Last Shelter Survival – APC Parts Production and Usage
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Last Shelter Survival – APC Parts Production and Usage

okay so I wanted to go ahead and make an
explanation of some things that I was asked about regarding the making of
parts as well as how to use them and so forth This video will be in three separate parts, the first being: why to use the
parts that are available to you, the second being: how to actually make those
parts and the third how to use the parts and how to make them most effective. So, I will go ahead and start off with
why. Why do you want to have parts in your separate APCs?
There are several different specific options for parts. And, they are broken
down into three categories. The categories are: first gathering related
parts – which is only the one class of parts, under the Trailblazer. These
are the different parts associated with it. Then, there are the fighting type
parts – which are Dreadnought, Ranger and Phantom. Dreadnought being for fighters,
Ranger being for shooters, and Phantom being for vehicle related APCs. Then,
Imperator and The Storm are the third type, which would is rally specific. In
regard to those, those are actually going to be better for fighters and shooters,
respectively, than would be the fighting related ones. So, those are higher-level
parts but they’re also significantly more expensive, and they gain some extra
bonuses when being used in a rally. So, moving on to the next section… The
question being how to make the parts. So, you see here this is my depot. Which, you will find inside of the parts factory. You click on parts factory, hit depot and
it’s going to show you all of the parts that you have available. These are parts
specific to the trailblazer APC skin that you have access to. Then, there’s dreadnought, ranger, phantom, Imperator and the storm.
The way that you make these parts though, is that you’ll click on craft here, and just
as an example under trailblazer, let’s say we wanted to make an engine. You hit
craft there at the top and it’s going to show you what material that you have
available. In this case, I have a few pieces of gold material that I can use
to make parts. And, you see there’s the four different slots here each part that
you can make has four different materials that are required to craft
that particular part. You’ll see that there are a few different colors or
grades of part material – white being the lowest and gold being the highest, but they
are: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold. And each of those is more effective
or less effective dependent on its individual grade. If you use all gold
materials in the making of any part, it gives you 100% probability of making a
gold part. The same would be true if you did all orange materials, all purple
materials, and so forth. One issue, you do end up having is – for example, if I use three
gold parts and one blue part, it greatly reduces the probability that I get that
gold part, down to 65%, and increases the probability of me getting a blue part.
And, creates some off chances that you might get a purple or orange part out of
it. There is some strategy that goes into that and I won’t waste your time in
discussing it because it’s kind of hard to even explain, but there there are some
ways to hope to get a gold part when you haven’t prepared enough materials if you
have done all of your tech and all of that. so, knowing that you need to have four
gold materials to make one gold part with
100% probability… the question is how do you get the gold material? And…. there’s a
few ways to go about it. The three different ways are: First of
all – just crafting or producing, I guess, the material in the production center,
production factory, excuse me, by clicking here on materials. Once you have high
enough technology you can produce green material, but up until then, you have
access to white material, and you start off only with the ability to craft
Trailblazer material. Once youe part factory is up to level 20 you can make
dreadnought, Ranger and phantom material. once it is to 25, you can make Imperator
and storm material as well. What does happen though, is with any of the
materials that you’re making, if you do wait to make the white material, it takes (in
the case of Trailblazers) only 15 minutes, for what I’ll refer to as the
easier materials and 45 minutes for what I call the harder materials. For
dreadnoughts, the easy materials are 45 and the harder materials are 2 hours and 15
minutes. That’s also true of dreadnought, Ranger, and phantom. Again, all of that
time is associated with the level of my parts factory, because if you look at the
information in the parts factory under the details, the building level actually
increases the speed at which you produce the material. so, I have mine maxed, up to
level 25, which decreases the amount of time by half. So, that’s really important
for you if you’re trying to produce the materials yourself because it does take
quite some time. But, assuming that you want to go about it that way you can
either wait for it patiently or you can use speed ups to make it go faster.
These are just the basic speed ups that can be used on anything which can
be acquired through certain tasks that you do throughout the game or they
can be purchased with diamonds or even in your Alliance store using the
alliance points that you’ve accrued from donations/ If you’re at all like me, and you’re not
patient enough to sit and wait for all of your part material to be made, you
can go into the store, under the diamonds there, and you can actually buy green or
purple part material chests with 250 diamonds for the fighting classes for a green one or
fifty diamonds for a trailblazer, the gathering class, and then the most
expensive being at 2,000 for the green ones. one piece of advice on this: it seems like it’s very expensive to buy the
purple chests, but because of the exchange that you have to do to get to the higher
level materials, the purple chests are actually better. Not by a lot, but
they are better. To buy a whole bunch of purple chests for, let’s say a hundred
thousand diamonds, as opposed to buying a whole bunch of green chests for a
hundred thousand diamonds, because you have to exchange the lower level materials,
which I’ll show right here just for an example. If you have four of any grade of
material you can combine them into the next grade up. So, in the case of this
rubber, which is used for phantoms, I have three blue, if I got one more blue I can
make one purple out of it. The same is true here. I have three purple I could make
one more orange out of it. But see I do actually have five orange I could then
combine that to make one gold. I’m not going to do that right now but I wanted
you to be able to see that as an option. For full disclosure, it takes 256 green
materials to make one gold material… Which is why it’s better to buy those
purple ones. Now, just a little bit ago I referred to some of these parts, excuse
me some of these materials as easier and some of them as harder materials to come
by in each different set of materials. There are three easy and one hard type
of materials to come by and what I mean by that is that three of them take a shorter
amount of time and one of them takes a longer amount of time if you’re going to
use the production factory to make them. The same is also true though, if you get
the boxes using diamonds or one other way that I’ll show you in just a second.
Those boxes drop the easier materials at a higher likelihood than those harder
materials. So, on top of that the third way that I talked about I said you could
buy in with diamonds or the other way that you can make them that excuse me
not make them but get get those materials is by going into the material
shop and then using these energy fragments, that you get ,to buy the boxes.
there’s lots of activities that you can do but the most obvious one is attacking
zombies that are just in the open world the higher level the zombie, the more
energy fragments that you can get. I was also reminded that there’s another
way, but it’s less sure to get material. Periodically, there are materials
that appear in the commercial hub that you can actually just buy using other
resources. So, today I had access to purple Ranger material for 20 million
units of wood and each day there are some different ones most of the time
though. You have access to Trailblazer parts on there but then periodically, like
I said, you can get access to these higher level. And then, also if you have
the VIP store you can buy them in a similar manner each day. There is a
certain set that you might have access to. So, today I can’t buy any
different parts but some days, they have material for dreadnought or for Ranger or
for phantom. So then, the third and final section of this video that I said I was
going to make, is how to use those parts. how to actually equip them and what’s
the most effective way. So, there’s a couple of notes on this. You have the
ability if you want to equip different parts as as I said if you want to notice
that the animation goes to a standardized one there. So I have the
three….. excuse me the one…. purple part that is for Trailblazer and
then and then five gold parts. That are for Phantom APC, the vehicle
specific fighting set. By doing that, it takes away any bonuses that I had, I
still have the four piece bonus because I still have four parts, but I lose out
on the six piece bonus and then the six piece active skill. if I change that back
to gold phantom, it changes the animation to
the Phantom APC and then gives me access to this active skill which is called
crush and each one of the different APCs has an active skill that you can have,
that you can use in the instance that you have orange or gold parts
to get the six piece bonus, you have to have purple or better, what the game information says on it. I haven’t tested it, I’ve never tried
to have with six purple but I don’t believe that it’ll work. But that’s what the game
says. my experience is that everything has to be orange or gold for it to be
functional, but of course I could be wrong with that. But the note that I
wanted to make most important on this is that having one part type or is any
specific a PC is necessary for them to be the most effective. not only that
though, it’s best to then match that with heroes that are specific to that troop
type and then of course having that troop type in the APC. So, if I have a
phantom APC, it’s a vehicle specific part, having heroes that are heroes for
vehicles and having vehicles as the troops in there is how to make that part
the most effective. The same is true if I have Ranger parts. So I have six Orange
Ranger parts here and then three range of specific heroes and all Rangers in
that APC. So, the reason for all that is that you gain some specific
buffs by having single troop types. one of which is a 30% might and 30 percent resistance buff, which is just standard without having any of the parts but then,
the parts themselves give some really awesome benefits because they’re
associated with only one troop type. If I put fighters in there along with those
shooters I lose out on those benefits and in this case those benefits would be
five percent additional shooter damage as well as, you know, the tactical
resistance and the might and all these other things that are here on the part
attributes. I would lose that for one of the three squads that are in there and
also my APC would move more slowly, because one of the benefits of the parts
is that your APC can go faster. So, all of these things kind of work together and
that’s how you decide how you want to use them. They can be a bit cumbersome to have to change, but the game recently added the function to
be able to add the set, I guess they call it a “suit.” To remove the suit all at once,
you can do that if you want to. If you want to make that APC a gatherer,
in this case, I can hit full set equipment and it’s going to add all
those gathering parts that I have, and it’s gonna put the best ones that are
available into that APC. if I want to switch back real quick to a fighting
with vehicles APC, it’s gonna put in all the vehicle parts that I have just by
clicking that one button. It used to be that you had to put each one in at a
time and that became very cumbersome. It slowed you down a lot it was really hard
to be able to switch during actual battles. if you have two sets of
gold parts, one being for vehicles one being for shooters, you want to be able
to use your best a PC – which as a Raider – is your class APC, so being able to
switch it quickly is a great benefit. So…. I think that I’ve covered everything
when it comes to the creation and usage of parts. If you have any other questions
on it of course please reach out to me or even ask questions down below in the
comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. If you have any additional
suggestions on videos that I can make for you, let me know. I’m always up to
suggestions and if there’s any changes that you think I need to make, please let
me know. thanks very much for watching this video
if it was helpful, like and subscribe to my channel so that I can continue making
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