Lifetime 60030 6-Foot Folding Picnic Table (W-Frame)
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Lifetime 60030 6-Foot Folding Picnic Table (W-Frame)

You know it well summer. You look forward
to it all year. The warm, sun the smell of meat grilling softly on the barbecue and the
fizz of a cold drink in your hand. You have the perfect setup now all you need is the
family, the neighbors and the new wood green lifetime six foot Picnic Table. With the strength,
durability and convenience you expect. Our attractive picnic table will support those
perfect summer holidays. Lifetimes high density polyethylene table is stain resistant easy
to clean and will never need to be varnished or painted. And with an attractive wood green
tabletop design it will be the perfect addition to your backyard or patio. This picnic table
is completely waterproof and will not split, chip or peel. Even if your tables been sitting
in the snow all winter. It’s designed to resist the harmful affect of nature and last for
years. UV inhibitors protect the table from fading or cracking. And the steel frame features
the powder coated, weather resistant finish that is durable and protects against the elements.
This Lifetime Picnic table comes with an umbrella hole and cap to make outside dining or other
activities on hot days relaxing and comfortable under the shade. And with the unique quick
folding design the lifetime Six Foot Picnic Table folds completely flat making it easy
to store and transport anywhere you need. Leave the stress behind because this year
your picnics and parties will become the highlight of the summer. Whether its a neighborhood
barbecue, family gathering or group event we know you will enjoy the great outdoors
with your Lifetime six foot wood green picnic table.

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