Little shop of hammocks Spectre 20 partial underquilt!  Utralight hammock camping option!
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Little shop of hammocks Spectre 20 partial underquilt! Utralight hammock camping option!

if you’ve wondered how the people are my
hammock stick around because today w,e are talking about my 20 degrees Spectre
partial under quilt from Little Shop of hammocks guys and welcome if you are new
this is Maddie outdoors and I am Maddie I took a ton of hammock camping and
backpacking I’m Canadian and I hiked a ton of the Canadian Rockies that sounds
cool to you think about clicking on that subscribe button
well like I said today all about this is my twenty degree little shelf a hammock
Spectre partial under than a full-length undercoat so when I’m inside the hammock
the quilt actually only comes up to about my calves so we’ll talk about that
later when I get inside the hammock but it is quite a bit shorter than my old
under quilt which I will put a link to up in the cards for you guys my my old
toaster turkleton little shelf annex so dimensions on this sixty inches long 44
inches wide it does also come in a 55 inch length I went with a 60 just for
personal preference but I mean I guess to if you probably I’m sure if you
wanted to go with a more custom length you could probably talk to change the
sort that out he’s pretty wicked to deal with that
kind of stuff oh yeah I went with a 60 inch length 44 inch width I went with
this just to try and save some weight as you guys can probably tell from watching
my channel I’m going towards the ultralight Road I’m working on driving
my base way down so going with a partial underquilt
helped save me a ton of weight well the weight on this thing eighteen and a half
ounces that’s the packed weight of this thing I don’t use stuffs actually pack
things into my pack I just cram and stuff into the trash
compactor bag so yeah eighteen and a half ounces for a packed weight 900 fill
power white goose down is ethically sourced down found up here in Canada
from the hunter a community’s awesome stuff super lofty
super squishy super compactable ridiculously warm all the gear that I’ve
picked up from Little Shop hammocks definitely does hold to temperature
ratings I think James is pretty conservative when he rates his stuff
I’ve I’ve taken this down already into below freezing temperatures that I have
stayed toasty warm in it so zero issues with the warmth on this thing the inner
material is a 10 D I went with an orange my hammock is blue the orange just makes
it it’s nice when you’re getting inside the hammock I see orange and to me
orange is danger don’t sit on the orange make sure you stay home a blue it’s just
kind of a salt press this to me I just I like having the contrasting colors
between my hand my commander quilt the outer fabric is a 15 D it’s kind of like
a it’s like a brownish grey I’m not a hundred percent sure the actual color
name of the color but I think it looks pretty sweet the 15 D just gives you a
little bit more resistance to the wind which is pretty nice yeah anytime you
get any kind of breeze and wind with it under cold it definitely sucks the sucks
the heat epheus so any little any little extra to protect for the wind it’s
definitely big help when you’re when you’re rocking one of these at the foot
end of your underquilt you get a baffle which just helps seal
in those gaps just yeah the the foot end is kind of a little more awkward for
gaps so I’ll show you guys out when we get in the hammock and then at the head
end it’s just just a cinch cord channel I’m sure if you wanted a baffle at the
head end you could talk to James and add that I have never found I needed a
baffle at the head end of my underquilt so I never went with one but yeah let’s
let’s get this thing strung up what James includes on these is he puts 2’s
beaters and he removes the gate on it which makes it easy to put it on and off
your continuous loops so we throw this in our hammock get it oriented the way
that it’s gonna lay then we can get alright cool it was laid out in the
hammock how we grab our SP nur put it on or continuously crazy part we’re going to the head in
and we’re doing the same thing right helicopters in this little Joe robinette
video alright so take our s beaner R at the head into the hammock and this
literally just goes onto a continuous loop super simple
hooked up to the hammock next thing we do you grab your quilt and now if you
have quilt hooks this would be the time to hook them up I do
let’s go in close alright so what I’ve got I’ve got four of these little hooks
here I don’t know how well you can see it hopefully it shows up in the dark
here but essentially it’s just a little hook you take the shock cord from your
suspension clip it in got one on the other side as well you see that there
and I’ve got two over on the head end as well hook those up and then we’ll climb
in the hammock that’s the part I’m looking forward to it’s the same thing
if you’ve got tie ups on your hammock you’ll have the same kind of hook this
literally just catches once you get this thing out of the out of your pack and it
starts lofting up it just fills up fluff stuff so nice is so gorgeous
but I’ll show you guys the end baffle here so that’s your baffle at your foot
end you just make sure that your baffle stays wrapped in so when this expands
out you can see how the baffle kind of pops up that creates the seal around
your legs I find on the head end you don’t really need it as much because
your shoulders are more broad and they just I don’t know maybe it’s just me I
don’t know maybe some people like a baffle I personally don’t but I find on
the head end yeah without the baffle it’s not a big deal because your
shoulders my shoulder like your shoulders sit more broad and it just
kind of wraps up around your shoulders a little better but yeah on your legs the
baffle is definitely key definitely helps keep those gaps down and stops
those cool air from coming in helps keep you warm
seals up around me you should be able to see how the quilt seals up around me
gaps around my shoulders or anything oh just instant warps this thing is
super warm big win big win so uh what that corner tayo does I’ll
show you guys right now as you can see when I grab the quilt
they pull from the other side right how it attaches here sometimes what happens
is if you’re shifting around at night because I know like nobody stays
perfectly still what will happen is sometimes that quilt can slide out
underneath you and hold a sudden it pops out and you get cold so what this tie
out does this little tensioner makes it so that your uncle stays directly
underneath you now the reason that this length the shock cord is on here that
allows you to adjust the tension is so that you can still utilize the tie outs
on your hammock so say you were using the tie outs your hammock would be
pulled out your underquilt can still stay underneath you
I just allows you to float and gives you a little bit more play super nice I find
for myself I don’t use my tie outs and I just pull this thing and I suck it up
all the way works perfect for me now I don’t know if you can tell you can see
the hammock moving is your rage come to you but the underquilt only comes up to
about my calves so my feet are completely exposed definitely got to
figure out a way to deal with that maybe just give you a better idea you can see
my feet a little better here might give you a better look here just what I’m
dealing with something you see the the baffle and see how that seals up
underneath but yeah essentially what I do to keep my feet warm I take my Therma
rest ZC and I stuff it into the foot box of my top quilt and just laid my feet on
top of that at night that’s what keeps my my calves and my feet warm at night
another thing you want to look for too with a partial under quilt is a living
in see this piece here this is the foot and suspension now
what can happen is when you’re laying in your hammock and you climb in a lot of
times you go to put your feet in and you catch that shock cord as you push your
feet out now if you can see it on the camera here essentially what’s happened
is this push my under cooled down and I’ve got a massive gap but I can feel
cold air rushing in on the back of my legs I’m feeling colder on my bum right
now actually so one thing you got to watch for is you got to make sure that
your feet stay underneath that cord and it keeps you underquilt pulled up
against you oh there’s that warmth that’s a win so yeah keep that shock
cord up over your feet you’re gonna get cold
so there it is guys that is my little shop hammocks 20 degree Specter partial
underquilt eighteen and a half ounces for an
ultralight under cold is a huge win for me especially with that 20 degree rating
up here in Canada and the Rockies where I hike I I need something that’ll get me
down to below freezing all the time because it literally can snow in any
month during the summer when you’re hiking in the areas that I do so yeah I
need that warmth rating being able to have this down to eighteen and a half
ounces is the massive win I will fully admit it did take me a little bit of a
little bit of getting used to to get used to the the SIP pad inside my foot
box it was just a different feeling and just something I’ve never done before in
something I wasn’t used to but yeah I mean I’m over that already I’ve gotten
used to it it’s not a big deal it works really well I can’t say enough good
things with a little shop of hammocks in there gear yeah this thing is super warm
super comfortable I have absolutely zero complaints if you guys have any
questions for me pertaining to my under pole in particular Jaime’s in my hammock
setup or pertaining to anything at all relating to backpacking and the Canadian
Rockies anything like that hit me up I love chatting with you guys in the
comments section but as always I am Maddy it is a super gorgeous morning
here and I think I’m gonna curl up and have a nap in the hammock so uh yeah
thank you guys so much for watching I’ll see you on the next one


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