Last Shelter Survival Tips 2019 100 MILLION COZ POINTS IN 10 MINUTES!
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Last Shelter Survival Tips 2019 100 MILLION COZ POINTS IN 10 MINUTES!

hey everybody this is Acer space teams
ZLT state 268 we are number one just coming at you on my main account this is
training day coz we are just in the prequel I just want to show you guys
what kind of a massive points that we can gather really quick so this video is
gonna be short and sweet this is based on what I call the double dip and we’ve
talked about this many times in other videos but I just want to show you guys
where we’re at right now as you can see I’ve already pre trained and pre
enhanced my vehicles ready to go so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to our
items well first things first here’s why it’s double dip the daily challenge
which currently has 11 minutes left will consist of training actual units and
building power the next one is training and Technology power for two hours in a
row all right so that means every single time I train I’m going to be getting
massive points not only on the daily to give me a my gold chest there but it
will also do it on my coz at the same time that’s why we call it a double dip
you’re getting it the daily Gold’s for the daily chest and you’re getting the
coz at the same time so I only got 2 million points you’ll notice that the
absolute beasts of the game Dark Knight which I’m gonna challenge on hero day
coming up next Thursday so she already knows that shout outs to Dark Knight and
also shout outs to my boy Jason man Jason found my videos he said that I’m
doing pretty good so I really appreciate everything you do bro I told you I gave
you a shout out your honor Oh Jason is the man um team JLP team nwk everybody’s
kicking butt but they got millions millions of points let’s see if I can’t
at least close a little bit of that gap by doing my double dip so we’re gonna go
into our items I’m gonna hit one of these a little hundred percent tickets
today because it’s training day so I’ll immediately start collecting and that’s
going to give me all kinds of points I’m probably gonna crush the first two
chests instantaneously and hit all kinds of daily tasks and stuff and you’ll
start seeing boxes pop up so that immediately guys gave me 2.2 million I’m
just gonna collect as I go and yeah let’s see what we did okay so
we already got ourselves up to 13 million got our first advanced teleport
and all kinds of courage metals and stuff and then at this point because I’m
vehicle oriented that’s what I do I will go ahead and start training lots of
vehicles let me just go ahead and refill a little bit of my fuel and get started
I’ll just use diamonds I’m gonna make it quick care less about the Diamonds I get
all the diamonds I ever possibly need I think that’s way more than enough I
absolutely over killed it but I just want to pop some chests real quick for
you guys so there goes 5.6 million it’s literally as simple as me hitting the
button a few times that’s where we’re at right now and that’s where everybody
will get if you follow triple it’s gaming so anyway by jove only t7 guys
like I could go to t8 in a couple you know a week or so depending on how fast
I decide to grow but I like where I’m at let coz and I don’t want to overdo it so
you guys just saw me instantaneously pop I mean multiple chests
I don’t know if this video is she’s where we had I mean we’re we’re on three
minutes I mean it guys this is yeah okay so you guys get it I’m gonna go ahead
and knock that out I will oh my other videos done editing that’s
good to know I will stop this right here and obviously I just put out 28 million
points in seconds guys I will obviously pause here and redo on
the second double dip when the hour turns I’ll see you guys soon I’m just gonna unpause the video real
quick cuz I just hit my little farm I got my little 15 acer’s pet I just made
the farming video not too long ago so guys please check that out
hopefully I’ll put that in the description so you guys can just go
ahead and go to that but um the battle report which is obviously fresh you guys
just saw I needed fuel I just picked up 1.2 million fuel from my farm account
and about two hundred thousand dollars and a few other goodies just on that one
hit so guys as you can see a fuel resources things like that are not a
problem I’m actually gonna go ahead and find my other farm somewhere around here
and I just I’m really glad Oh a suspect – there it’s level 14 base I was gonna
go ahead and knock that – this is why I don’t have to attack the state anymore
guys so when you guys watch this please learn how to do the farm accounts
properly any questions and concerns you want me to do any kind of video at all
please like subscribe and I will make a video on it and hopefully you can teach
me something show me something I don’t know we got to make the whole state
better we’re gonna make the whole game better that’s the whole goal so again
I’ll be back on eternity our I keep saying I’m gonna wait for the return in
the hour but I do guys I do want you guys to see the benefit like fully so
see I hit a suspect – right after that for another 1.6 million
whole bunch 1.6 million food I mean another almost two hundred thousand
dollars and then uh I did almost another two million fuel from a sir spent
another million and iron and another two hundred thousand dollars so guys that I
mean if you just look at the top you guys saw in the video absolutely had no
fuel I’m up to five million and 3 million iron obviously and he both of
those to train my vehicles and that’s why we do farm accounts I mean that’s
it’s so imperative it doesn’t make any sense I get to leave my resource boxes
alone and just get it from my other accounts
so there you go okay guys it looks like we’re back and the turn of the hour just
happened you’ll see the same five million fuel apparently I did a
technology research so my iron got diminished but that’s okay
um because the double-dip I still have 15 whole minutes of my hundred-percent
ticket the daily challenge literally just started right now so I’m gonna go
back over here I do not have anything on that and more importantly I still have
the same class razón points so that you guys know exactly what’s going on every
step of the way now I obviously started my training yet again I’m gonna start
with my speed up of my promoted vehicles because yeah now just so you guys are aware for those
who have for whatever reason significantly less speedups it’s because
of the fact that I do coz um so if you need a lot more speed up st. your life
guys please just go ahead and keep watching my videos and you’ll get there
I can promise you it I mean it’s I’m not cheating I don’t do anything that the
game won’t let me to do I’m not used to some kind of I keep hearing things about
I don’t even want to talk about on my video some or it’s irrelevant you guys
need to see exactly what I do so I gotta get rid of some of these five-minute
speed up so you guys are watching how fast I’m actually able to tap and there
you go so I’m gonna go ahead and knock that out you might hear a little bit of
shakiness in my voice because I’m tapping as fast as I humanly possibly
can I could probably set a world record okay
so let’s see our progress real quick it looks like I still got a couple million
to go so I’ll do that just a couple more times collect my chest in the mean time cuz I think I did it three times right
so it looks like I need to total six times so I’ll go ahead and knock this
out with ours get myself some of this fancy iron added a little resource boxes
I got no big deal at all I’ll do an eight-hour speed up a couple hours here
and I will do a same thing I’ll do an eight-hour speed up a couple hours here
alright so let’s see where we’re at looks like I hit that gold box now I’m
gonna continue to do more because I’m on that a hundred percent ticket as you
guys saw I only have one I will end up getting more you know because of doing
all the coz so just because as you can see my diamonds
continue to go up I’ll just knock out a couple of these and there you go
obviously if I want to I can do all kinds of stuff you know I could care I
mean I so many different combinations guys that it really doesn’t matter I
like doing the eight-hour speed up thing it just really seems to help alright so
let’s see what we did for coz 77 million another chest I got my Alliance to their
chest here I got my gold chest on that so you guys just watch me get six chess
in coz actually excuse me seven chest in coz it looks like by the end of the day
I would need to get up to 200 million um I’m pretty sure you guys can see that I
can easily get there I’m gonna get myself to probably somewhere around 100
million now but you don’t need to see that on the video you guys know exactly
what I’m doing and how I’m doing it even without the diamonds I have enough speed
ups so we’re gonna knock it out meanwhile guys a source paid sign off
actually my team wants me hold back a little bit so I will not get to the last
box on this particular coz I’ll leave it out alright guys if you have any
questions or concerns comments please like and subscribe if you find this
information even remotely helpful please support the page help me help you I want
to make the entire game but I wanna make the state better guys thank you for
watching Oh any video topics please please please
leave them in the comments let me make everything better maybe help me give me
some tips tell me something I don’t know and again let’s grow Acer space I don’t


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