Life on the Road: Crazy Family Adventure Episode 6
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Life on the Road: Crazy Family Adventure Episode 6

– Alright, we are in San Francisco. So our first stop is going to be the zoo where we’re going to
meet up with my sister and her family and their kids, and then we’re gonna head to. – Head across the Golden Gate Bridge and go check out the Discovery
Bay Museum with the kids. So, lotta hands on activities,
let’s go check it out. – Check it out! We’ve been on the road full
time for the last four years. We’re taking a five month
road trip up the West Coast. – [Craig] Traveling
with our four kids means four times the adventure. – [Family] This is life on the road! – There it is, the Golden Gate Bridge. We are getting ready to
cross it for the first time. We are on the Golden Gate Bridge, here we go, crossing over! Hey, we are at the Discover Bay Museum, Bay Area Discover
Museum, not exactly sure. We’ve gotten a reciprocal thing, so we get to get into it
for free, which is awesome, and it’s got the Golden Gate
Bridge right next to it, pretty sweet, let’s go check it out. – Alright, I am getting ready to geek out at Google headquarters and see all the little android figures and sculptures they have in the Google yard, so I’m pretty excited,
I’m a total dork though. – It was fun. So after doing all that
kind of city stuff, we wanted to do a little bit
more of the nature stuff, so we checked out this Lands
End, which is very beautiful, and then Point Reyes National
Seashore, check it out. We made it up by the Point Reyes National Seashore lighthouse,
and it is crazy windy. The lighthouse is closed today, you can’t go down the stairs, but we figured we’d come
up here and check this out. Alright, so there it is, the lighthouse. Unfortunately, on Tuesdays, it is closed, cuz they don’t have as
much funding anymore. Support your national parks, people! So the lighthouse is closed,
we can’t walk down there, but we could come and see
it, so, pretty amazing. Look at that view over there, awesome! Muir Woods, what a magical and cool place, if you are in the San Francisco area, you are going to want
to check out Muir Woods. – Yeah, for sure,
there’s something special about this forest. – There really is, check it out. We are at bridge two. You taking a nap, Melia? You taking a nap? So we stayed at an RV park that was pretty close to downtown San Francisco. We actually had to walk to a bus stop, get on a bus, take a bus, get off the bus, get on a train, take a train, and then we got into
downtown San Francisco. But hey, we didn’t have to
drive in, so that works, and it was all part of the experience. – [ Craig] Yep, it was, and then we had the experience of visiting Pier 39, which was bittersweet. It was really cool seeing it, and then we stopped for
lunch for a little while and our backpack got stolen right off of the chair in the restaurant. – Not good, but luckily, we didn’t have too many important things in there, just like a sweatshirt and a
water bottle, things like that. Could have been way worse. So lesson learned.
– It was a bummer. Yeah for sure, for sure. – After that we headed into Chinatown, which that was quite an experience, it felt like you were actually
like in China, pretty cool. – Oh yeah, lot of people, lot of stuff, lot of exotic seafood. – Yeah, it was pretty cool. And then after that, we did
what, what did we do last time? – We hit Lombard street,
we checked that out, which was very steep, and then we just kind of walked around
and checked out the city. We hit a couple parks which was cool, lot of people out, lot of diverse people out there in San Francisco. – So fun to check out San Francisco! – [Craig] Alright, we just got a bucket of Trish’s Hollywood mini donuts,
let’s see those things. Everyone’s dipping in, cinnamon and sugar. Alright – [Bryanna] Checking out Alcatraz. The Golden Gate Bridge
in the mist over there, you can’t even see it. – This city is… I’m not a fan of cities. We got our backpack stolen, and then we were leaving Pier 39, and then a car comes fttt
driving down the road, goes over the curb,
smashes into a light post, the light post falls over, and the dude driving the car
comes out with a black eye. – Yeah, luckily there was nobody under it. – That’s true, yeah, a little scary, yeah we put our backpack down next to us where we were eating,
shouldn’t have done that. I’m not gonna take responsibility for it, it wasn’t me, just saying. But we should not have done that. – Seriously? Seriously? – Seriously – I thought we were a team. – We are a team, but
that was not my fault. So anyways, put the backpack
down in the seat next to us, and before we knew it, it was gone. – We’re gonna go to Yellowstone
next, middle of nowhere. – Luckily though, in the backpack, there wasn’t anything
of too much importance, Knox’s baja from Mexico, so
that was sad, right Knox? And then
– The big water jug – Craig’s big water jug that
is used for his growler thing, with stickers on it, and his water bottle that has all the cool
stickers of places we’ve been. That was pretty much it,
so it wasn’t too bad, but just frustrating. Alright, we are back at the train station- – The BART – The Bart, getting
ready to get back on it to go back to the bus stop – Going back to Cali, Cali – To get on the bus to
go back to the RV park, – We’ve had enough, we had our bag stolen, almost saw a light post fall on a guy, it’s been a rough day. – Yeah, it’s been an interesting one, but, yeah, the city was pretty cool, but it was also, kind of crazy, and it’s just with all six of us it gets to be a lot trying to
walk around and find stuff. We are ready to go back. I think the kids want to
play with their new toy. They got a new dinosaur last night. – [Cannon] I want to
make it glow in the dark. – They glow in the dark. I just want to have a
beer and just hang out. We are ready to go back and just chill out for a little while. – And on the positive side, our neighbors left a
whole cooler full of beer, when they left this morning. – And then up next, we
will be heading to… – The Russian River
Valley area of California, I’m excited for that. There’s a beer there that’s been calling my name for a while, stay tuned. – All right, stay tuned for that.

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