Life on the Road: Crazy Family Adventure Episode 2
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Life on the Road: Crazy Family Adventure Episode 2

– And this episode we’re
gonna take you to Disneyland, Los Angeles, and Morro Bay. Come check it out. We’ve been on the road full
time, for the last four years. We’re taking a five month
road trip up the west coast. – [Father] Traveling with our four kids means four times the adventure. – [Unison] This is life on the road! – We are kicking off
our west coast road trip with a stop at. – Disneyland! – Yay. – Happiest place on Earth. – It is, so we’re gonna kick
it off with a stop there first so we actually got a
campground that is just like two miles from the entrance to Disneyland. Pretty sweet. So we pull in there, we park there, we end up finding out
that you can actually watch the fireworks they do
every night at Disneyland from the campground. Score. And then they have a
bus that you can take, like a public transportation thing, but it ended up being that
the public transportation would cost us just as
much with the six of us as just driving and parking. – [Father] That’s right. And we had to be on their schedule. – Which doesn’t work well for us, no, no. So instead, we did hear that
you could walk the two miles, but they said it was a little
bit of a stretch to do it at the end of the day, you
probably don’t want to. So we instead just drove the van. It took as eight minutes to get there, and parked, and headed on to Disneyland to enjoy the day checking
out both Disneyland and California Adventure. We went the cheap route. One day, one ticket each,
the park hopper, two parks. – We hit it hard. – We did. Alright, we made it to
Disney California Adventure. Cannon, show us on there,
where do you want to go? Cannon’s got it all picked out. – To there, and there, and there. – Alright, Carson wants
Guardian of the Galaxy first. We’ll see. It’s pretty busy. Getting ready to go on
the Grizzly River Run, you guys ready for this? – Yeah. – You ready? Cannon, you ready?
– I’m ready. – Here we go. – So when we made our stop in Los Angeles, we opted to stay actually
in Acton, California, because the Los Angeles RV parks were like 70 dollars a night,
that’s a lot of our budget when we do this full time. So we stayed about a hour away, and we made our way all around LA. We did some stuff in
Los Angeles, in Malibu, in Beverley Hills, in
Pasadena, is that everything? Venice beach, yeah we
were all over the place. – Oh, Venice beach. – Venice beach, that was a fun one. So come see all the fun
stuff we did in Los Angeles and how much fun it was
just to get in the city and drive around and see what
all the craziness is about in LA. – So that is a wrap on
our day in the LA area. We did the Hollywood sign,
which was lots of fun. It was awesome to hike up there. Now we are in the downtown area here. The kids found some squishes, and we did the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so that was cool, and hey you. Always fun to just come down and see what the whole vibe is here, and it’s pretty cool. – [Mother] What’d you get buddy? – Got the dinosaurs. – [Mother] Cool, does
it show you up there? – Yeah, I’m super happy
that it came with this one. – [Mother] What’s that one? – Spinosaurus. – [Mother] Which one is it? – The Spinosaurus, spinosaurus. – [Mother] Awesome, cool. We are sitting here at Venice beach, or we’re not, we’re in
between Venice beach and Santa Monica Pier. Just having some lunch in the
van before we go out there to hit the boardwalk there
with the skateboards, so we’ll see how that goes. – Our next stop is Morro
Bay where we checked out some pretty cool surfing
at Morro Bay Rock. Some sea otters, splashing
about in the bay, and we stayed at a really cool state park right at Morro Bay, which was awesome. – [Mother] Yeah it was. It was fun after leaving
the craziness of LA to get into the more quiet
state park area of Morro Bay. So come see what we did there. – Alright, we’re on the
second leg of the hike up to the top. That was pretty cool, but
we are not in the best of shape right now. Who do you have back there? So awesome, it was worth it. An awesome place to have a picnic. We got Megan and Jake over here. We got the picnic up there, and on this side we got the sand dunes. Oh yeah, there you go. Oh yeah, good times. – Well that’s the end of SoCal. Next we head up to Kings Canyon, Sequoia, and Yosemite National Park.


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