Liveaboard Century Old Sailboat Tour: Circumnavigation & Single Handing Ocean Crossings
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Liveaboard Century Old Sailboat Tour: Circumnavigation & Single Handing Ocean Crossings

Hello, my name is Martin and that’s my boat. The name is Styrr. The boat is 108 years old years old and I own her now for 12 years. I’ve been sailing since I’m a little boy so
50 years, 60 years. The first boat I owned that was a 420, a sailing dinghy. Sailed
around Italy to Greece to Turkey and back. Then I had a steel boat that was
built in the Netherlands. We took her to all the canals in France. Then the boats
were getting bigger and bigger and now I’m in this one. Twenty years ago this was my
home. We sailed around the world twice. Once with this boat once with the
previous boat and now we are planning to sail to Madagascar. We have paying
clients sailing with us usually the Med for one
week. Usually they are families with kids. So we have to stay in the Med for maybe
two or three years and then we’ll see. Maybe going down the Red Sea, maybe go to the Pacific and then Southeast Asia. This way too. She’s about 80 foot over deck. A gaff
rig ketch. It’s eight working sails. I have more but I don’t use them all the time.
Got the windlass for the anchor. Down here you have the storage for the chain and I have paint down here and wine and stuff like that. Down here they have been the water tanks but we moved them. Now it’s a cabin. I’m
alone on the boat now so all the chairs and stuff is removed. Yeah, that’s a good thing on this boat, there are different levels so people can sit here or they can go on to the cabin roof. Here I sit for my morning coffee. This is the deck house. In bad weather we can sit outside. We have the fuel as well. It’s not like in a normal yacht where you’re always downstairs. Three cabins like this one. It’s a double. It’s for two people or for kids they
can sleep up there. They have the shower and toilet there, just straight ahead. That we call a small cabin. We give
it for one person or if they are really in love there can be two. It’s not that big. This is nice and it’s big, a lot of storage. It has been before, as far as I know, the owner cabin. Aft bathroom here. The boat was built in Scotland so
originally she was sailing in cold countries so this stove is here. I use it
in the winter in the Med as well. I just make a big fire in there. That’s the galley so we can cook here
for yeah like 10 people. it’s not big but it’s okay. It works. We use electric and
gas, but it’s hard to refill the gas bottles sometimes so we change. Now we only have electric. It makes things easier. That’s the wheelhouse or when I’m sailing
alone I can sleep up here so I have the overview. Standard navigation and stuff.
I’ve two autopilot cause I did a lot of crossings like Pacific or Atlantic on my
own so I need a lot of electronic around the world. When I bought the boat
electronic was out of the maybe 70’s. It was good stuff, but not
useful anymore and I’ve got lucky I’ve got hit by a lightning strike and this
lightning strike killed everything and the insurance paid so I could buy the new
one. *laughter* I got hit twice by lightning. Some of the boat must be magnetic. That’s the engine room. That’s the place where I spend my days and nights. That’s the main engines. I can store six tons of fuel. The main engines are from
Rolls-Royce from the 60’s-70’s as far as I know. And that’s the generator.
Bunch of old stuff you need for the world around the sea. Water I can store 1000 liter, but I have a water maker that is producing 250 liters an hour so I don’t need more
water storage. That’s enough. The boat was ending here. When I bought
her it was just a wall and nothing in between so I just ripped it out to make
the bed bigger. And the hatch was not here. In
case of a fire I thought it was a good idea if you have an emergency escape. Our cabin is down here so we try to keep
the people out of here so we don’t make it too comfortable. We have the washing machine here
and the freezer and all the stuff I need for working and yeah that’s my hammock.
That’s my second bed. I use solar panels as well. I have three on this side and three on the other side. When I’m alone I can live on the solar panels. With
people on board, it’s impossible. You see the mast, I did it in Turkey new
and that wood was not completely dry so it’s bent a little bit. Now this one is from laminated wood as well and they are not special or waterproof, just
standard laminated wood, but it stays. The wires, they are standard wires.
Nothing is stainless steel. Stainless steel looks good-looks good and the next day just breaks. Galvanize is more elastic. It’s honest. I see it gets rusty then
you can change. Plus for insurance you would have to change your wires every I
guess ten years or something and this one’s now 14 years old. I can just buy
the stuff in the hardware store, makes it cheaper. I can do everything on
my own I don’t need special terminals or anything. Well, it’s dangerous. I mean staying at
home, maybe you get hit by a car or whatever. Now living
around world, it’s completely safe. In these 20 years I’ve got nothing stolen. I never
had some bad experience nowhere. I mean just try, but there are different ways
you can live and you can be happy and standard job can be good as well. But you
start with a small boat somewhere or get a boat and across the Atlantic and we
will see what happens. I’ll try to do this as long as I can. I don’t know how long it
works. Now I’m 61 years old and with 70, I don’t know if I still have the power to do
it, but then I will find something else. *laughter*


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