Lazy Bear Synthetic Blanket and Pillow! A lightweight packable camping blanket compilation!!
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Lazy Bear Synthetic Blanket and Pillow! A lightweight packable camping blanket compilation!!

Oh video message from Jesse.. He must be
stoked about something Matty!! you’ll never guess what I just got in the mail I got
the lazy bear pillow and blanket man this thing is comfy I’ve been looking
for something to add a little extra warmth on those cold Canadian nights you
know what I’m talking about and I think this will do just the thing anyways
can’t wait to try it out more I gotta keep moving forward I’ll see you out
there bro no way that is freakin sweet it’s kind of chilly outside that thing
would be freaking perfect right now another one holy crap mr. popular today
from John another video message Maddie you are not gonna believe this
I just got the lazy bear blanket from Big Blue Mountain and today I can’t I
mean this is crazy man it just got here I’ve been waiting for this thing for a
while oh now this is what I’m talking about man awesome so nice this is so
comfortable check this out they sent a pillow to oh man I’ll tell
you what enjoy your day buddy I’m gonna just kind
of lean back and relax and just enjoy the rest of my day John got one too no
freakin way better message those guys back right now you guys are not gonna
believe what I just got ladies and gents my name is Matt my
channels all about hiking and backpacking I’m into hammock camping I’m
Canadian I go to some pretty wicked places in the Rockies if any of that’s
an interesting to you guys at all please consider clicking that subscribe button
start this video today giving a shout out at a huge thanks to Big Blue
Mountain for providing the lazy bear pillow and the lazy bear blanket I’ll
put links down below to big blue mountain in the description box for you
guys if you guys want to check them out but huge thanks to them I gotta give any
huge thanks to my buddies Jesse over a backcountry forward and my buddy John
over a JK’s hiking for teaming up with me and getting together with me on this
compilation video thank you guys so much man I had an absolute blast working with
you guys after you guys are done watching my video please go check out
John and Jesse videos I’m gonna put links in the description box down below
to their videos on the blanket and pillow as well please go check those out
and don’t forget to subscribe to their channel so these guys put out some
fantastic content start note they do both come with sub stacks
they are roll top style stuff sacks stuff sacks are really nice they got the
nice lazy bear logo big Blue Mountain awesome but you guys know Maddie’s not
personally you found a stuff sack so let’s toss those let’s get into the
pillow first the lazy bear pillow 19 inches by 14 inches coming in at about
11 ounces or 320 grams I’ll say this is not gonna be a backpacking option for
myself it’s just it’s bigger and it’s heavier than something I’m gonna want to
carry in a backpacking ship but for a car camping option he’s absolutely
fantastic or if you’re like Maddie and you love curling up on your couch coming
back watching the game this thing is killer
this thing is super comfortable though the cotton exterior mixed with this
synthetic still makes for an extremely plush comfortable sleep the cotton
exterior super comfortable up against the face a car camping lounging pillow
this thing is absolutely fantastic I do wish it was lighter and would
compact a little bit more maybe like a smaller size I might consider taking our
backpacking trip but this pillow here just for a backpacking option it’s a
little too big for my personal taste but hey I do go car camping from time to
time and this thing is definitely gonna be a win in that regard
and of course the lazy bear blanket now when I first saw a lazy bear blanket my
very first thought was oh it’s a Costco down throw awesome when I started
looking more into it I realize it’s kind of a Costco down throw but better in a
lot of ways synthetic fill if you’ve got any kind of allergies to down products a
hypoallergenic synthetic fill option this thing is wicked 680 grams the specs
on this thing 74 inches by 50 inches with a 20d rip stop outer shell one
color option you’ve got the blue on one side gray on the other either as a
standalone option or paired with your sleeping system to add a little bit of
boost of insulation this thing is fantastic as a standalone option I think
this would be good down to about 40 to 50 degrees very comparable to the Costco
down throws but obviously a synthetic option I do think this is going to be a
fantastic supplemental layer to your winter system pairs it with your winter
sleeping bag for those extra cold nights a little bit extra warmth anybody in the
hammock community knows as soon as you start talking Costco down quilts you
know the DIY guy starts speaking up and that was my very first thought when this
showed up at my door my plan for this going forward is potentially converting
this into some sort of a top quilt i I do think having the ability to have a
foot box closed in would be a huge advantage and I I do plan on at some
point possibly busting up the sewing machine and trying to just sew a foot
box into this so you know possibly prepare you guys for some DIY videos and
Maddie busting out a sewing machine in the future if that interests you smash
that thumbs up like I said the pillow probably not
gonna be a backpacking option for me but you know for car camping it’s definitely
gonna get some use the blanket absolutely gonna get some used like I
said we’re gonna the you know possibly look at doing some conversions and to
make it this thing into a top quilt as I said at the start of this video huge
thanks to Big Blue Mountain for sending me this blanket and send his bike and
pillow to my buddies as well thank you to John and Jessie for making this whole
thing happen coming together with me the the compilation was a blast as I said
thank you guys I had a lot of fun that’s all I got on this one for today guys
so as always I’m Maddie thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you
guys on the next one the cotton exterior make something make something sick ahh
caught an exterior mix two fisted mixed with mixed holy Maddie can’t talk today


  • Backcountry Forward

    I was JUST thinking of the DIY options as I drove home today! I would love to see what you've got up your sleeve for footbox magic!
    I've got to admit, you've got me more than beat in the deets category! Great vid Matty! Can't wait to do more collabs in the future!

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