Last Shelter Survival National Quest
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Last Shelter Survival National Quest

alright alright alright everybody this
is acer of spades team TSE state 268 we are number one I’m coming at you today
because we just got a huge update in the game that gives us an entirely new class
system and this class system that we just received is confusing is I don’t
know what but they have now introduced a new nation’ they have now introduced a
new nation management and class change long story short the president can open
national chapter in the launch center and each class apparently has two
different things you can choose farmers raiders traders in a new class name
builder has now emerged and well there’s a lot to talk about and a lot to unfold
we really don’t know exactly what’s going on so I need you guys to like us
subscribe please stay tuned in the future because as I get the information
I will update everyone I possibly can and make new videos hopefully thoroughly
explaining this the best way I can so first things first let’s go over the new
building this is what it looks like it’s sitting right here it’s called the class
hall if you close your app and then update the app in your App Store whether
it be the Play Store or whatever Apple uses then you’ll be able to go to build
and go to class and at the bottom here you’ll see the class hall which I’ve
already done and I put it right here you can use one diamond to instant build
that if you have your heroes doing excuse me your construction workers
doing other things now before I get too far into it I would like to give a very
very special shout out to Kathy Meister over at Jo P he has given me the
permission to utilize any information that he also has put forth in our state
the guy’s incredible guys he is a wealth of knowledge and information we
appreciate everything that he does and two heads are way better than one so
thank you very much for your your help and cooperation and your ongoing desire
to make the state better just as I upon first review you’re going to notice you
have a details tab which really isn’t filled out very much you’re also going
to see the class manual which now has an entirely different tree based on the
cards you use and you’re also going to have the class selection area
the one to the right on the Raider is not yet available the one the left on
trader a financier is not available yet if you wanted to be a farmer defender is
not available yet and of course builder architect is available but scientist is
not so unless you change your class to that which I don’t believe you can just
yet you cannot select that as for me I’m currently a Raider and I have chosen the
siege masters which is the only one I can do and when you do that and you’ve
selected your class you now can go to the class manual and under the class
manual you’ll see the seeds master level one area and at this point you can
assign cards and you get a free usable point I believe every day I hope for now
this is the first one and you gain points if I’m not mistaken by utilizing
the National tasks now this is where everything is very confusing so you have
a national quest button and on here you’ll see everyone in the state is
joining different things and I’m going to immediately at this point refer to
Kathy’s breakdown and we’re gonna go from there guys
he’s actually incredible at explaining this stuff so I’m just gonna go right
ahead and read it right off says first you must update the game to the latest
version or you cannot do anything which we figured out very quickly all right
after that you of course build that class hall you have the class manual
where you can select the cards you buy classes where you choose your class
originally located on your base and a national quest is where you select your
quest apparently so far you can only do one
per day alright so we go through the class buttons and we’ve already pretty
much went over that folks so we won’t bore you too much now it says new class
builder currently gives no boost like the other three do but the sub class
architect available so choose whichever class you like eventually the second sub
class will open so you will need to review what they do before selecting
clicking the spyglass in the coroner gives details and once you have selected
a class go back to the class hall building again and select class manual
this is the class manual you will select the cards you want to buy here you start
out with two free choices these cars must be assigned
before they take effect assigned cards can be changed once per day according to
help info cards come in a few forms from what I’ve seen the red ones above are
assigned to your match the red ones above assigned to your March on quest or
on the position buildings if you are assigned an official position and the
green ones assigned to your person to assign the green cards you click on the
card use menu and you go ahead and add those in here’s where you assign cards
it seems they have to go to certain places we will see the Alliance buff
cards at some point as well these can be changed daily assume at reset we will
find that out and update you guys guys so here’s where you assign your APC to
go to a quest and apparently because it says today’s completable quests 0 out of
1 in that section in the middle of the picture guys we believe that you can
only do one per day so you click on the arrows and you find the one that suits
your specific subcategory as you can see my category is Raider but my subcategory
is seeds masters so that’s what he’s referring to
I am currently sieves master level 1 so if you look down here on the actual
national quest tab you’ll see different seeds master of areas sees master level
1 in the first row sees master level 1 in the second row but in this last one
is celebrity so clearly celebrity level 5 is something I cannot choose and since
we don’t have C’s master level 5 yet we clearly cannot choose anything down
there but at the top if you look there are arrows next to the word seeds
Department that allow you to go left and right if you go to the right here you’re
going to notice that you have new tabs open up you have celebrity level 1 C’s
master level 1 Steve Meister level 1 and here at the bottom since these are parts
modification seeds master level 1 hypothetically you could push one of
these plus arrows and it says my acceptance limit is reached
that’s what pops up when you do that and the reason being is because I’ve already
completed that task what you would normally be able to do is
click that as long as it matches what you’ve done and then you can open that
up as Kathy Meister stated you must be the correct subclass and level in that
subclass to join in the above picture there are a quest for architects and
farm experts and farm experts and if you are obviously a raider guys that will
not work for you there’s a time to associate to each quest so they take a
certain amount of time as well as experience icon and I assume how much
experience you will get for the subclass I will add a section once the APC is
finish on my farms alright so it looks like you could select cards and you can
then add those cards there it says here you select an APC to send one quest also
the select cards to assign to the March always select cars as they give either
time reduction or experience moves from there drag the car to mark to match the
ones you can select as shown above social activity I can be at it there are
red cards from your class manual once you once the cards are selected go back
and send your APC that is for 99.9% of people and the reason he’s saying that
is because the area where he is where his JLP Kaffee Meister is it’s because
he has a presidential buff we have a member in our alliance that also has a
presidential buff right now and they will appear there as well and they can
do different Alliance and presidential buff positional cards that they get to
place people assigned to official positions need to click on the boxes
under their names it opens this screen and it’s obviously shown in the air
above drag the cards from the stream with the my cards tab to add them and
assign and save before I found out that I could buy a card per
day to a sign click on the indicated button will allow you to buy one card
per day cost 500 diamonds and that’s pretty much all we know right now guys
just a side note as you can see it says today’s completable quest one out of one
for me so apparently at some point I got it
done but I want to be very very fair guys there was a lot of glitching we
have no clue what in the world is going on when I first attempted to get this
done guys I did not see any arrows go out after that I did see arrows but
since then I was able to send my third APC out and in sending my third APC out
it finally met the March requirement and now has an hour and 20 minutes there I
will update you guys the best I can once my task is completed and give you
guys any additional information I can um please like to subscribe guys because
like I said I’m going to make this an ongoing thing until we completely figure
it out for the viewers now meanwhile stay patient and we’ll do the best we
can Acer Spade signing out


  • Zack Keneth

    I subscribed I hope u will be the new gethoris last shelter youtuber tutorial that just left the game for his family

  • Ryan McMorrow

    awesome video man! thanks for being one of the first to get some info on this confusing topic! lol
    Keep it up!!!

  • andrew kolonay

    Nice video dude well explained shared it with the squad hopefully we get the chance to invade sometime soon DARK xx KNIGHT #309

  • ItsJimmatron

    Hey Bud, great video, quick question, If you change class, do you get to keep your existing cards from the previous class? as ive found two cards that make you troop consumption 0, and would rather have that in a different class lol

  • [Dean 丁哥 & DJ 丹尼斯] D&D wow show

    Experiencing the new missions with LC holders in multi alliances is quite interesting. Now we work in different types as Raiders, we go siege mater lv, so each day we pick mission buildings near the LC to assign for the time and exp 1K, 2K,3K4k,5K, that corresponds the hrs of the operation. After that we can use that exp gained as points then to class tree for all different cards assignment. We still trying to figure out the best tree strategy or cards you should in place to mater the following tasks and benefits. Please advise more if you know any other better ways! Thanks for sharing…state 680 DHL

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