LeapFrog Explorer Game App Trailer – Roly Poly: Picnic
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LeapFrog Explorer Game App Trailer – Roly Poly: Picnic

Welcome to the world of the Roly Polys! Where
36 levels of motion based game play await. Visit the playground, garden, beach, or park!
These cute little critters need your spelling help to find food for their picnic. “J. Jam.”
Then it’s ready, set, roll! Your every move helps Roly Poly collect berries. Just tilt
and turn your LeapPad to keep rolling along. Avoid obstacles that slow down your Roly Poly,
or send it off course. Follow the flags to identify letter sounds and sight words “any”
or practice spelling, “H-O-P” to earn food for the feast. “Hop.” Then join a party full
of Roly Poly friends, who are hungry for fun! Roly Poly Picnic! One of the many great downloadable
games in the LeapFrog Learning App Library!


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