Lego – Camping FULL VERSION (8)
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Lego – Camping FULL VERSION (8)

(Crickets chirping) Woah. Did you guys hear that? (snoring) Maybe it was just my imagina- Woah… Oh no… (bang x4) (zap) (punch) (punch) (chop) (swish) (swish) (swish) Im fine. (zap) Ow! (Explosion) Who’s that? Where are we?


  • ClubAmador2012

    (THIS IS UNOFFICAL) Lego: Camping FULL VERSION/Pt8 will be the last episode of S1 and will be the beginning of S2. It is unoffical if it will end from 1-8 in S1 or all the episodes will be S1 altogether.

    Next episode: Lego – Search & Rescue Pt1 (9)

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