Life on the Road: Crazy Family Adventure Episode 4
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Life on the Road: Crazy Family Adventure Episode 4

– All right, here we are
Yosemite National Park. Yeah! – Drum roll please! – Yes! We are super excited to
explore this national park. We have been to a lot of national parks, and we know Yosemite is up there as one of the most epic ones. So, we cannot wait to get in, and just see what the park is all about. – Epic being the word. – Let’s do this! – [Bryanna] We’ve been
on the road full time for the last four years. We’re taking a five month
road trip up the west coast. – [Craig] Traveling with our four kids means four times the adventure. – [All] This is life on the road! ♪ Darling, you send me, ♪ ♪ I know you send me. ♪ ♪ Darling, you send me, ♪ ♪ I know you send me. ♪ – So, our first order of business was to check out Glacier Point, which gives you a really nice overlook of a bunch of waterfalls and the cliffs. And then after that we’re
gonna go head over to Taft Point and take a little hike, and see some giant fissures
that go down hundreds of feet and also some pretty dramatic cliff edges. Pretty cool. – We couldn’t wait to go and explore the Mist Trail in Yosemite. Everyone we talked to recommended that we check out this trail. So, we did it! We left the campground to go find it, totally got lost on the way to the trail. It’s kinda ridiculous. Then we found the trail. So, after a hike about
a mile to get there, we got to the Mist Trail,
and it was as amazing as everyone said it was going to be, and is now at the top of our list of one of our favorite hikes of all time! I mean, come on now. You get to walk right next to a waterfall. Pretty amazing! – You almost made it! Woo! All right, we’re almost out of the mist. All right, we made it
through the mist part. That was pretty crazy! Cannon, what’d you think? – [Melia] Watch this, mom! – Cannon, what’d you think? – [Melia] Watch this! – Crazy? – [Melia] Watch this! – Yeah, you got a little wet! – I got a hair wash. – Yeah, we needed that. All right, we made it up through the mist. Now, we are continuing up to the top. We made it to the top! Look at this! Holy cow! Look back there! We are on the top. So cool! Look at that view down there! Unbelievable. Look at that water moving. It’s so crazy! All right, we stopped to
take a snack break up here on the rock by the roaring waterfall. What did you think about that hike? – It was awesome! It was jet dope! – It was full of jet! – It was. It was pretty amazing. There was a few little
complaints on the way, but overall the kids did … – I didn’t! – Awesome! – I didn’t complain. – It was so cool! Woo! Here we go on the next part of
the hike up to Nevada Falls. Let’s do this! Yeah! – [Child] Mom! – [Bryanna] There’s a bear on the trail. There’s a bear. Look at that. Knox, get up here by us. There’s a bear. – [Child] Holy cow! – [Bryanna] Better keep an eye on it. – [Child] Zoom in more. Mom, zoom in more. – [Bryanna] Look at that. So yeah, that was a bear. We came around the corner, and these people were like,
“Stop, there’s a bear.” And there was a black
bear that was just hanging out there, maybe 20 feet from the trail, and he was just hanging out. He could have cared less
if there were people. He kept kind of checking us out, but he didn’t really seem
like he cared too much. Then we kind of … The other people in front of us made some noise with their walking stick, and we kind of started making some noise, and it kinda started making
it’s way down the hill. But then we had to do a
little switchback trail, and we come back kind
of under where he was. So, we were trying to
be loud and walk tight, so we look big, and now we
are continuing our way down. So, just another part of the
wilderness of this trail. So, sweet! – So, we did the Mist
Trail, which was super cool. And then, we thought
it’d fun to go up another 1,000 feet to the top of Nevada Falls. So, we hiked up there. We saw the view, which was amazing. The kids made it. It was about six miles total. And then, seeing that bear on the way down probably capped it off. So, we had a great time. – It was. It was awesome, and the
kids did a really good job. It was definitely a struggle,
and there were some adults that were struggling,
but the kids did amazing. So, yeah! Us too, but we can’t act like that, right? We have to act like we got it. The other thing we loved about Yosemite was the Yosemite Villages. They have these awesome
little villages in Yosemite that you can go and just walk around in. Go to the museum, go get some snacks, kind of check out some stuff,
and just learn more about it. So, we had a lot of fun doing that. And then, we also went over and saw Lower Yosemite Falls, which
is of course gorgeous. It’s a little bit more touristy. We recommend going on a longer hike if you want to get away
from all the people. But still, well worth it to check out. We are walking from Yosemite Village over to Half Dome Village. They have lots of great,
little hiking trails here that you can do that. We could’ve taken the shuttle, but decided to opt for the walk. – Yeah, we missed our hike today. It’s kind of a rainy, overcast day, and we didn’t really get out early enough. – We never do. So, this, we’re doing for our hike. We went to the Lower
Yosemite Falls and now this. Look at that view! Look at that. It’s so cool. So nice with all of the
hiking and biking trails here. Made it back to the campgrounds, so we are trying to walk to our site, and there’s Jake and Craig
carrying the firewood, but then once we got
here, we noticed a sign that said you can get firewood delivered for about the same price
they paid at the store. But it’s all good. So, there they go. We’re all making our way back here. Almost back to our site! – We don’t know where to go! But we’re go– – Next, we took a trip
up to Tuolumne Meadows, which is a little ways out of the way from Yosemite Village,
but it was really cool. It was higher in elevation, so we got to build snowmen, actually. There was a lot less people,
which is always nice. We always enjoy that, kind of getting off the beaten path in a national park. So, we really enjoyed that
part of the park, too. – Yup. So, that is a wrap on
Yosemite National Park. It was as cool as people said. – Epic. – Epic. We went back and forth, and we think we give it the number three spot of all the national parks we’ve been to. So, we got Glacier National
Park at number one, Yellowstone at number two,
and Yosemite at number three. Awesome place, highly recommended. Make sure you come to check it out. – Up next, we are continuing the epic-ness with some of the most
beautiful California Coast by Monterrey, and then down into Big Sur. – So, it should be pretty cool. – Yes, and we are gonna
check out what is labeled the most beautiful state
park in California. And I am so excited to
see the Big Sur area. It’s been on my list of places
that I’ve wanted to visit ever since we got on the road. So, super excited to check it out. So, make sure to tune in to
the next episode to found out what we thought of Big Sur
and the Monterrey Bay area.

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