Lights, Camera… CAMPING! | Behind The Braids Ep.6
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Lights, Camera… CAMPING! | Behind The Braids Ep.6

(acoustic guitar music) – Hi, guys. – Hi, guys. – Welcome back to another episode of – [Both] Behind the Braids. – Now, in this episode, you guys are gonna follow us along for a little
bit of our summer vacation, when we spent some time with extended family and friends in the cabin. – [Man] In Utah. And we had, I think about 130 people over, what, about a week? – Yeah, yeah, it was a lot. – Most of them children, which is gonna be a lot of fun. You’ll get to know Brooklyn
and Bailey and Camry and the rest of the kids that are cousins. Some of the extended
family is a lot of fun. – It is fun. – But we also have some exciting news to announce to you. – Yay, Camry has officially
started her channel. It’s called Camry Noel, and you can find it by clicking this information button right up here. – And we’ll put a link in
the description box below. She’s worked really hard on it. You’re gonna see her and some skits over there on her channel, which is really fun, so definitely go check it out. – Her first video already
has 1,000,000 views, so you’re gonna wanna watch it, for sure. – Don’t forget to give
us a thumbs up, as usual, and subscribe to our
channel, and let’s go. – Enjoy it. – Too much luggage! Too much! – [Voiceover] Yeah, you think this is bad, come check out the groceries. Oh yeah. – [Voiceover] That’s
only half the groceries. – [Voiceover] Oh yeah, only half. Half of them’s inside still. – [Voiceover] Yeah, it’s a
good thing we got another car. – [Voiceover] Every crack and crevice, so. We are lucky enough to get
to go in the empty car, but the groceries and the luggage get to drive with mom and dad. So we are at the cabin, and we have a bunch of family over, so we’re just going to go up and say hi. Hi, Kylie, whatcha doin’? – Coloring. – [Girl] Coloring. And then we have all the family. (family chattering) And this is my great-grandpa. How old are you? – 92. – 92. – [Voiceover] It’s not just your grandpa, it’s your great-grandpa. – Great-grandpa, yeah, great-grandpa. – [Girl] And then grandma. – You better watch out, you
might be on the internet. – [Girl] Renee, grandma’s sister. Dad, my aunt, my mom, my grandpa, all the little kids. (lively music) (bell dings) So here we are, doing our annual wood run. And this is pretty much where we just go through the campsites and find wood that people have left once they’ve left their campsites. And then we use it start our own fire, that way we don’t have to buy the bundles. – It’s a cheater way so
we don’t have to buy it. – Yeah, but we’ve done
this since we were young. – And so it’s kinda like a fun memory. To go do this. – Show ’em how much wood we got today. – Here I’ll pass it back. – All right, this is how much
wood we’ve gotten so far. Yes, it’s a lot, it’s a lot. – [Voiceover] You’re supposed
to be wearing goggles. – Right. – We are having a You
Tuber’s night at the cabin, so I’m gonna walk through
and introduce everybody to show everybody, so let’s go. (family chattering) Hello! – Hello! – [Girl] Hi! – Hi. – [Girl] Hello, hello, hi. – Ahhhh. – [Girl] Come in the living
room, everybody’s here. Woo. Hi. And the baby. A vlogging vlogging, oh my gosh. – [Voiceover] A vlogging inception. – These are the vlogging
cameras right here. – [Girl] That’s true. – You know you’re legit. – Going through and getting everybody. Hi! – [Voiceover] Hey, it was good
seeing you for two seconds. (family chattering) – [Girl] Hi, guys. I got everybody. – Come see the fire I made. – [Girl] Oh yeah, come
show them the fire we made. (family chattering) Camry and I made a fire and yes, we made a fire. We are total outdoorsy girls and we decided that we wanted to build a fire tonight, so we’re coming to show you. – [Voiceover] It’s perfect. – [Girl] It’s beautiful. (family chattering) Are you gonna make me a delicious s’more? – I’m pretty good at it. – [Girl] With a square marshmallow? – You want some of that action? – [Girl] Yeah, I want some of that action. – I don’t know if it’ll be gourmet but, I’ll get you a s’more. – [Girl] Okay. I want some. Here’s the s’more goodies. Try not to fall in the fire. Hi, guys. – Hi. – [Girl] You guys are so cute. – Thanks. (girl laughs) – [Girl] Darrel. (family chattering) Oh no, tell ’em what you
really are known for. – Well no, I’m telling her right now, let’s get to that. – [Girl] Okay. – [Voiceover] Mandy, cut it out. – So I’ve been doing that
channel for three years. (family chattering) – [Girl] Grant saved
the day with the sticks. Hey, Jimmy Rigdon. – When you hold it like
this, you can spin it. – [ Girl] Oh, nice. That’s beautiful. Here’s the finished product of Davy’s confectionery prowess. – [Voiceover] It’s like the first year we were married before we had any kids. ♫ Ruth Ann and Bailey ♫ Have the most beautiful
channel I’ve ever met ♫ They’re twins, the
only twins I’ve ever met (laughing) ♫ That’s a lie ♫ (girl laughs) – [Voiceover] It’s a comedy channel? – Yeah it’s a comedy channel. She’s doing sketches. It’s like a newer version of Carol– – (Girl) Burnett. – Burnett. – I don’t know who that is. – [Girl] Hi Camry. – Hey. – [Girl] What are we doing today? – We are at Studio C and this (mumbles). – [Girl] Filmin’, what are you doing? – Helping Brooklyn with her lines because she forgot them all. – [Girl] Nice and we brought some tag a longs today, Kennedy
and Carly, hi guys. They get to experience the joy of sitting around all day long. Rough life having your hair and make-up done in the morning. – It’s actually really nice
I don’t have to get ready. – [Voiceover] Before 8 o’clock, right? – Yeah (laughing). – [Girl] We got the hair
and make-up ready to go. – Seeing the two of us
together reminds me– – [Girl] Good morning sunshine. – Good morning. Getting my make-up done, going over lines. ‘Cause I forgot four of ’em. – [Girl] But you won’t later, right? – No, I got to keep going over them. (lively music) – [Voiceover] Okay, go back. – Back to school. – [Girl] Did you ever leave high school? – No. – We’re just dance battling. – We just got re made up
after becoming disgusting. – We are very sweaty. – I’m still sweating. – [Girl] Still sweating? – They could leap frog. – [Girl] Hey. – I did a face stand. – [Girl] A face stand? They’re looking super
happy after hour nine. – We are hiking up, what is it called? – Willow Creek. – Willow Creek and this is the crew. Brooklyn, where are you? There you are. (laughing) Wait, introduce yourselves. – I’m Preston. – Our cousin. Cousin Carly. – Carly. – And the rest you guys know. – We’re ready, let’s go. (soft music) – Made it to the top, found the lake. Way pretty up here. (lively music) – Stop. (laughing) – [Girl] I think I just saw a bug fly up. – Preston. – [Girl] (laughs) We’ve got a trouble maker on our hands. (soft music) – Hey Dax, what are we doin’? – Hiking. – We’re hiking, what
are we trying to find? – A waterfall. – We’re trying to find a waterfall, the hidden waterfalls? – Uh-hmm. – They’re pretty hidden aren’t they? Have we found them yet? – Uh-uh. – Where are they? You don’t know? We’re going to go find them. (water running) – We found it. (soft music) (water running) (lively music) – [Voiceover] Hey, what’s goin’ on? – We’re on a choo-choo train. – [Voiceover] You’re
having a choo-choo train? – Choo-choo. (soft music) – [Voiceover] Where does
the choo-choo train stop? – In a little while. – Up there. – [Voiceover] Oh really? – She’s putting me to sleep. – [Voiceover] Shawn’s gettin’
his hair did, by Shilo. (kids laughing) – [Voiceover] What’s been going on Cam? – We’ve been building this hut for four hours, seriously. – I just came out and built three walls and then I was like (clicks). – Five hours, just kidding. – [Voiceover] And it’s finally, at least partially constructed. (lively music) – [Voiceover] Look your face at me mom. (chokes) – No this is a good kind of smoke. (soft music) (lively music) – [Voiceover] Oh, you like him? (laughs) Hey what is this? Where are we? – At the pond. – [Voiceover] At the pond? – [Boy] Silver Lake. – [Voiceover] Silver Lake. Can you see anything out there? Is there anything out there? – There’s a guy. – [Voiceover] What? – There’s a guy. – [Voiceover] Where’s a guy? – [Girl] Over there in a raft. – Okay so it’s bed time and the kids have been in about an hour in bed and this is how we found them, look. (soft music) [Man] Look at that. That’s stinkin’ cute. – Hope you guys loved that video. Be sure to subscribe to our channel, give us a thumbs up and don’t forget Camry’s new channel so you can find it right here in
this information button. – A new video every Thursday. So you get a lot of us every week. Brooklyn will be on Wednesday, Camry on Thursday, hair tutorial on Thursday night and
us every Sunday night. – [Woman] Every Sunday, don’t add another video on Thursday’s and Sunday’s – Okay. – See you guys later. – Bye.


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