Leighton’s German Vacation
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Leighton’s German Vacation

(Music) (More Music) Do you want to travel to Germany? 100% you do. You haven’t lived until you have traveled to Germany Germany is a beautiful land, because the trees are green because the rivers are blue. Germany is a perfect vacation spot. At Salmon Studios we documented an American in Germany. Enjoy the documentary. So here we are with our winner of our German vacation contest, are you ready for the trip? Oh I am so ready for this. Thanks for all of it. Of course, what are you most excited to see? I cannot wait to see the Brandenburg Gate, I’ve always wanted to see it, ever since I’ve been a young boy Well, you’ll be able to see it all you want once we get there, see you after the flight Oh, well see you later. *psst* *psst* Aye kid where ya off ta? I’m goin to Germany for the weekend. Oh, I’m off to Oktoberfest for the weekend, I started going nearly every year now it is such a hoot! Seems, uhh, interesting Yeah man, There gon be so much partyn’ I can barely hold my horses That’s neat, have a nice trip Well you have a grand time too pardner’ Good morning Germany! Mother, look he is a dumb American I understand little German, you are an apple *monkey imitations* No, you really are a dumb American An apple is not a monkey Where can I find a concierge You can find a concierge behind the bag collection Thanks Hello! Are you a concierge Yeah, I am the best concierge Do you know good restaurants? Yeah, Kin Dee and Markthalle Neun is in Berlin and Kaiserbad is in Leipzig Later I am going to Berlin What can I see in Berlin You can see the Berlin Wall and the Brandenburg Gate Wow, that is cool Do you need more? No thanks You’re welcome, have a nice day Wow, that is big! Lots of history Mmm, that food tastes really good Germany is so cool, I love it here so much, I can’t wait to come back Did you like to travel to Germany Yeah, in Germany I had lots of fun Did you see the Brandenburg Gate? Yeah, the Brandenburg Gate was my favorite part I am happy you liked your vacation Thanks No, thank you, have a good weekend my friend You too *Music* *More music*


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