Locked Out | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Locked Out | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

(energetic music) – My God – We’re locked outta the car. – Well, great road trip. – Why can’t we do anything right? – You did it! – What the hell did I do? – Somebody left the goddamn
keys in the (beep) van, and now we’re stuck. – Stand back, I’m gonna break the window. – We’re not even out of (beep) Jersey yet. – We’re locked out of this (beep) car. – [Ronnie] This is amazing. We cannot make this (beep) up. – No way,
– No. – No way! – Well I guess we should go home. – No, there is way too many warnings. This is seriously why guidos
do not go on road trips. We (beep) it up the whole trip, the whole process even getting there. – [Angelina] Let’s go back in. Too (beep) hot out here. – I’m having a cheese stick. – I’d have AAA but my
phone’s in the truck. (both laughing) – Desperate times call
for desperate measures, and thankfully, our gas
station had one of those car-breaker things in
and Pauly’s gonna get it. I have faith. – [Snooki] Oh! Pauly! – It’s right there, your sister! The only person that’s gonna
get this car open is me. I’m not gonna let Deena
do it, she’s pregnant. – Only us. – I’m not gonna let Vinny
do it ’cause he has no idea. – This is like a illusionary thing. – Ronnie’ll probably break the window. – All right, well. – Mike can’t get caught doin’ it. He’s on probation. – Okay, okay. – So here we go, it’s my turn. (car unlocks) (all cheering) – Saved the day!
– Woo! – Everyone check your wallets. – [Pauly] Hey! – I don’t know about that, P. – We got a winner. – Let’s get the (beep) outta here now. – Pauly saves the day. We finally get into the bus. Lake George here we come!


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