Learn and Work at Galvanize Fort Collins – Old Town
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Learn and Work at Galvanize Fort Collins – Old Town

If you want to ground and expand your capacity
to be the best entrepreneur you can be, then I would say give Galvanize a shot. The people make this an amazing place. We’re not just working next to each other
here, and I think that makes it really different. There’s something so magical when you see
two community members who didn’t know each other before, had no idea what their businesses
where they were working on, sit down, get to know each other, and connect in an incredibly
meaningful way. Just the energy that is being cultivated here.
Me working with other companies and collaborating has been helpful for my company. Here in the Fort Collins campus, we are running
our full stack developer program. This is a 24-week program that takes a individual
from maybe never having even written a line of code before all the way to becoming a junior
programmer in just 6 months. We work with companies to understand what their current
needs are for their development team and work hard to train our students with the knowledge
and skill sets that they need to go to work in companies right here in Fort Collins. I would say the Galvanize full stack program
has been very challenging for me, but also incredibly rewarding Galvanize is at a great location on Lyndon
Street. Lyndon Street just seems to be expanding, seems to be booming right now and it’s in
the heart of downtown. It’s got all the interesting people who are doing interesting things in
the world. It’s great to be in this little nexus of creativity. Yeah, I spend a lot of time here in Old Town
at the Artery, Port Brother. A lot of great places around here and it’s really nice to
be so close to them. I’ve had people come up to me and say, “Being
a part of this place has changed my life, has changed my outlook, has changed my ability
to believe in myself and my ability to accomplish what I thought I couldn’t.” How lucky am I
to be a part of something that’s changing so many lives every single day? It’s such
a gift. Everyone in the building is so open to helping
and giving their advice and critiquing, just helping us grow. It’s such a warm, welcome
and willing community. We’re all here to do the same thing and that’s to build this startup
culture, to build all these other entrepreneur and make Fort Collins even better than it
is right now. We all genuinely care about one another’s
successes and failures. We want to celebrate and cheer one another along and we want to
hug over headaches. Well, I came here to start a new life and
ended up finding a family in the process.

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