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hey everyone David C Anderson here
coming at you from the KnifeCenter and today we’re looking at the Leatherman
Signal survival multi-tool let’s check it out lots of people have carried a
Leatherman while camping I myself have kept a Wave on hand for
many years when I head out but never has Leatherman made a tool that’s so suited
for these pursuits as their Signal series to give you an idea of size the
signal is longer than the wave but it’s also thinner and it even weighs almost a
full ounce lasts only seven point four ounces of course the tool is still
centered around a pair of combination pliers that fold out of the handles this
combines a standard plier grip as well as needlenose functionality and we also
get a set of replaceable 154CM wire cutters these can come in handy from
everything to repairing gear to making snares or traps the thing that really
makes the signal great for campers and hikers though are the hidden survival
items that can be popped out of the handles the first is a combination
whistle and fire starter now the whistle is an essential piece of survival gear
that can be used for signaling especially important if you’re lost and
trying to be found the firestarter portion consists of an embedded
ferrocerium rod or firesteel that’ll throw sparks now these aren’t as easy to
use as a lighter or matches but they will work in just about any conditions
including when windy or wet in addition to keeping you warm a fire can help cook
your food and it can also provide a nice signaling method again if you’re lost in
a survival situation that can be essential and it’s those two
functionalities embedded into this tool that give the Leatherman signal its name
these are two great pieces of kit that you should be carrying anyway but it’s
nice to have another backup set just in case on the opposite side is a small
diamond coated sharpener it’s great for touching up the edges on your knife
blades or even a machete or hatchet if that’s part of your kit speaking of
edges the signal comes with a utilitarian knife blade that’s
accessible from the outside of the tool you don’t have to fold out the handles
which are available in several different colors to get to the blade it has a
small cutout for one-handed opening and a liner lock to hold it securely when
you’re cutting the steel is 420HC and it features a
partially serrated edge it’s useful for things like rope or cordage but less so
for whittling but not impossible but the spine of the knife is chamfered which
is useful for when you need to put pressure on the spine with your thumb I
think the handle is also more comfortable than the aforementioned Wave
also when you’re using the knife at least in my hands on the opposite handle
also accessible from the outside and backed up by a liner lock is an
effective saw it cuts pretty aggressively given its short length this
is great for making clean cuts on smaller diameter branches helpful for
anything from trap making to more common uses like preparing a tent stake the
spine of the saw blade also comes in useful as it’s crisp enough to strike
the fire steel meaning you don’t need to carry a separate striker to use the
included unit inside the signal we have a toolset that’s been pared down to only
the most useful stuff for the outdoorsman we get a sharpened awl which
is useful of course for putting holes in leather or for sewing and repair of
heavier materials like your pack or a belt there’s also a can opener for
getting into the food you’ve brought along and their excellent bit driver
it comes with a two-sided bit with flathead and Phillips ends and it’s
reversible to access either one but other bits are available for purchase
separately so that you can tailor your bits to the gear you take with you all
of these inner tools share a spring-loaded lock on the backside to
keep them secure closing the tool back up we come to the final feature and it’s
tailor-made for campers but it has applications back in the real world as
well and that’s this integrated hammer this is great for driving in tent stakes
or cracking open a nut among many other things we also see a quarter inch bit
driver a 3/16 inch box wrench and a bottle opener with an integrated
carabiner gate which allows you to attach the signal to your pack there’s
even a small lock that’ll prevent the tool from opening while you’re moving
around if you’d rather not carry it on the outside of your pack there is a clip
on the side for pocket carry as well as a very high quality nylon belt sheath
with a snap closure that rides vertically on your belt as I’m sure you
can see by now the Leatherman Signal is a fantastic tool and it should be at the
top of your list if you’re shopping for a multi-tool to take on a camping hiking
or fishing trip throw one in your pack on your belt
or in the glove box of your car so you can always have the survival essentials
that offers wherever you go to get your hands on one click the link in the
description below to head over to

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