LEGO WORLD (62) – Das Eckhaus [7]
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LEGO WORLD (62) – Das Eckhaus [7]

Part 65 The Corner Building [7] Hello friends of the colourful bricks. Finally, the time has come. After 6 episodes and 3 floors, we will put a roof onto our Corner Building. Let´s get the last construction phase started. Ground Floor 1142 Bricks First Floor 1076 Bricks Second Floor 1242 Bricks Roof 720 Bricks The wheel has come full circle… or should I say we have closed the gap between the buildings? And now you can see the purpose of the lateral knobs. I hope you had as much fun watching as I had fun building this MOC. If you want to, we will meet again at the next episode. We will expand the Camping Area with a playground. Have a good time and Stay Creative.


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