Last Shelter Survival Tips And Tricks – 500 diamonds per minute!

alright alright guys this is acer of
spades team t SC state 268 we are number one
I’m coming at you because if you’ll notice this is just one of my mini farms
and we can quickly go through the list in just a little bit um I have a decent
amount of RSS and I have 22 million dollars on it and I have 10,000 diamonds
and honestly this account has had well over twenty thirty thousand diamonds on
it and it’s based level 16 I never take my farms to base level 16 I did this
just for the farm video back when and if you haven’t seen a farm video guys on
exactly how to maximize your farming the perfect passive farm truly is the way
please look at the anecdote at the top right of the screen when that pops up
well yeah I’ll place it right here at this time but meanwhile that’s not what
this video is about guys I’m coming because a lot of folks are having a hard
time finding the diamonds and the resources to shield every King if you
click on your diamond section here at the top right you’ll notice if you hit
the buff section there’s a three day shield it costs two thousand five
hundred dollars every single weekend I take any farm that’s above level 13 and
I am more than capable of three days she lead shielding that farm I need you guys
to understand that there truly is no excuse for not being able to shield
during the kill all events every weekend and here’s exactly how the trick is Hero
day twice a week as you already know you can do that on Thursday every Thursday
because it’s default however we get this free optional day every single weekend
and the only option I choose on each and every one of my farms is here oh then
let me show you guys how first thing is first we are going to go into the event
section you’re gonna notice on here all day every single other hour you’re gonna
get this hero development option or opportunity for daily challenge in hero
development almost everything you can possibly do for your heroes gives you
points exchanging wisdom spending wisdom exp for Heroes unlocking the actual
skills and all your tickets will all pay well now if you’ll notice this timer is
at 25 and 23 so I want to go and show you just how fast this goes I’m only
gonna show you on 3 farms just really quickly guys so you can see just how
long it actually takes me to do this and what kind of results we’re getting and
why everyone needs to be doing this so that they maximize their RSS in their
farms basically you can call this the art of the purple chest the only thing
you’ll ever need on any of your farms is the purple chest and here’s exactly what
you do so on this I’ve gotten rid of all my heroes except for poor zombie killer
I don’t need to level it up I don’t need to do anything
I have several medals I click it a few times here we’re gonna go up to skill
set 7 and in doing so look at that we pop the chest we’re just about there
since we’re halfway there I’m going to go ahead and push that up just two more
times to see where I’m at and this is going to give you exactly where you need
to be boom boom and if we look at this we need to do just a little more and
that will be the magic of the purple chest this has literally taken me
seconds I’ve already gotten my purple chest
I even overshot it by 70 but that’s not a big deal we come back and do it again
now what I immediately do is I go to my account I go to my next account up
currently on a suspect cord into that I go ahead and select a suspect – on the
list as you can see there’s several accounts it will instantaneously load up
and when it does that as long as you have good connection you just go ahead
and start again you know what the daily challenge is
it’s the same on all of them look at that zombie exterminator popped up I’m
not gonna do anything to it I’m just literally going to do the same exact
thing over here I’m gonna get to level 7 and I’m gonna give that a couple clicks
and now that that’s on level 4 I go to my events tab and lo and behold I have
one here and I go back and it’s very simple all I
have to do now is this new thing is really messing me up but in the top left
that’s how you split the hero I move on to the next one now as you saw I didn’t
get my purple chest on a stirs pen too so I’m going to come back to it in just
a minute and everything will be just fine but we’re now we move on to a
suspect 3 now this one’s a little different and you’re gonna notice
immediately that it has many more heroes on it last I checked so I’m gonna go
ahead into one that I’ve already been using which happens to be a green hero I
love it enough to twelve to unlock its skills I’ll go ahead and pop it I’ll go
ahead and hit a couple of these I’ll take my progress and take a look at it
and look at that we’re almost there now because I have multiple heroes and you
can notice that I do this really quickly I don’t really take too much time and
and waste anything I might be able to pull it off with that either way I’m
gonna split the hero get my 500 medals back and we have a little more to go so
we go in soon I’ll go ahead and use zombie killer he’s
my favorite anyway I don’t have to unlock any skills he has two that I can
use and look at them just that quick this is all set I have another purple
chest at 660 I go back to Easter’s pet 2 and I finish it off as simple as this I like that load up and of course my
really really good friend has joined me once again I do nothing else but give
them a couple hits look at this we automatically have another purple chest
at the 670 mark as planned and I just did three different farms or purple
chests and literally four minutes you guys are here you’re watching it you’re
seeing it the video itself is about five minutes long because I have an intro
guys please do hero day on your farms on the weekend let’s look at what the
purple chest has given us is $500 alone along with all kinds of RSS all the way
through and speed ups that you really don’t even need at this point but
they’re there along with money and guys that’s that’s it I mean you can get five
hundred diamonds all day long on here all day in minutes on each farm so
people ask me how do you manage all these farms how do you juggle all guys
that’s the answer it only takes me minutes each hour at the top of the hour
I go right ahead I log in to my farms I hit the purple chest in literally under
a minute on each farm and then I collect my 500 diamonds you do that five times
in a day at any point and there goes your 2,500 diamonds please don’t say
that you can’t do it please don’t say that you can’t shield up it’s that
simple guys if this information was even
remotely helpful please like and subscribe and in the meantime you
already know who it is Acer Speights signing up

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