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Los Cabos Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia (4K)

Los Cabos is situated just
a two-hour flight from Los Angeles, at the southernmost tip
of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. The region is made up of two towns, Cabo San Lucas, and San José del Cabo. A region of great natural mystery, Los Cabos lines the coast where the Sea of
Cortez converges with the deep blue Pacific. It’s a place where desert
dust mingles with briny breezes to create a special kind of magic which lures travelers with year-round sunshine, cool waters, and captivating views. Start your journey in the east, at San Jose del Cabo. Slow down in this colorful colonial town and let the sizzling aromas of Cabo street food and the soothing rhythms of the Spanish language wash over you as you drift
among flag adorned laneways. Like a piñata, the town bursts with street art and galleries, and the creative flair of this community shines bright in every park, alley, and restaurant. Wander down to the sparkling sea to discover why so many travelers
make the pilgrimage to Los Cabos. Head to Hotelera Beach, where shady cabanas and relaxing beach bars await. Explore Wirikuta Garden and admire some of the extraordinary desert plants that thrive in this sunbaked part of the world. From time to time, vibrant festivals keep this
mystical garden alight as the sun sets, and celebrations often continue into the early hours. Buckle up for the 30-minute
drive between the two towns. The stretch of coastline which connects Los Cabos, has become known as “The Tourist Corridor,” famed for its beach-front resorts, and secluded coves. Stop by Palmilla Beach along the way, and let the colors of the rising sun refresh your soul. Whether you’re lounging on
the shore or paddling on the water, the moods of the early morning will lift your spirit. Follow the salty breezes further west,
to beaches like Chileno and Santa Maria. Whichever shoreline you
choose along the Tourist Corridor, you’ll be rewarded with cleansing waters; a soothing reprieve from the scorching desert sun. When you arrive in Cabo San Lucas you’ll quickly notice the
difference between the two towns. While San Jose del Cabo is a peaceful haven, Cabo San Lucas, is like a wild younger sister. A party destination rivalling Cancun, this town is a magnet for
pleasure seekers during Spring Break. But Cabo San Lucas is more
than just the party capital of Baja. It is also bursting with great food, exciting activities and even more gorgeous coastlines. One of the most famous is Medano Beach. Less tranquil than the other beaches of Cabo, this stretch of sand is where all the action happens. Take to the waters on a jet ski,
kayak or stand up paddle board. Or just sip on a cocktail
and bargain with enthusiastic vendors. As dusk sets in, beach parties light up the
sands and spill out into the streets. The spirit of the night is alive in this town, with bars and clubs at every turn. All there is to do now is let the good times roll. When you find the strength
to crawl out of bed in the morning, a hearty Cabo breakfast is all you’ll need to freshen up… And an adrenalin rush can’t hurt either! Kick up a cloud of dust, as your ATV zips among
the sand dunes at Migriño Beach, just a 30-minute drive north of town. If you’re still feeling a little fragile, don’t worry, there are options here for slow-pokes too. Back in town, set sail to the southernmost point of Baja, a jagged headland known as Land’s End. Pull on a facemask and explore
a dreamy undersea realm at Lover’s Beach. Wander through the rocky gorge to Divorce Beach, which is lashed by the tempestuous Pacific. And gaze up in wonder at a
monument 30 million years in the making, El Arco, the symbol of Cabo. When night-time draws near, book a table at a clifftop restaurant across the bay, where you’ll be dining on the best views in Baja. As the sun sets,
watch the shades of twilight gently fade ’til only the golden lights of
Cabo San Lucas illuminate the sea. From the geological artistry of the desert and the seas, to the carefree spirit in every café, bar and restaurant, this vacation destination is
worlds away from everyday life. A visit to Los Cabos is like a
journey to the end of the Earth…, to a place where magic and fun truly begin.


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