Living on the Trail with Chad
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Living on the Trail with Chad

– Lighters–
– Oh, I haven’t seen myself in so long. (laughing) – Oh, you see that? (gasp) – [Kevin] (laughing) What are you doing? – You can’t throw it. (laughing) – Chad is giving us a tour, and he’s telling us
what all the plants are. Treating us to grape leaves. – Don’t look in the bottom of the cup. It’s just like coals and stuff. – Don’t look.
Just drink it. – Just drink it and don’t look. – Just drink it and don’t look. – [Ruby] Chad has become a
little gourmet cook out here. He’s making– – Cupcakes (laughing) – [Ruby] Cupcakes! (laughing) (gasp) You dropped your cupcake! (upbeat music) This was the worst night sleep of my life! And it followed, like,
the best day of my life. (laughing) – Look! Look at the green. (mumbles) – [Kevin] You really look
like either Jabba the Hutt, or a caterpillar. I don’t know what, but… (laughing) All right, well, Chad tells us that Ruby and I need to bust
the coal this morning to light the fire, so. – [Ruby] Yeah, I could
use a fire right now. – We may not have fire
this morning, we’ll see. (calm upbeat music) – Okay, so I am up. It’s my turn to bust a coal. – [Chad] Yep. – Chad’s gonna help me. I’m gonna try, I wanna do it. I don’t wanna go home
without bustin’ a coal. Lighters–
– Oh, I haven’t seen myself in so long. (laughing) – Usually like, we’ll find a water truck occasionally, and we’ll look
in the rear view mirrors. Oh my goodness, this is crazy. – Oh, it’s right here. That’s my clothes. – [Kevin] That’s his underwear. Maybe you could use that for tinder. – Oh, I did that once. (laughing) Did you see me yesterday,
how I broke it up – Yeah, you’re kinda… – Yeah, like twist it, and then. – [Kevin] All right, well
look, if CBS is watching, I think Chad should go on Survivor. He’ll win. – A couple trail walkers
have been invited to go on like, Naked and Afraid,
and like Survivor, and like, they actually do it. (laughing)
It’s crazy. Those are like the
biggest surviving shows. – Oh, your hands have to harden, I still have a manicure on mine. I have fragile hands.
(laughing) – I got a couple like calluses. Not too bad. So soft stuff in the middle, and then kind of harder on the edge, so it catches fire. – [Kevin] If all else fails,
I can just grab a handful of my chest hair, rip it
out, and we can use that. – Yeah, we have used hair before. (laughing) – Every time we try to make a joke of it, Chad’s like, “No, yeah, we do that.” – We have done that. – So, we have to make a hole first. This is a fireboard… Yeah, you got it. Yeah. So use the whole length of the bow, and just keep it straight. (laughing) – I hurt my thumb! (laughing) – [Kevin] Come on, you’ve
delivered six babies, – I’m doin it!
you can do it. You’re doing good! – Yeah! – My arms are on fire! – What arm? Your right arm, or your left arm? – My left! – Okay, you don’t have
to add so much pressure, – Okay.
you can kinda loosen up. – Yes! – [Kevin] Oh, see it’s the
speed that makes the difference. – Oh! (coughing) (laughing) – [Kevin] She got a coal, she got a coal! – You’re gonna pinch it. So I’m gonna put it in
there, and you wanna pinch it tight up against the tinder. Bring it up to your face, you can stand up.
– [Kevin] And just blow soft. So you want everything
to be surrounding it, so there’s wood all around it. Oh, you see that?
(gasp) Oh, oh! – [Kevin] (laughing) What are you doing?! That’s our precious fire! – It burned my hand! – [Ruby] I’m sorry!
– No you’re good, you’re good. Have you ever done that? You keep goin’ it. – [Kevin] It burned you? Or were you just not expecting it? – Well, it did, it did a little. (laughing) – I think you put it out. (laughing) – [Ruby] I’m so sorry! – No, it’s just my… – Do you just get used to
your hands gettin’ burned? – Yeah, you can’t throw it. (laughing) – [Kevin] She just was like, weee! That was all right. – Okay, Dad, your turn! – My turn? Okay.
– Your turn. (calm music) (cartoon whizzing)
(metal clank) (book falling) – [Kevin] The bow and spindle. So we’re making ash cakes. – Ash cakes. This is bread in the Anasazi world. – Chad made us this dough
– It’s like legit. a few days ago. It’s wheat flour and water,
with some baking soda? – Yep, just a pinch of baking soda. It just helps it rise and get bigger. – [Ruby] Chad’s gotten
really good at cooking. – Oh yeah. – [Ruby] This is his
food supply for the week. Walnuts would be good on it too, Chad. – Yeah, you can literally do anything. – [Ruby] Brown sugar,
and walnuts and raisins, that’d be amazing. – [Kevin] Oh yeah, that would be good. – You just wanna plop it right there. – [Ruby] And it just cooks in the ash. Oh! (laughing) – [Kevin] There you go! (laughing) – [Ruby] Chad! – You have to ration all your food out for a while week, but dipping’s amazing, cause you just eat it
plain, and it’s so good. So I trained myself, and I
made a teeny little spoon. – [Ruby] So this is Chad’s dipping spoon. – Yep. – [Kevin] I cannot believe
you just eat powdered milk. – It’s the best thing out here. – [Ruby] I remember making
milk with powdered milk when we were in graduate
school, because we didn’t have– – We couldn’t afford real milk. – A lot of these boys
when they were younger, they said that they couldn’t afford milk, so they would just eat powdered milk. – [Ruby] Yeah, we couldn’t afford to buy, I mean, we were going through
what, six gallons a week? Because we had babies
drinking the milk, too. So I did powdered milk,
and tried to hide it from you and dad. – You’d do powdered milk with water, and then add a little
bit of real milk to it. – And we couldn’t tell, honestly. – [Ruby] Yeah. – [Chad] Yeah, it cooked. – Wow, look at that. (coughing) – [Chad] Yeah, it’s the ash cake. – It’s legit bread. Really hot, though. Woo! Holy, cow! It’s like a cookie. – [Ruby] Okay, I’ve got
my gourmet breakfast. Doesn’t that look amazing? I found my toilet paper for the morning! – [Chad] Oh yeah! – [Ruby] This is gonna
make awesome toilet paper! Nice and soft. (upbeat music) Chad made us some beautiful spoons. This spoon he made for Kevin. And so food, can you see
how food gets in that crack? I found the perfect kitchen scrubbers. I do not know what this plant is called, but I am taking these little scrubbers and scrubbing inside the spoon. And it’s doing a really good
job of getting the food out. Your spoon is clean. – You’re very kind. – [Ruby] Sounds like
boys are making plans for their first dinner away
from the wilderness. – Yep. When we leave tomorrow,
everybody and their families are gonna go to In-N-Out Burger. (laughing) Chad said I’m gonna order a quad hamburger with everything on it,
a large order of fries, and a large neapolitan shake. (laughing) – I knew the boys would
throw out the advice that they got. Don’t go home and just
start eating like crazy. Start eating really small
things, like broth and soups. The boys are like “Um,
yeah, I don’t think so.” – So I guess we can plan on
Chad being sick tomorrow. – So he’s gonna be really sick. (laughing) – Seriously, 10 weeks without eating meat. – Kinda like a new beginning. Like, it’s helping me. You started off on the trail– – Chad is giving us a tour,
and he’s telling us what all the plants are. He’s treating us to
grape leaves as a snack, and they taste like grapes. Like little sour grapes. We’re on a hunt for mint, so that we can make mint tea tonight. And I can smell it. So we’re trying to find
which of these plants is giving off that aroma. – It looks kinda like
this, but, it’s not this. – Maybe we can find some
oregano for our pizza tonight. – I have oregano. – You do have oregano. – We can just use that. This is my tea. Don’t look in the bottom of the cup. It’s just like coals, and stuff. Just–
– [Ruby] Don’t look. Just drink it and don’t look. – [Chad] Just drink it and don’t look. – I’m excited because we used
the mint that we sniffed out. – [Kevin] We did sniff it out. We knew it was there before we saw it.
– Oh, hot. That’s good. Chad has become a little
gourmet cook out here. He’s making… – Cupcakes. (laughing)
– Cupcakes. – It looks nothing like a cupcake, but that’s what a cupcake is out here. – [Ruby] So that’s milk, and… – Tang. It’s like purple Gatorade powder. – [Ruby] As the frosting. And then– – Yep, and then the ash cake. – [Ruby] For the base of the cupcake. – The base of the cupcake. – [Ruby] Kevin has officially handed over keys to the backyard kitchen,
so that you can go home, Chad, and– – [Kevin] Apparently
Chad’s a true culinary master here, so. – [Ruby] You can smoke your meat, you can have access to the grill. – I’m gonna enjoy this. (laughing) – Okay, this is a hilarious conversation. I think it would be a great place to end the vlog today. We just told Chat that there’s a hashtag on Instagram going around, that started when you came to Anasazi, and it’s #freechad. (laughing) – As you can see, I’m comfortable, I’m not a slave or anything. I’m eating my cupcake. I’m good, you don’t need to free me, I enjoy this place. I’m here now, I’m free! – What was that story you were telling about Alumni Service? – [Ruby] Oh, that was so funny. So tell them about the walkers. – So every Tuesday, the Alumni Services come out to take pictures of you, and send them to your parents. And every single time the Alumni Services would come out, they would
say “People keep calling the office saying Free Chad!” They get constant calls
to the Alumni Service, and people are telling them to Free Chad. (laughing) – [Ruby] Send Chad home! – Like this is a prison or something. This is so funny. – Yeah, and then another kid also, he got pictures from his mom, and people were tagging and spray painting walls saying free this
person, free this person. (laughing) Yeah, so, it’s not a prison guys. I had a good time. (laughing) Yeah. – [Ruby] What is the number one reason you’re glad you came out here? – Just to become a better person, and to get to know people out here. I honestly didn’t come
out here to learn skills. That’s just like the bonus. That’s like the coolest thing. But, I’m gonna go home and
be such a better person. – [Ruby] I’m excited for you to come home and make good choices, too. – Yeah. – [Ruby] Yeah, I love you. – I love you, too. And you guys, I haven’t
seen you guys (gasp) – [Ruby] You dropped your cupcake! – I haven’t seen you guys in a while, but I’m back now! And I’m free. (laughing) – He’s been freed! – He’s been freed, you guys! Thanks for watching! Bye! – Bye! (upbeat music)


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