outhouse adam there you are oh it’s a handgun okay run all right well you got, to protect me now you can get i need someone to get in one of those motorcycles and come get me i’ve got a shotgun an Assault rifle and a handgun all right very separated from us yeah should i come to you guys you owe me come yeah yeah? Come to us james you come to us alright oh there’s a car wait you can’t drive? we can smash it up and get items though lawrence alright let’s go this way alright Together case we need to build a fort the name of the game you know oh yeah i mean we can just knock down these? Buildings let’s run to elise yeah we gotta get to elise We’re coming to you but problem is we’re in the middle of nowhere well we got a little hidden room up here hold on a minute Hello baby Oh, you’re using the tools of the game i’m using the tools of the game nos a forward oh? wow an assault rifle someone grab that who’s a good shot oh there’s another assault rifle under here you guys okay beneath it Adam you got it do you have ammo thirty there’s a shield potion down here if anybody wants it oh? just, look for me young wait headless how did you guys hear shots Did you hear how i thought i did headphones on so i’m the deaf guy oh, no all right go, to the yellow marker Like piss i think we’ve gotten everything are we gonna fiddle fields huh come james i’m coming let’s go to fatal fields Nothing bad has ever happened at fatal fields wait we’re still in the zone though yeah yeah we’re so good if you want to say Fatal field is outside of the zone is it oh oh it is it contracted oh right in the ear and let them come to us yeah let’s just feel our fort yeah, we need to start just mining crafting or minecrafting that sounds good alright i’ll be the lookout i’m up on the roof hey if we leave one wall standing it’s just a renovation That’s the homeowner joke you wouldn’t know i’m trying to build multiple walls so if they break through yeah we might have to leave when the next zone pops just keep that in mind alright next next points coming yeah uh we’re out of it okay well we got two minutes yeah but still all the work we just did We should go yeah there is that shack that i think is in the yeah let’s make that our center and then we’ll I’m it may just be yeah it’s inside i just put a marker on i see it? nataly’s careful excellent overwatch position a behind things yeah Yeah, you know what you move from cover to cover guys i’m all locked in with your double walls? it worked storms coming you can hear it don’t comment See where it’s shrinking to shrinking to where we are now yeah we’re just About i need i’m right on the edge yeah that’s okay this is where we want to be oh i see a guy out there? He’s here we’re called directions, uh, oh there is 2575 yeah he’s at the behind the tree it’s between seven sixty and seventy five yep? Okay, i’m trained on him we’ll see where the next point it might have a separator holes are careful he’s still up there Yeah, there’s a couple of them they’re just gonna hide until his own shrinks right there’s no reason for them, to move yeah The center of it too i mean we don’t oh there’s a guy coming up behind oh shit where the fuck did he come from in the zone yeah back in got him Good job all right we got to get out of you got to get into the we got him okay we’re full around circle you just knock this down I’m gonna have to go to this hill oh they are more put in a door Fine you guys we’re gonna run to the right i am going on charging the hill like Adam oh boy was that uh please i’m calm i’m coming because james is fucking right i’m taking shots okay guy outside the zone taking shots at me oh fuck yeah they were doing that earlier i see too early Here left here left my left why do we have your logo you guys just wrong there’s a guy right on me where i’m at there’s a guy right northam down down why did we split up this is i care There’s some behind trees right that’s right yeah i’m coming with some shield did nothing she’ll didn’t do anything guys yeah, pretty good though oh Why are you building i’m building, to hide myself Okay all the crouch shirley’s, i’m on down are you in the zone i think i always tell me sure now you gotta go get your gun get out your gun oh oh your wall works replace fifth prophecy once said to me that my death will come by the hands of yummy ding-dong it was right we got a little bit of action there i feel good don’t split up in the words of rosie o’donnell in a league of their own one more every second every said that is well at least not in any scenes that made it in i remember looking at the vhs copy what’s it called exit to eden yeah, i remember getting a very confused feeling because they all know because there’s a woman i was not attracted to but she was wearing things that felt weird oh very sexual yeah i mean she’s wearing like it’s all leather daddy’s stuff right a little peepee was perking up huh Where we going i don’t know i’m ticklish factory guys it’s crusty no, no No, how about this yeah i like the ones that don’t have names on it yeah i think that’s where people are going there’s this like that i Like this right here this one let’s do this some people probably gonna bail out on that so we might have to scrap A flesh back you love flush factory i do i’m coming out going i want what you got i’m waiting a little bit all right i’m out skadoosh h stay inside yeah no i just i just busted in through the roof i got a pissed-off oh yeah yes got an auto show europe at least look where lawrence’s there’s nothing in here elise is just just crafting materials Goose a trifle holy shit well adam i got i got a ha long-range scope i’m gonna go crazy trying, to figure out what this magical sound is right here james has post-apocalypse dementia He hears something any the games trying to tell me somethings here let me wanna make a little ford on the roof of this house I guess we could i mean are we good here oh yeah oh boy we got a real fort going now fort night i’m gonna get all there it is is treasure chest fucking knew it james’s instincts are never wrong lookie you got his way up there yeah There no, one’s gonna fuck with us i’m coming, to you oh a med pack? arranged assault rifle okay cool all right all right all right all right all right now ladies yeah remember you can build waist-high walls too who needs some gears of, war oh oh oh something’s coming where uh, uh north north north north day oh hold on hold on yeah build another foot make it taller crawl-crawl-crawl he’s almost damn he’s down do you have vet pack i do actually okay at least where are you i’m cut them coming in careful there’s there’s guys all right he’s dead oh damn oh no is the owner what hatcher this ball i don’t know you’re standing on His level i’m Sorry man sorry here i’ll break this is like a you’re reviving me yeah okay cool i abandon all there’s explosions i carried it herder bert okay here i’m coming up alright you guys you guys got this do we yeah look at all that stuff get might yeah there’s there’s No, it’s at least alright they’re still down there i can see them right beneath the stairs there two of them jim james gum ice finish him finish that fucker down I’ll town at least i hit him once but i can don’t you got a grenade there you go Yeah do grenades now you guys can build another wall where oh shit we got a we’re gonna have to move soon oh? I’ll be a decoy oh boy a lot of deaths oh? oh Well they’re uh down there on the other side of this ridge oh? there’s two below yeah yeah they’re they’re just hiding on the other side of this rock wall what’s revive you ii you press and hold i let me inside first we have 30 seconds yeah we gotta move i’m gonna i’m just gonna take a suicide run it at that all those guns at that gear yeah we’ll see what happens which Way do you guys have to run i think they i think this person might have just fucked off cuz i don’t, see any more front door where we’re oh right yep i got hits on right there Oh, what both action is so fucking slow I am hiding information coming li’s Think there’s a purple in there reviving it’s a purple shotgun cool which obviously didn’t help his ass oh alright we gotta move okay, oh Baby, it’s coming it’s coming faster than we can run me too or maybe it’s just as fast as i’m one hit – oh yeah i’m 25 i Can’t stop to bandage yeah me too we might be able to make it oh Oh, oh! Shit, i saw you hit him what’s the point of the epic shot i know lisa’s that you’re all gonna die together hold hands we did better we placed higher yeah look at this guy looting like crazy oh So much good shit for you homos understand this shoot like it fires like Everything’s a blunderbuss in this game mine’s a stroll are eliminated you oops how does the lease always fun so far away for the game we put a big game The big game big game this wednesday there we go alright hey we’d like to party wait i can finally go to loot lake yeah yeah let’s try delia mail for the middle yeah let’s do middle i say loot lake alright alright three two one drop lake i hate you guys i really miss kid rock Gun gun gun gun gun i mean it give me give me me me yes yes yes i got a rifle nice let’s do it Somebody else landed in this fucking house though so i know let’s go kill him there’s a guy coming up the stairs into the house Stairs okay alright lawrence i got an assault rifle on my grenade wait that’s a person well i missed oh? Damn it well yeah i got you sorry i’m killing them Sorry that’s frustrating yeah let’s do it again okay i’m still alive everyone oh yeah hold on let me watch me get this guy’s i already quit that i’ll avenge you fuck man sorry about that i had one shot one shot to win it all i missed i fucked that up royally sorry that’s cool james gonna win i got him Alright quit out james what i got him alright have fun playing yeah alright at least i think had i had a fair suggestion was that she well what well yeah well you just suggested something that i think is a fair request what was it you know rumor can i pick this there it is at least picks the spot slash factory which we had an okay time at i wish you would stop trying to relive the past i also wish that you would stop using actual horrific sexual names For all of the stuff okay it’s a big joke, to you huh this game is my life all right Birthday girl i’ll pin it wherever you want elise so we’re not going to flush factory, okay this what okay all right you tell us when to get out though jump now okay okay okay sure yeah yup yeah We’re not gonna make it we’re not, gonna okay analise all right change of plans oh look at you guys i mean change of plans? fail fields you got to change the marker Uh-huh! There’s no way we know what it is if you don’t change the mark yeah but you know if we can maybe we should keep going for Where you got to tell me cuz we have to Choose marker again wait what where we go now we’re going see the original one no? To that police next to moisty mayer oh someone’s dropping in there we got at least one yeah there’s another guy down there he’s gonna get there first shit well whatever it is i change of plans okay yes but it’s nothing great just nick the guy victim twice i see him okay so i went to the bridge one more shot two more shots me man i just got a 23 i think he jumped okay he’s coming around the outside of the of the place at the front he’s going upstairs To the tower well i have put myself in jail oh? It’s a bad person bert good boy save me out of cv oh? you got away no he’s still here Ah! sorry man yeah i’m outta ammo saying least watch those guys there cry their cry there at least alright james we’re gonna burrow we’re gonna bro oh Sorry sorry sir oh my god oh my god why how did he get so many grenades ah Okay change of plans hahaha trying to pick up the gun while you’re driving where was he he’s right in the stairwell stairwell stairwell Got, him there still i hear footsteps at them sign there footsteps elise you’re my eyes i’m watching oh they’re close there’s seven – there’s? at least two there is please get that shot i’m right behind you Scary you gotta get it all dance, adam oh Shit, he’s rusty he’s in the window next to behind, uh, i’m out of ammo everything Adam i feel so cold it’s fine they’re all here and it sucks oh
They’re behind the lease there were leaks no there’s six of them here it’s terrible okay, hey that’s a good way to go out that was exciting yeah place twenty-seven Yeah, i mean if you do the math i learned something very important today never let at least be the leader i’m down i’m down He’s, to the east, you see the east, to the east oh wait no yeah yeah yeah yeah! i’m down behind a tree i don’t know i can’t get you find cover i’m getting shot i’m james calm down calm down yeah, they’re coming up on the ridge to these


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