Life on the Road: Crazy Family Adventure Episode 11
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Life on the Road: Crazy Family Adventure Episode 11

– Alright, we are now in Bend, Oregon. And did I say that right, Oregon? Oregon. – Oregon.
– Oregon. We’ve been on the road full
time for the last four years. We’re taking a five month
road trip up the West Coast. – Traveling with our four kids means four times the adventures. – [Group] This is Life on the Road. – Okay, I keep getting corrected. So at this campground, its really cool because they actually
have a river right there that you can put your tubes in and you can just float down the river. And then you get out and
you walk about 50 yards and you get right back in the same spot and you just keep doing
that over and over again. So, we had lots of fun
doing that with tubes and with the paddleboard and
the kids just had a blast, just running and jumping into the river. And just really enjoying
spending time in the water. It was like 100 degrees, not humid though. Which makes a big difference. Everyone used to tell us
that we didn’t understand, but now we do. 100 degrees and not humid is not that bad. So we had a lot of fun doing that. A lot of fun hanging out with
my sister and her family. And also getting in the
pool at the campground. Just really did some
relaxing and hanging out and enjoying Bend. – So we did take a day trip up to the Newberry Volcanic National Monument, which is this obsidian
flow from way back when. Some volcanoes erupted and
left a bunch of obsidian there. Obsidian. And it looked like a scene
out of Lord of the Rings. It was like, jagged, and
it was dark and gloomy. So it was a really cool experience to kinda hike through that. I liked it. – It was, it was really cool. And always fun with the
kids to take them places where they can learn a
lot and see all this stuff and touch it and feel it and everything. And so it was pretty cool. Alright, Malia, where are we at? – Were at the Newberry
National Volcanic Monument. – Alright, we’re gonna go check this out. They have a cool lake
here, some volcanoes, some obsidian flow or something. We’re going to go to the visitors center and find out what we’re
going to do while we’re here. – Yes, I get to carry the
doll the rest of the way. Malia brought it up but
I’m bringing it down. Yes, so the obsidian is very, very cool. And when we were up there,
a ranger was up there at the very top and he
explained to us that all around us is tree line,
you can kinda see around us, that all that tree line
that goes around us, is actually a big circle
where the volcano was like right in it, so we’re basically
standing in the volcano. So, pretty cool. Said this used to be like Crater
Lake until all these flows came through and split it into two lakes. So now we’re gonna go check out the lake. Next, we headed up to Paulina Lake where we were able to
get out the paddleboards and just kind of sit on the beach and play in the water for a while. I really loved about Bend,
was that it was inland, but there was lots of water and different activities that we could do and I don’t know about you
guys, but with our kids, they love anytime they can
get in the water and swim. So, it worked out really good. There they go, Cannon’s bringing the paddleboard out to the lake. Alright, here we go. We’re getting the paddleboard ready to go. We’ve got the kayak. We’ve got some questionable
weather coming up over here, so we’re not sure what’s going on there. We haven’t seen rain in
a while, but we’ll see. – After wrapping up at the lake, we took a short drive
over to Paulina Falls, which is a really cool little
waterfall close to that lake. And, we kinda hiked up
the path a little bit, checked out the waterfall,
and took in the scenery. – You can’t beat a waterfall. I don’t know what took
us so long to do this, but we finally learned
about the Deschutes River tubing that you can do when
you are in downtown Bend. And this is actually a man-made
tubing area with rapids that they put into place. So, it is so cool. I don’t know why we waited so long. But what you do is, you
get into downtown Bend and then you can walk
somewhere to rent tubes. You can bring your own
or walk to rent tubes. And then you put them in at the top of it and you just float down the rapid and then you can get out and walk back up and you can do it again. It was really cool. Or you can also take a
bus and they drop you off a mile or two away and you
can float down the river for a couple miles, and then, end basically at where the rapids are. So, I don’t know why we
took so long to get here. If we would have known it was there, we probably would have
done it a few times. Brought my parents and
my sisters family there. And just did the whole float but this time we just did the rapids. – Yeah, and a word of
advice is we’d recommend buying some cheap floaties at Wal-Mart or something like that. Renting them was a little expensive and kind of a run-around
to figure out where to go and where to get them. – For sure, so before
you get to the Bend area, buy your tubes at a Wal-Mart,
save yourself some money. And go enjoy. So, that’s a wrap on
the tubing down in Bend. It was very cool. So, we just did the run a few times and then took our tubes back
where we rented them from. And now we’re going to the brewery. – I really loved Bend and I
will definitely be back there. It was one of my favorite
cities that we’ve visited. But next, we’re going to head up to the Columbia River Gorge area and check out a bunch of waterfalls
in that beautiful area. There’s just a lot of wilderness and beautiful waterfalls to be seen. So, we’re going to go check that out. Make sure you stick with
us so you can see it too. – See you next time.

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