Life on the Road: Crazy Family Adventure Episode 5
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Life on the Road: Crazy Family Adventure Episode 5

– So here it is. We are finally at Big Sur, California. We’ve been on the road full-time
for the last four years. We’re taking a five-month
road trip up the West Coast. – [Dad] Traveling with our four kids means four times the adventure. – [All] This is Life on the Road! – I’ve been so excited to come here, ever since we got on the road, so super excited to be here. So before we officially head
down to the actual Big Sur, we’re going to be heading
up the Monterey area. – Yeah, just south of Monterey. – And we’re going to be going to the most beautiful state
park in California, as what it’s called, Point
Lobos Natural Reserve. – Yeah.
– [Mom] And then also we’re going to be doing the 17-mile drive that’s
going to take us right by – Pebble Beach! – Craig can’t wait for that, so we are going to be
checking that out as well. So come see what it’s all about. So we drove today over
to the Monterey Bay area and we are doing the 17-Mile Drive. So total tourist thing,
but we are all for that, to come and check out
this beautiful coast line and Craig’s excited to check out the Pebble
Beach golf course area. So check it out. – Alright, so we finally
get to Pebble Beach and I’m super stoked about it because I’m a big golf
fan, love the U.S. Open, no more iconic place to have
it than at Pebble Beach. I’ve been to St. Andrews over in Scotland so let’s see how this compares to that. So I got the microbrew,
Pebble Beach microbrew. It’s called the Tap Room, small little organization down the road and it’s like an amber,
which I really like. So it’s good, I like it.
– [Mom] Nice, perfect. – Alright, so we are at
Pebble Beach golf course. Get too close. Excited. So I’ve been to St. Andrews
and now Pebble Beach and underneath this rough exterior is a golf fanatic at heart. So I feel really good about this day. Thank you! – Alright, we are at the
Point Lobos State Reserve and Cannon does not want to be here. Cannon, do you want to be here? Oh, we’re getting the silent treatment. Cannon does not want to
do any walking today. Is that right, Cannon? – He does not want to. – He does not want to. Such is the life when you travel
full-time with six people, not everyone always agrees with
what we do but we are here. It’s our only chance to do this ’cause tomorrow we are
heading somewhere else, so we are going to stop
in to check it out. Supposedly it is the
most beautiful state park in all of California, we have heard. So we are going to go see. Beautiful! – [Dad] Made it to Inspiration Point. – [Mom] Making up names now? – [Dad] Yep. – That was a place in Yosemite. – [Dad] What, Inspiration Point? – Want to get a picture of me and Carson? – [Dad] Alright. – [Mom] Max, what do you
think about the view here? – Perfect! – [Mom] Perfect, huh? – So good! – [Mom] What did you say that
rock out there was called? – [Max] Bird Poop Island. – [Mom] Bird Poop Island, it’s
got all the bird poop on it. Oh yeah. Look at how beautiful
that water is, so pretty. – [Mom] What did you guys find? Whoa, look at that one. – They were taking a long time. – [Dad] They’re doing exactly
what they’re interested in and that’s okay. – [Mom] That is a giant, giant gun there. So here we go. We are driving on the iconic One. – [Dad] Oh yeah, that’s Highway One. – That’s Highway One, to get into Big Sur. The bottom portion of it was still closed but we were able to drive in and still see so many beautiful things. It was really unbelievable. It felt like we were in
Scotland when we were driving and it looked like the
Highlands, like it was– – Kind of, yeah, it had that feel to it. – Yeah, it was an interesting thing. – Lot of dramatic cliffs, which was cool. – Lot of crashing waves. We went over that cool Big Sur bridge. – Yeah, Bixby Bridge, that was cool. – Yep, yep, Bixby Bridge. I never remember the names of things. So that was amazing and
then once we were there we headed to Pfeiffer Beach. – [Dad] Pfeiffer State Park. – [Mom] Pfeiffer State Park Beach? – [Dad] Something. – [Mom] It is not easy to find. We drove by it, back
and forth a few times, finally found it, made our way down there, it was well worth it to get there. And the kids had a blast
just running on the beach and playing in the waves,
looking at the huge rocks out in the water, and
just watching the sun set. It was definitely a highlight. We got there at like five
minutes before sunset. We wish we’d gotten there
sooner and had more time but we enjoyed being there
and we would love to go back to Big Sur again and spend
a little bit more time because it is just unbelievable. – It was a good day, hey, hey! It was a good day, day, day for me. – [Mom] Oh, that’s good. We are gettin’ shoes on, gettin’ ready to head out on the hike from the Biker Big Sur State Park so. ♪ Without you ♪ ♪ I feel ♪ – [Mom] Carson, you need new shoes, bud? – [Carson] Yes. – [Mom] Let’s check those out. Look at Carson’s shoes. He has worn those things out. You’ve got miles of
hikin’ on those, don’t ya? – But the breath-ability is amazing. – [Mom] Nice, you don’t like to get new shoes either, do you? You gotta break them in. – You can never find good. – [Mom] Mmhmm. – I got sock right here. – [Mom] Yep, sock peeking out. – This is ripping over here. – [Mom] Yep. Yep. – They’re probably older than me. – [Mom] Yeah. – How was that hike, Carson? – Well, we made it to the top and then we looked out, “Oh, wow, there’s the ocean. “Oh my goodness, this road,
we could have driven up. “‘Cause we drove!” – [Mom] You made it, buddy. Oh, are you tired? – [Little Boy] Yah. They are checking out the Big Sur River. You guys, how does it feel in there? – It’s really cold. – [Mom] It’s really cold? – Whooo, it’s cold! – [Mom] The current is moving too, huh? Oh, boy, Cannon’s riding
down in on a boogie board. Oh, is it cold? – It’s cold,
– [Mom] Is it cold? It’s cold, it’s cold! Ow, ow. – [Mom] You did it
though, you made it down. Was that fun until you fell off? – Oh, oh. Was it fun until you fell off? – It’s cold. – [Little Girl] Hey. – Now me and Malia are in the
hammock, just hanging out. Alright, so then, we headed back to the RV to get the kids some lunch
and to get packed up. Unfortunately, we had to cut our Big Sur trip a little short. Because I ended up having a conference that I was going to be
attending in San Francisco. And it was well worth it to do it so, unfortunately, life on the road means we’re working on the road too, so sometimes we gotta do those things. So we had to cut our
trip a little bit short, but it was still unbelievable. And we would love to come back and see more of Big Sur. But now we are on to – San Francisco treat! Ding ding! – So from nature to the city.
– Yeah! – Let’s go check out
San Francisco next, bye.

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