Leaving Your Kids at Home When Going on Vacation – Part 1
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Leaving Your Kids at Home When Going on Vacation – Part 1

One mom recently sparked a debate for
asking this question on mumsnet.com. She said, quote, am I a bad mom because
I wanna leave my toddler behind while my husband and
two older children go on vacation? The mother is planning
to go to a water park. And she said, in this case, they’d all be
able to go on the rides without someone having to stay behind with the baby. So is this mom being selfish,
or is she being sensible? I wanna ask the mom.>>Sensible.
>>Yeah.>>You guys, did you just yell sensible?>>Yes.
>>Well, and that’s the thing about moms,
you have to do you. But I know for me, for me,
I could not leave one of my children home.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>It’s just who I am, but I’m not gonna judge anybody else who does.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Mainly because for me, I love our family unit. My son loves being with Uriah and
vice versa. And when I travel,
I want to experience that with everybody. I never wanna leave a child out.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Cuz you never know what they might think if they
see pictures in the future. But not only that,
maybe this is a morbid thought, but what if something happens to all
of us on this family trip, and then you’re just left with, [CROSSTALK]
>>You’re the sole survivor, that’s what that is. [LAUGH] [CROSSTALK]
>>But you’re not the only one
that thinks that way. Yes, it is a morbid thought to think,
but there are a lot of families that, either they feel like you, where you’d
prefer to all be on the flight together, and there are other families that
always take two separate flights so that everybody doesn’t die.>>You know what, in this case, though-.
>>[CROSSTALK] It sounds crazy.>>In this story, though, the mother left the little
one with her mother. So I looked at it as, maybe a lot of
people don’t have a lot of people to watch their kids or to help them. So I looked at it as that was a moment
that the mother could bond with the little one, and then the mother and
dad could bond with the other two.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>The grandmother.>>Yeah, the grandmother. But I also think when you
go on trips like, now, I’ve been noticing,
when we go on trips, Tam takes me.>>Yes, it’s good.>>We rotate.>>Yeah
>>We have so many people with us.>>That’s [INAUDIBLE] Disney World.
>>I put her right on my lap. We were riding all small world.>>Yeah?
>>[APPLAUSE]>>How old is Uriah in that picture?>>Less than one.>>Yeah she wasn’t one yet.>>And she got a fever.>>Did she enjoy it?>>She didn’t know. She was less than one.>>You guys, Disney World is
something completely different. I think she really enjoyed the music. And she enjoyed the lights. You know, when you go to the parade?>>You sound so much like my sister.>>I know. [LAUGH]>>Tam,
my sister’s the same.>>I agree with you Tam. When I was younger,
my parents loved travelling. And so we would go to Knotsberry Farm,
or even to Disneyland, and I was too young to really speak or
show that I liked anything.>>Yeah.
>>But I know that I had a really good childhood, and I loved the
feeling that my parents had when you just bring them through those experiences. I may not be able to verbalize as
a toddler to say that was a dope ride or that corn dog was real bomb. You’re not going to say that,
but you remember. Just like when you read to your
kid when they’re in your womb. You read to them. You play music. You love on them. That emanates. That comes through, an energy. I really do believe that.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>When you talk about, my age is, though. Ages are important. Now like, yeah you know, but
she knew we was with here. We wasn’t gonna leave her. But now she’s getting a little bit older,
>>And you need more people, because we went to Monster Truck.>>Yeah.
[LAUGH]>>And that was like an experience for me. So I had to put her on
top of my shoulders.>>It’s a lot of work.>>It’s a lot of work.>>It is a lot of work.>>I would say,
just invite a lot of people with you, and then y’all can rotate. And then that way y’all
all can stay together. That’s how I see it.>>My only thing is, I’m not a parent, but I wouldn’t think there’s anything wrong
with it, if it’s not age-appropriate. Does that make sense?>>Yeah.
>>Like you also have to understand that there are gonna be activities that you
can’t do, cuz that’s a life lesson. We’re all gonna be getting on rides. You ain’t going to inconvenience
all of us because you’re a baby.>>That’s what’s hard about parenting.>>You wanna how I think?>>What?
>>I am aware, but hey.


  • A Girl And Her Dragons

    I wouldn't find if I we left my brother at grandma's house if he was like 5 years younger but we are the same age so it doesn't matter.

  • Clair3 Kee

    Parents need to spend one on one time with each kid sometimes. So I think one on one vacations are fine sometimes. Maybe trade off every few years.

  • Nissi Bokungu

    I don't think is bad because i got told that when i was 3 my family and i went to an amusement park and i was the youngest and smallest. So seeing my older brother and cousins go on big rides where i couldn't go made me sad especially when they came back laughing and talking about it. So try and explain to a toodler that they are too small to go on rides. So i got told that at the end i was just going on my tip toes so i was tall enough lol

  • Keita Foxy

    No. It’s a family vacation. If you’re going alone or just with your spouse then fair enough. But the whole family and leaving out the baby?

  • Hey There

    Tamara you idiot they arn't talking about travelling for a long time. Talking about a day trip to a water park. I saw the article at the time.

  • Joana Escobar

    I don’t think it would be bad to leave a toddler behind. It’s just them going to a water park it’s not like they’re going to Hawaii. Water parks are already chaotic plus a toddler that is fussy or gets tired or needs food or can’t get on rides it would be easier on the family to leave the toddler behind and it’s only most likely one day maybe two.

  • Sophie Loves Sunsets

    I really think it depends on the vacation. I'm the youngest of six kids and when I was growing up we always went camping and that's not really suitable for babies when you need to sterilise their bottles and have space for their stroller, crib and toys. So my parents used to leave me with my grandmother when I was a baby until I started going camping when I was 3 years old. I've seen photos of my family having a good ol' time while I was alone with Grandmama lol. But it doesn't bother me because I was too young to remember it. I do see what Tamera means though. I'm not a parent myself but if I was I would be wary about leaving a baby to go on an overseas trip, it is a morbid thought, but it doesn't bare thinking about how awful it would be for that baby if something happened to the whole family. Also what if you were overseas and the baby got sick. There's a lot to consider.

  • Lourdes Cotero


  • A New Love Official

    It really depends on the situation, it's not all the time that you can bring all your family members but as much as possible you should all be together because a time spent with the family is very important for children growing up.

  • Jocelyn C.

    Idk about this 🤔 I only have a 3 year old son but if I had another baby idk if I could leave him behind and go on a fam vacation bcus it wouldn’t be complete 😵 we are actually taking my 3 year old to Disney for 3 days on his birthday and some say he’s to young to have fun and why are we wasting money but he remembers when we took him last year for Halloween and he always asks to go back so we’re excited

  • Dominique Taliaferro

    My little brother he's 7 and he has Autism and sometimes my step mom, step sister and I always go to places without him. Only because he can't handle lots of noise and crowds of people

  • Ashley Ramirez

    Personally me, I would like to take my baby to a water park, it’s so amazing to see little kids enjoy whatever it is.

  • Elizabeth Teyuco

    I honestly think there's nothing wrong ! Mommys need breaks too. I left my baby girl w my mom two times already once I went a whole entire week to lake Tahoe. The second was a weekend for my birthday we went to last Vegas. Both times I didn't take her because there was honestly nothing for her to do .

  • Scarlett Star

    If you can leave the toddler at home with a trusted adult then do it. This is a perfect chance to bond with the older children. I dont see the problem.

  • Morgan Torrenti

    I think once they’re old enough to understand that everyone is going on vacation then I would take them. But when my brother was a couple months old, we left him with my grandma when we went to Florida and it didn’t really affect him. It would’ve been a lot harder if we had taken him

  • Melody Pagan

    Water parks are dangerous. I wouldn’t take my baby with my 10 year old son. Call me a bad mom but I think it’s responsible. Or, I’d take a friend or in law to help with baby

  • Senai Acosta

    If u have a age gap like mine (6yrs). Its not fair to the older sibling that wants mom and dads time. I dont think there is anything wrong with leaving a baby or young toddler with grandparents. My parents will gladly take my son places so he can enjoy his day too. Now however, i would not leave for more than 1 day. I would just not feel right.

  • .

    they’re kinda overdramatic. i agree w Adrienne. there’s nothing wrong w leaving the baby w someone. it’s normal & lots of ppl do it. when i was ab 6 my family & i went to disney & my little brother was a few months old, now he’s 10 & doesn’t remember a thing. in fact, if we told him he wasn’t born yet he’d probably believe us. if the child is too young to even remember it or care then it’s rlly not that deep. not everything has to be ab the baby. you can’t forget that you have older kids that wanna do older kid things & when you have a baby they need A LOT of attention, so the older kids don’t get very much on a regular basis compared to the baby. so a trip w them for a couple days is good to focus on them. it’s needed to have a healthy family unit i think.

  • Sarah Shafer

    And it's also a thought of being able to also give your older children one on one attention from the parents, which isn't a bad thing

  • XNiniRSCPX

    I have to agree with Adrienne because parks like Disney World/Disneyland have tickets that cost money! Now, you can bring your baby for free because they can’t do anything but, that Chaperone for the baby still has to buy a ticket. I’m not spending hundreds of dollars and can’t experience anything along with the rest of the family because the baby can get on the ride. I would be more accepting of it if the child was of age to ride anything. Then, that’ll be an opportunity to part ways and have each parent or guardian bond with each child. But to have a 1 year old come with the family to something like that and have someone sit out is a waste when you can sit at home and bond away.

  • jessica mcwilliams

    from the situation they talked about at the start the parents took the older kids to a water park and left the toddler at grandmas that makes sense to me. With a toddler at a water park you cant take yours eyes off of them and depending the age of the older kids you need to be near them too.

  • carmonkey

    im like tamara, i wouldn't want to leave my kid just because i'm like that. but i TOTALLY understand having to watch your kid or taking them somewhere they won't enjoy at all. spending a day with her grandmother can be just as fun.

  • Mary Keo

    To me she is being sensible. If I was a mom I would leave my kids home with a baby sister. I wouldn’t take my kids with me.😘😍❤️😀😍😘

  • Mckay Fam

    Well tam,your kids are very close in age. This womans kids seem to be different age ranges. Situation is different. I have a 1yr old and a 7 year old. I couldnt enjoy disneyland with my 8 year old because my 1 yr old was WORK! Luckily my husband was able to get on the rides with my 8 year old. I spend most of the time in all of disney lands restrooms. Changing diapers and outfits 😣

  • Kevin Ortega-Rojas

    Tameras kids are very close in age though, the story is about two older kids and a toddler. Im sure the parents would like to be engaged in the activities with their two kids rather than have to hang back and watch the baby.

  • taiyona tiare

    First of all Tams kids are close in age. Its not like other families who have teens/preteens/6-10 yr olds and then a 10 month old baby. If the kid cant ride the rides or do the activities why take them and ruin the day for everyone else? Theyre babies. They wont remember the time the whole family went to the water park when they were 1 yr old. And i dont think its that serious that the kids will be hurt if they saw a picture of a family vacation where they werent there. I think tamera was being a little too serious about it.

  • Kimberly Denise

    That mom is selfish. It’s a water park not Vegas. That trip should solely be for the kids. I’m pretty sure they at least have a kids pool for that toddler

  • Leticia Ruelas

    I have 2 kids a 7 yrs old n 4 year and too this point we still havent gone to disney or universal i want them to experience it get excited and remember.. We do other things but not big trips..

  • Kadence : D

    Naw, to each their own but I was left home with my nana out of vacations when I was little and I don’t even remember🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  • Maddie Johnson

    I always think about that. What if my family goes somewhere and I don’t go and they all die.. that’s crazy. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks about that.

  • Maddie Johnson

    I don’t think you have to take your youngest baby if you want to be able to enjoy fun things with your older kids.. a baby won’t be able to remember anything so why waste the money.

  • Brianna Johnson

    Personally, I wouldn't travel until my children are old enough to enjoy it. Like 4 years old and it would be Disney. That's as a family. My husband and I would go out of town as a couple without the kids but personally, I couldn't leave my baby behind and take the other kids.

  • Olivia Nelson

    It’s really great to see little ones who may not remember later, but truly believe in the magic they’re seeing. There are videos and pictures from when me or my brother were too young to remember the events, but the pictures and stories are still great to hear. My brother will never live down his two year old self telling Cinderella that he loved her, or me being scared to go up to Captain Hook because I believed the movie was real.

  • Handygirl

    I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with leaving a child no matter the age at home with grandma so the parents can enjoy themselves once in a while. however, if you feel the need to leave them every other month because they “inconvenience” your fun then you have a problem and shouldn’t have kids if they bother you that much that you feel the need to leave them all the time and can’t include them in your little vacations 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Tiyetta Daughter of a King

    You're not being a bad mother if you leave a younger child behind. I love being a mother I've raised four kids but it's hard work to have a baby in a theme park that can't get on anything. Its hot sometimes lines are long, so I would if I could leave the child with the grandmother or someone I trust if possible if not I would just bring multiple people with me and I have did this so I can have fun and the baby can be happy too. I think sometimes people judge parents too hard where Humans 2 and you can have it all if you have the right crew with you if you have the right support system

  • Erica Whitlock

    This is why my mom had a rule that she didn't take us to any theme parks till we were old enough to enjoy it and not be in strollers and could all ride the rides

  • Stacey Stokes

    I'm with Adrienne on this….I wanna ride all the rides without sitting out cause you too small or too young

  • Kavania Wilson

    I get it. To an amusememt it is hard with toddlers. They require lots of attention and depending on the age the toddler may or may not be tall enough for rides

  • kayla marie santos

    I don't think she did anything wrong. Especially because they were not all babies. One was a baby and the other kids were older. Not having the baby with them would allow them to do more things older kids would want to do.

  • Yasmin Medina

    My husband s baby mama, she took her 7 year old to a Disney cruise and left my husband s 2 year old with the grandmother. But, the mom doesn't it all of the time. I can understand that you want to spend time with that one siblings but, the mom doesn't want to take her 2 year old nowhere together with her two girls. She also gives her oldest more attention to her oldest daughter than my husband's daughter.

  • Ixchel Gil

    I don't disagree with any of their points. I'm a mom of 2 young boys (1 & 4yrs) so I know how exhausting and hectic it is to go ANYWHERE with little ones. The smaller the child, the more exhausting lol
    I wouldn't mind leaving my toddler with my mom while my hubby,older son and I go to a waterpark. Yet, I am the type of mom who needs to check on my child throughout the day so my mom would be getting phone calls lol
    Yet, I also agree with Tam, I want all my kids to experience things together as a family as well!
    I think it all comes down to circumstance and whether or not it would be too hectic to bring a baby to whatever place.
    But for sure I couldn't go on a vacation where I would be gone for days and leave my child behind. No way.
    Now, when it comes to my actual personal situation, neither of us has many family members we trust who would take care of our children so we are pretty much used to going everywhere as a family and we've gotten pretty good at handling all types of situations anywhere lol

  • Nancy Andrade

    My parents took me to Disneyland when I was 3 bihhhhhhhhhh nobody remember that 😂😂😂😂😂 because I know I don’t

  • S CP

    Lol wait so because someone could die it’s best we all die together?! That’s even more reason to leave they little asses at home!!!

  • S CP

    Shut up Jeannie I’m sorry you trippin you ain’t gone remember every MF thing it’s just not that damn deep

  • Shonque Sanders

    A is the only one speaking realistically because a baby don’t know and won’t remember. It’s all about the parent feeling guilty which you shouldn’t. There are some places that are age appropriate and some are not. Don’t be that annoying parent bringing a small baby to places they shouldn’t be and people have to listen to them screaming or crying🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Girl Gaming

    If you left me at home when I was 1 while my brother and my parents go on vacation I wouldn't be mad now. Only because I wouldn't even remember it if I did go anyways!

  • Liliana Gonzalez

    Who knows how long it has been since this family has had a family vacation. It's okay the toddler is not going to remember.

  • Akia W

    Tamara you rather all your family dies 😂😂. Nah. My baby will stay home so we can enjoy the vacation 😂😂. If you can’t get on a roller coaster , then you aren’t coming 💁🏾‍♀️.


    Tamara said it right, despite her children’s ages, I would feel kinda guilty tbh if I didn’t bring one of my children while the rest could

  • Katrina Kerr

    When I was little my parents and my three older siblings went on a cruise without me and I stayed at my grandmas and I thought that it was a better vacation then going on a cruise and now I don’t regret that my parents made me stay at my grandmas house because I had a lot of fun.

  • Jen_ _A_Purr420

    Lol Adrienne just hush 🤫 God I can’t wait for her to actually have a child lol 😂 She’s not gonna be having sex everyday and every night and damn sure won’t be leaving her child behind bc the party doesn’t wanna be obligated to take a baby along. And I’ll definitely agree that Tamera does use Loni a bit. To watch kids.

  • Kim Shanique

    it called w break, all moms need them but it's up to the mom. my mama took millions of breaks. I'm the oldest girl n I was like, " ur at Walmart shopping n I gotta cook them lil bastards dinner, hell I need a break"

  • Dr Dermix Girl

    For me it would depend on who you’re leaving the baby with. If it’s with nana, I would do it. Baby gets loved on and the rest of the family gets to fully enjoy the trip. Best option is to bring grandma along to be on baby duty.

  • Kamehameha_boomboom

    I think when you have kids who aren’t close in age there can be different types of trips. Like taking the whole family to a theme park has a different feel then just taking the teenagers or just going with your spouse. The only thing I would feel weird about is if we were going out of state for a multi day vacation, it would feel weird just leaving the littles and taking the older kids.

  • Mbali

    You can take a toddler, but an infant no ma’am. They won’t even know what’s happening, they will just hinder you from enjoying the trip because they need so much care I’m sorry 😂😂

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