Live PD: Interesting Picnic Spread (Season 2) | A&E

– So we are checking this
well-known hotel that we’re at. We got a complaint of
a guy selling and using meth out here. We’re gonna see if he’s out
here tonight, see if there’s anything else goin’ on. [police radio chatter] – I’m gonna get out with them. What’s up, fellas? – I’ll tell you what? Everybody just have a seat on
the curb right here for me, OK? Have a seat. All right, hey, uh,
Lieutenant Brown, it’s Deputy, uh, Kenny, over there, right? Who’s smokin’ weed? Dude, as soon as I
stepped right here, I could smell it coming
from that way, all right? Nobody’s smoking weed, right? – No. – Gentlemen and ladies,
y’all don’t have any drugs on you right now? So if I search you down, you’re
not going to have any on you, OK? What I want y’all do– put your
hands on the back of your heads for me, everybody. So anything around that
table, is that any of y’alls? You’re just being detained. Anybody gets up and moves,
you’re gonna get tased, OK? So it ain’t even worth it. – That’s probably coke. That feels pretty solid. I’m not gonna open it up yet. So far, we’ve got a
decent amount of weed and what appears to be cocaine. And I’m not sure what’s in
that other little bindle. – That’s heroin. Those wax bindles,
those are all heroin. – Exactly. – All right, go to your room. Don’t be out here. – [inaudible] [bleep]. – Let me guess,
this ain’t nobody’s? It was just layin’ out there? – I mean, for those of
you that do smoke weed– – I do some weed. – –would you ever leave
this much weed just layin’ around on the ground? – Hell, no.
– No. – I told you. You don’t have to say nothing. You don’t have to
confess to nothing. But if nobody claims it,
it’s all four of y’alls. That’s the way the
law works here. – But it ain’t ours. – Cool. Tell me whose it is. – We don’t know whose it is. – Nobody leaves that
stuff just laying around. – It doesn’t matter. [police radio chatter] – [inaudible] – It doesn’t matter. You are within arm’s
reach of all that dope. That’s the way the
state looks at it. It’s your dope. – Turn around. – No. Turn around. – I ain’t on a mission. I– I don’t get to– I don’t get no free
toaster for more arrests. I don’t get no quota. – [inaudible], man. I’m sayin’ like– – They’re ain’t no quotas. – [inaudible] doin’
this to us then? – I don’t get no joy outta
takin’ people to jail. – Y’all are doing it. It’s brand new. It’s fresh. It’s– [police radio chatter] – The wind just blew a whole bag
of crack off a roof somewhere, and it landed right there.
– [inaudible] – That’s what you’re telling me. – [inaudible] – And a big ol’ sack
a weed just blew out of somebody’s
car and landed right in front of– next to y’all. I am wasting my time
runnin’ my mouth with y’all. Well, the charge all
those guys are facing is possession of marijuana,
because we found the marijuana in close proximity to them,
possession of crack cocaine, and also in that
package with the crack was seven bindles of heroin. So they’re looking at
possession with attempt to distribute all of ’em.

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