LEGO WORLD (63) – Der Campingplatz [3]
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LEGO WORLD (63) – Der Campingplatz [3]

2 hours earlier Part 63 The Camping Area [3] Hello friends of the colourful bricks. Welcome back at the foot of the Brick Mountain. In the today´s video we will expande the Camping Area, build a fence next to the tracks and design a Playground That looks very good. The Camping Area get it’s final look slowly but there some more things will arise in the future In the next episode we will go back in the underground and continue the work at the Underground Station. And don’t forget: Till October the 31st you can send me your drafts for the advertising posters in the Underground Station. All the information and terms you can find on Instagram and in the Community Area on this channel (check out the English article) Be a Part of my LEGO World!!! Have a good time and Stay Creative.


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