Lindsey Buckingham – Holiday Road (Vacation 2015 opening credits)
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Lindsey Buckingham – Holiday Road (Vacation 2015 opening credits)

I found out long ago It’s a long way down the holiday road Holiday road Holiday road Jack be nimble, Jack be quick Take a ride on the West Coast kick Holiday road Holiday road Holiday road Holiday road I found out long ago It’s a long way down the holiday road Holiday road Holiday road Holiday road Holiday road Jack be nimble, Jack be quick Take a ride on the West Coast kick Holiday road Holiday road Holiday road Holiday road


  • Lee Thibodeaux

    OMG!!! These real family vacation pix r like sooo LOL!! :))), but 1:24 & 1:32 REALLY GROSSED me out!! :[ That CUTE girl, 3rd from the right @ 1:54 has some VERY nice legs!! :)))

  • Block99Productions

    I have mixed feelings about this movie.
    1. It's a Sequel, not a remake. Like Ed Helms 'Rusty' said in the film – "We're not re-doing anything!" which is awesome.

    2. Clark & Ellen are in it. Maybe not as the main stars but it wouldn't be a true "Vacation" without them.

    3. There's a shoutout to the previous 4 theatrical movies. (vacation 83, european, christmas, and vegas), and the mention of Randy Quaid's Cousin Eddie character. I'm glad that he's still out there in the Vacation universe, even though we don't actually see him. They could've been petty and said that the character died or something.

    4. Rusty is the Lead which was a great concept. Years ago, I sorta predicted that this film would eventually be a thing. I was watching the original and said to myself there should be a new one with Rusty and his kids. This wasn't the particular film I envisioned but still…Lol

    5. And on a Personal note, this is the second (and hopefully not the last) Vacation film I got to see on the big screen in my lifetime. That was a dream come true seeing how I wasnt born yet when the first three were out.

    1. It's R-rated…I get that the very first one is R and European was intended to be until they made some edits to it, but as a sequel, it's bizarre and confusing to go from the family-friendly PG rating of the last movie (Vegas), all the way up to rated R again. That's like Home Alone going from PG to rated R all of a sudden.

    2. No Eddie. Realistically speaking, I don't see how he would've fit into the plot of this movie – having him show up would've felt forced, but it still sucks that we most likely won't ever get to see him again.

  • mrmurph81

    Even the opening credits are funny. Once you realize these are not the same old Griswolds, Vacation 2015 is a terrific little movie.

  • Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan

    What would make the movie even better would be having Anthony Michael Hall and Dana Barron reprising their roles as Rusty and Audrey.

    A true Vacation reunion.

  • Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan

    My ideas for the next couple Vacation movies in the franchise.

    Australian Vacation
    Canadian Vacation
    Greece Vacation
    Philadelphia Vacation
    New York Vacation
    Caribbean Vacation
    China Vacation
    Japan Vacation
    Thailand Vacation
    Summer Vacation
    4th of July Vacation
    Spring Break Vacation
    President's Day Vacation
    Memorial Day Vacation
    D.C. Vacation
    Mother's Day Vacation
    Father's Day Vacation
    Labor Day Vacation
    Thanksgiving Vacation
    New Year's Vacation

  • gothatway09

    This movie works if I pretend like I didn't grow up in the 80s and 90s and wasn't alive back then.  If I think of myself as some kid that came of age after the original movies from 1983-1997 then this movie works as it's own entity.  If I remember the originals, especially the great 1st movie from 1983 and the great 3rd movie from 1989 then I keep thinking "fail".  So you have to just forget the originals and roll with this flick as it's own thing, but it's hard to do when there are so many callbacks to the originals and they even introduce the original parents at the end of the movie.

  • CT Dawg

    After watching National Lampoon's vacation a few times like five or six I can now understand the stupidity and flaws in this movie and in this opening scene.

  • Mufnstuf

    This movie is neither great nor awful, it's just very mediocre. So much potential to make a classic follow up to Vacation and they blew it with gross out jokes, no heart and characters that generally have nothing to do. Why not actually hire Anthony Michael Hall to play Rusty? Why shoot the entire film in Georgia and pretend they're traveling, because the production company was too cheap to make a REAL road movie like the original film? The modern Wally World idea was fun but was ultimately just an excuse to show a slow motion brawl between two families. This opening was great and truly original but the movie behind it was an extended Saturday Night Live skit. Oh well, I'll stick with Vacation '83 and Christmas Vacation.

  • Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan

    Ed Helms and Leslie Mann DO NOT HAVE the humor that Anthony Michael Hall and Dana Barron had in National Lampoon’s Vacation. They were a zillion times funnier than those two clowns. If those two reprised their roles this movie would have been a lot funnier.

    A true Vacation reunion.

  • Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan

    Anthony Michael Hall and Dana Barron were offered to reprise their roles.

    This movie would be a lot funnier if they did reprise their roles.

  • Megs Smart Thinking

    I went and saw this in the cinema with my mum as we loved the originals. We literally sat there and sang this song from start to finish. Great movie but you can’t beat the originals

  • Whisky Doctor

    I really liked this movie, it is a good tribute to the Chevy Chase movies, i laughed a lot, and in a personal opinion, i think that the Tartan Prancer stole the movie, that damn car! OMG hahahaha

  • Lucas Clement

    I saw this film only once and I can honestly say that I NEVER want to see it again.
    I mean, I can understand the need to appeal with today's audience. But the R-Rating, and all that language and gross/offensive adult humor throughout almost the whole film was just completely horrible!

    I think the only reason they even made this film is because they were trying to cash-in on the popularity of the National Lampoon Vacation series! In the end, they created this piece of garbage that is nothing but a complete kick-in-the-balls to the original Vacation film!

  • Glen Collins

    Credits song is the best part of this movie because it's the original song from the original vacation with Chevy Chase

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