Last Shelter Alliance – Leadership Roles! Last Shelter Survival
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Last Shelter Alliance – Leadership Roles! Last Shelter Survival

alright alright alright this is acer of
spades team TSE state 268 we are number one I need you guys to bear with me a
little bit I had a wonderful birthday I really appreciate all the shout outs
that I received from you guys so thank you thank you thank you for all the love
everything was fantastic but we came here today to talk about something that
was brought out yet again by my good buddy blackout who by the way is a more
than qualified leader shoutouts to you bro and state 449 and that entire team
you guys are fantastic at X om we need to discuss something that doesn’t really
ever really get discussed in the game I don’t see them anywhere as far as
definitions go and guess what it’s super important and people really don’t know
what to do so this is a Sur of Spades version of Alliance leadership roles
what they do what they are how it works and what maybe you should be doing as
well now again I want to pre curse this with just being my opinion but I’ve been
relatively successful and I think I can help a lot of other alliances and
members understand what they should be doing and be successful too so we’re
gonna go over here and click the member button by the way to get here all I did
was hit the Alliance button which is right underneath the ion excuse me the
items chest looking shape underneath your envelope in the Alliance button you
have what’s called members and in these members you’re going to have all these
different drop-down lists and you can name those drop-down lists anything you
want if you were an r5 or an r4 but understand these particular drop-down
lists really are R 1 R 2 R 3 R 4 R 5 so at the very bottom it says new member if
someone applies to your Alliance and you have space they will appear in this menu
and you’ll hit the little drop down tab and basically you can accept or deny
them depending on their level and anything else that they have going on
now let’s get into the nitty-gritty what is an R 1 and R 1 is either a brand new
person you just accepted from the new members
list or they’re in trouble there’s someone who was an r2 at some point and
made some really big mistakes one way or the other and they need some correction
and for then you sit in the r1 area get very minimal vision of the Alliance and
what they’re doing but at the same time you know what you need to do to grow and
proceed and r2 you either graduated from bringing new or you performed a whole
lot better obviously maybe a week went by you did everything you were supposed
to do you donated consistently you showed up on time and you helped out the
Alliance we saw the value we upgraded you we put you to an r2 and we really
appreciate that keep up the good work r3 you are consistently active you
follow all the rules you even sometimes help with those rules and you bring high
value to the Alliance and you give examples for all the others below you to
follow meaning those are twos and are ones who clearly at either are brand-new
didn’t know what to do or they made some huge mistakes though our threes don’t
make those mistakes anymore and they’re obviously not new they’re your veterans
in some cases they were previous our fives and our fours themselves they just
chose to take a cushier position and hang out at the r3 section or it’s just
a situation where we don’t have enough r4 roles we can only have eight of those
and if you notice the are threes are capped at 30 now r4
one of my favorite roles the our four runs the show
okay guys these are fours are the most important people in the Alliance I
myself as you can see him and r5 and I will get there but I want to make it
very clear if it were not for my our force being incredible and absolutely
running the entire show the way that they do
I wouldn’t exist so shout outs to my entire team of amazing our force over
here in 268 and of course the entire team in 449 you guys are fantastic now
let’s get into the nitty-gritty and exactly what they do you see the key
roles of an r4 is you’re going to enforce the rules and the policies and
you’re also going to help make them you’re going to give all your suggestion
– the r5 and amongst each other communicate regularly with everyone all
the time and you coordinate all the changes that are going to happen with
the team you assist the r5 s role with the ability to replace the r5 if
necessary and constantly watches all aspects of the Alliance contribution
from donations to attendance etc again this is my own definition it’s even more
thorough than that and I’m trying to keep the video as short as possible but
I want you guys to know and understand what these people are doing and it’s
everything so you got eight of those but only four of them would get what I’d
like to call key roles you’ll notice at the top I have four of them filled
you have Guardian recruiter overseer and diplomat and we’re gonna go through each
one real quick so we understand when you’re picking these people for your
Alliance our 5s and our fours always do it by vote I really strongly believe in
diplomacy but long story short only one person is gonna fill each role and
here’s what they should be able to do the guardian of the Alliance I highly
recommend that they be amongst if not the strongest are for the job is simple
serve and protect they assist the overseers judgments but mostly they deal
with the threats to the Alliance from outsiders if they attack the Guardians
reinforce attack and then shoot some missiles so the guard is play a very key
role as a matter of fact when it comes to things like doomsday they actually
have special features that Guardians get but that’s another video another time
the point is it is very clear the guardians are basically the officers
that serve and protect the Alliance the recruiter the recruiter actively brings
people into the Alliance that’s all they do their job when they’re not assisting
all the other our fours and our 5s needs is speaking in state chat building bonds
with other alliances you build the trust that brings the best people to the
alliance to satisfy the Alliance needs and goals they assist inside when needed
but works deals with mergers now a lot of folks
especially if you’re newer haven’t gone through too many mergers but that’s when
one lines either surrenders or they annex with another Alliance and to make
a long story short two alliances become one one completely disappears and the
better one wins recruiters basically set those things up my history in this game
I started off as a recruiter when I was an r44 a very long time for a zlt some
of my older videos you hear me say team ZL team shoutouts to my old team we’re
still all together and the make a long story short recruiter is incredibly
important and I’ve set up several mergers and made a lot of things happen
and here we are today tse is a merger between RI f and ZL t
and we are so proud that we did it we have a dream team and we’re happy about
it overseer aka external excuse me why I
sent it okay internal affairs they handle everything internally the
attendance rules regulations and suggestions are all handled by the
overseer performance review of all members if it’s happening inside the
overseer knows and deals with it eyes and ears of the Alliance guys the
overseer has one of the most important jobs in what in my opinion the game so
you have to have somebody you trust with the utmost certainty they’re not easy to
replace and obviously AG sitting in that position right now is absolutely
crushing it mechanic does exactly what he’s supposed to do an 80 shoutouts to
you for doing everything you do as well but again that overseer role is key so
they’re handling everything that’s happening inside so guys if you have any
questions see your overseer that’s the one to look for of course the r5 is
always there for you but that’s what the overseer is for now the diplomat and god
only knows I have to have one of the best diplomats in the world shoutouts to
miss bio she already knows how I feel about her I have to tell her all the
time because the effort in the work she puts in is absolutely insane so thank
you so much when it comes to Miss bio she handles again when I messed up one
before all the external affairs so problems and salut
with members of other alliances get handled by her she used to battle
histories and reports and settle situations when other things happen like
a tax that shouldn’t be happening and diplomatically keeps track of who hit
what when and where and then she finds out how to fix it if you don’t know that
how important that is god only knows you haven’t played the game long enough
because you’re gonna have way too many problems and when you got a volunteer
that literally gives that much time and energy such as your diplomat then you
got a winner and I happen to have one of the greatest ones in the world now to
wrap it up guys let’s go ahead and talk about my position and again these are
all my personal definitions so let me explain where I am as an r5 the r5 I
like to call the trustworthy visionary my position in my opinion is probably
the least important while also being the most important when I say least
important I cannot run the Alliance at all like my amazing art force they are
what make this show happen and the other four that are not a part of those key
roles can easily do those roles and I’m blessed to have our threes that could
probably replace all of my are fours if necessary although hard I just happen to
have that great of a team but as an r5 I I I just thank you guys so I’m sorry I’m
actually thinking about this man you guys are awesome so anyway as r5 my job
is pretty simple i boosted the team morale people crowd around me and gather
around me because they can trust me and they know I’m gonna be there for them
and do the right thing and doing the right thing I think is the most
important thing an r5 could ever do you have a plan and a goal in mind for the
overall Alliance direction and in all aspects you review all internal and
external situations all the time and you make the ultimate decision and you
should be the most active and knowledgeable on game mechanics
so in my opinion my job is pretty simple I don’t run the show I’m not a dictator
in any way my job is to pick the absolute best team in the world which I
know I’ve already done and guide them in an overall direction that utilizes
all of their strengths and helps them overcome all of their weaknesses to
create something greater no all you need to know about every event and you point
your amazing team in that direction and you cannot lose that’s what I do as
our five guys if this information was even remotely helpful you already know
the drill guys please like and subscribe as you’ll see I’ll still have all those
wonderful I cars popping up all throughout the video if you see
something that’s important to you click it go through it and god only knows I
got the information for you if you have any video requests you already know put
it in the comment section below this has been your friend and r5a surveys of TSE
signing out


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